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How to Write a resignation letter

A resignation letter should be simple and straightforward, and should include your contact information. Learn more tips in our resignation letter guide.
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Powerful Questions to Ask in an Interview to Get Results

At the end of an interview, a recruiter might ask if you have any questions. Learn the best questions to ask a recruiter after your interview.
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Your Resume Objective Statement: What It Is & How to Write One

Learn to make a strong resume objective that captivates recruiters and hiring managers. Our examples show you what a great opening statement looks like.
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Ultimate Resume Format Guide

There are 3 main resume formats to choose from: Chronological, Functional and Hybrid. This guide will help you decide which one is right for you.
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Simple Resume Tweaks to Help You Land Your First Job

Even small changes on a job application can make you a stronger candidate. Check out JobHero for simple resume tweaks to help you land your first job.
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How to Make the Most of Out of Networking Events

Think networking events are a waste of time? Think again! Prepare for your next networking event by studying our seven tips for making the time count.
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What Is a Chronological Resume?

Are you faced with the question What is a chronological resume? Visit JobHero to access tips and examples to write this kind of document.
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10 Things Hiring Managers Look For on Your Resume

What does it take for your resume cut through the clutter? Check out resume tips from JobHero and see 10 Things Hiring Managers Look For on Your Resume!
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Should References Be Added to Resumes?

Should references be added to resumes? That seems like a complicated question, but JobHero has the answer. Check it out today and get informed.
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One-Page vs. Two-Page Resumes: Experts Weigh In

You may have questions when it comes to creating your resume. One such is one-page vs. two-page resumes. The experts weigh in on JobHero, so check it out.
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GPA on Resumes: When Should It Be Added?

Should you include your GPA on resumes? If so, when? Always? Sometimes? Never? We'll break it down for you in this definitive guide.
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The Best Way to List Professional Certifications on Resumes

If you're looking for assistance with your resume, JobHero can help. Visit the site to learn the best way to list professional certifications on resumes!
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Meeting Etiquette You Should Always Abide By (No Matter How Many People Have Their Phones Out)

Go to JobHero to read about dos and don'ts of business, such as meeting etiquette you should abide by no matter how many people have their phones out.
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Essential Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Search

Wondering how to get found in LinkedIn search results? Read our six tips (plus one bonus secret) for making it happen and helping recruiters find you.
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5 Reasons Not to Upload a Resume to LinkedIn

Wondering whether to upload your resume to LinkedIn? Don't do it until you read our five reasons to think twice. Number two will surprise you!
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The Final Word on Choosing Resume Fonts and Font Sizes

Resume writing is not easy to do, so JobHero offers resources to help you out! Learn the final word on choosing resume fonts and font sizes.
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How Not to Botch a Video Interview

Find tips for your next online interview, and read our how not to botch a video interview advice. For more career or resume resources, explore JobHero.
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Job Interview Questions: The Good, The Bad and the Illegal

When practicing for an interview, read our Job Interview Questions: The Good, the Bad, and the Illegal. Learn what questions to expect and be prepared.
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How to Answer ‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’

Nail your next interview by checking out our description on how to answer, Why are you looking for a new job? Find more resources with JobHero.

What Not To Ask at a Job Interview

There are questions that you should ask your potential employer, but it's also good to know what not to ask at a job interview. Find out more at JobHero!
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Ultimate Guide to Working and Volunteering Abroad

Check out JobHero's Ultimate Guide to Working and Volunteering Abroad for all the ins and outs of successfully finding jobs and living overseas.
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Employment Law Resource Guide

Looking for facts on employment law? Whether you're looking at minimum wage, labor unions, or illegal interview questions, our resource guide covers it.
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Part-Time and Seasonal Job Resource Guide

Who doesn't need extra money around the holidays? JobHero has the 411 on all things part-time and seasonal job-related. Check it out and line your pockets.
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Legal Career Resource Guide

Helping win lawsuits or prosecuting criminals can be rewarding. JobHero has the info you need in our legal career guide to decide if the career fits you.
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Healthcare Career Resource Guide

Ready to start your healthcare career? Check out our resource guide for everything you want to know about career search options, aptitude tests, and more.
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Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Career

Are you stuck when it comes to choosing a career? Study our ultimate guide to find out where your skills fit and how to transition from a career you hate.
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Academic Career Resource Guide

Are you ready to start your academic career? Take a look at our comprehensive resource guide before you write your CV. We've got job search tips, too!