Computer Programmer Cover Letter

Computer Programmer Cover Letter

Computer Programmers write programs using diverse computer languages, examples of which are C++ and Java. Additional responsibilities of Computer programmers include updating existing computer programs, testing programs and fixing any problems or issues and use computer-assisted software engineering tools to make writing code simpler. A Computer Programmer can also work alongside software developers and computer engineers.

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Include These Computer Programmer Skills

  • Writing and debugging code
  • Analytical skills
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Proficiencies in a variety of computer languages
  • Knowledge of code libraries
  • Proficiencies in using CASE tools

Reproduced below is a sample cover letter detailing the responsibilities, skills and knowledge required in Computer Programmers.

Dear Ms. Arden

Please find my application to join Bromley Tech Solutions as a Computer Programmer. You will find that I am suitably qualified and experienced and I have the skills and abilities laid out in the job description advertised. I hold a BS in Computer Information Science as well as certification in C++ Programming: Concepts, Design and Implementation. I have attended professional development seminars in Java SE 7 Fundamentals, Advanced Workshop in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Java for Mobile Devices. In addition to my wealth of knowledge I have demonstrated superior analytical and troubleshooting skills as a Computer Programmer at Hillman and Worthington where I have been for the past five years. I am also highly detailed oriented, an ability I believe has enabled me to accomplish all set duties successfully.

In my role as Computer Programmer I had a number of day-to-day responsibilities that included write special code, test written code and execute them, participated in the design, testing and installing client servers, mentored trainee Computer Programmers and worked on developing cyber security infrastructures for internal and external clients.

The following is a summary of the highlights of my professional career thus far:

Have a proven track record of integrating user and business requirements to provide cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use solutions.

Served as a principal group member in identifying and prioritizing technology investments.

Designed and initiated a cross-platform, Java-based POS system that was completed ahead of target date and well within budget.

Wrote code for new solutions that improved scalability by 45%

I believe I have the capabilities and experience for the role of Computer Programmer and will contribute positively to the growth of Bromley Tech Solutions. I have enclosed my full resume that details my relevant skills and work experience. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to meeting you to discuss my suitability further.


Roland Fanning