Hadoop Developer Job Description

Hadoop developers use Hadoop applications to manage, maintain, safeguard, and clean up large amounts of data. Many private businesses and government facilities hire Hadoop developers to work full-time daytime business hours, primarily in office environments. Hadoop developers mostly work independently but ultimately report to IT system managers, working with Apache Hadoop as well as other software programs and computer programming languages. Travel is not required for this job, as Hadoop developers complete their job duties from within the office itself and perform their work on computers.


Hadoop Developer Duties and Responsibilities

Hadoop developers perform varied day-to-day job tasks based on the amount of data they are managing and the data needs of the hiring company. However, these core duties are essentially the same in all industries:

Develop Hadoop Applications

Hadoop developers create Hadoop applications to analyze data collections.

Create Frameworks

Hadoop developers create processing frameworks to monitor data collections and ongoing data processes.

Extract Data

Hadoop developers perform data extraction functions to isolate specific data clusters.

Test Scripts

Hadoop developers regularly test scripts and analyze the results to ensure networks are functioning optimally.

Safeguard Data

Hadoop developers maintain cybersecurity to keep data secure. This includes finding potential security issues that could put data at risk.

Track Data

Hadoop developers create web data tracking programs to monitor where data is coming from and where it is going to.

Clean Up Data

Hadoop developers perform data cleanup to remove unnecessary data that’s just taking up space.

Create Reports

Hadoop developers write reports that detail the state of data security and point out potential problems with data collection or storage.


Hadoop Developer Skills and Qualifications

Hadoop developers use Apache Hadoop and various computer programming languages to manage large data collections, keep information secure, and perform various functions relating to stored data. Companies hire candidates who have all the following skills and knowledge:

  • Programming – in addition to Hadoop knowledge, Hadoop developers have strong programming skills in other languages like Java, Python, Unix script, and C++
  • Attention to detail – because Hadoop developers analyze data and scripts and write computer code, these professionals must be highly detail-oriented to spot even the smallest potential problems that could hinder security or data collection processes
  • Problem-solving skills – Hadoop developers use problem-solving skills to fix errors in scripts and computer network processes
  • Communication skills – Hadoop developers use verbal and written communication skills to relay important information to staff members and supervisors regarding data security, collection, and storage
  • Time management – because Hadoop developers work on multiple data projects at once and perform regular tests and checks on systems, good time management skills are essential


Hadoop Developer Education and Training

At minimum, Hadoop developers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field. Many employers strongly prefer candidates who have a master’s degree. Additionally, a majority of employers require Hadoop developers to have past work experience writing Hadoop codes or other computer programming codes.

Very little on-the-job training is provided to Hadoop developers, who already have the essential programming knowledge needed to perform their daily job functions. Many companies do offer a brief orientation period to Hadoop developers to help them become familiar with data storage and computer network systems. This training usually spans no more than two weeks.


Hadoop Developer Salary and Outlook

According to job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, database administrators earn $87,020 in yearly median income. Like Hadoop developers, database administrators use software to store, manage, and secure data collections. This job field is projected to grow 11 percent through 2026. This is faster than the average national job growth rate.

A majority of employers provide Hadoop developers with full benefits packages that include healthcare coverage with medical, dental, and vision insurance. Retirement benefits and life insurance are also standard. Hadoop developers also typically receive paid vacation, holidays, and sick days. Some large companies provide additional perks to employees, such as wellness program enrollment, gym membership discounts, and free parking. Some employers may offer continuing education benefits, such as tuition reimbursement.


Helpful Resources

Turn to these books and websites to find job listings, education resources, strategies, and techniques for Hadoop developers who want to advance on their chosen career path:

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Hadoop 2.x Administration Cookbook – use this book to learn how to set up Hadoop architecture and successfully run data clusters. The text comprehensively covers scheduling jobs, securing data clusters, and optimizing clusters for maximum performance

Association of Software Professionals – this site was made for all software professionals to provide news updates, resources, and member benefits

Hadoop Explained – learn how Hadoop works and what it does in this book, which also offers tips for successfully using Hadoop to manage large amounts of data


Hadoop Developer Resume Help

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