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Cover Letter Templates for 2024

From traditional to modern to creative, our cover letter templates are professionally designed, have customizable color and font options, and are easy to use. Browse our resume cover letter template options to find the one that’s right for you and stand out from competing candidates with your eye-catching cover letter design!


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Cover Letter Templates

Cover letters can be the ultimate deciding factor in landing the interview. Elevate your job application process with our collection of professional cover letter templates, expertly designed to create a high-impact cover letter. We’ve compiled a collection of the best professional cover letter templates from Executive to Artistic.


A clean and minimalist cover letter template that highlights your skills and qualifications.


A cutting-edge layout with the latest industry-approved colors and fonts designed to stand out.


A classic cover letter template with an elegant layout to emphasize your top accomplishments.


A state-of-the-art template includes a contemporary header and bold color options for a visually appealing cover letter.


A stylish cover letter template with modern design elements and perfect spacing to define each part of your cover letter.


Simple and sophisticated, this cover letter template uses white space to highlight your best credentials strategically.


Defined by a bold header and a mix of colors, this template demonstrates a modern and clean design.


This template style features a sleek design and simplistic layout, emphasizing your most marketable skills and top-notch experience.


Stand out with this stunning template; its professional and attractive design elements outline your top accomplishments with creative flair.


This template design is vibrant and fresh, giving you everything you need to meet the demands of any employer.

Free Cover Letter Templates

These free downloadable cover letter templates outline your top accomplishments with sophistication and style. They are well-suited for any industry and will speak volumes about your professionalism.

Here is a curated selection of our top six free downloadable cover letter templates:

Why Our Cover Letter Templates Work

Ultimately, resume cover letter templates help you deliver a professional, marketable and visually appealing cover letter. Our simple cover letter templates work well across all fields because they feature auto-suggested phrases and expert recommendations by industry.

Here are the top five reasons our cover letter templates work:


Professional template designs

Template designs are up-to-date for 2023. From trending to minimalist, our cover letter templates provide a variety of color and font options to choose from. These editable designs can be instantly downloaded as MS Word, PDF, JPG or SVG.


Pre-written content suggestions

You don’t have to be an experienced writer to create a compelling cover letter. Follow the prompts and quickly add our pre-written content to your cover letter.


Saves time.

They are fast and straightforward. These templates are designed to save you time and hassle. Simply respond to the automated questions and follow the prompts; our software will help you do the rest.


Leading automated Cover Letter Builder

Our Cover Letter Builder offers pre-written content and industry-specific keywords you can use as-is or customize for your letter. This allows you to create a meaningful cover letter that targets the employer’s needs in just minutes.



An ATS cover letter template is a document that can be scanned and read easily by an applicant tracking system. Recruiters frequently use this software to help sort through piles of resumes. Our templates are 100% optimized and ATS-compliant.


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How does a cover letter help your application?

Your cover letter complements your resume. It is a critical part of the application process because it can become the deciding factor on whether you get hired.

Cover letters go beyond the resume’s list of job titles and accomplishments and expand on why you’re the ideal candidate for a position. It provides the employer further insight into how your skill set and experience. This way, hiring managers better understand your suitability for a position.

Submitting a cover letter also sets you apart by demonstrating your enthusiasm for the specific position and the company.

Is there a template for a cover letter?

Start your job application process on the right track with a professional cover letter template.
It is the fastest way to create your cover letter in 2023.

JobHero features up-to-date cover letter templates with the latest industry design standards. You can also find ATS-friendly cover letter templates which means that they are designed to be easily scanned by the applicant tracking systems many employers use to screen candidates.
Our templates are also easy to customize. Choose an expertly designed free cover letter template, or use our Cover Letter Builder to write a cover letter for your resume.

Templates handle the formatting for you. These expertly designed documents follow standard cover letter format rules to give you the correct line, margin spacing and proper fonts.

Where can I get a free cover letter template?

JobHero offers a variety of free cover letter template designs. These templates are ideal across any industry. They are perfect for you because they will showcase your qualifications in a well-polished and easy-to-read document.

Our cover letter templates are easily customizable, meaning you can effortlessly personalize each section of your cover letter. Our online tools act as virtual assistants, guiding you through automated prompts and suggested keyword phrases. We make it easy to customize your cover letter template from color palette to font size to match your goals.

What are the best cover letter templates for 2024?

The best cover letter templates start with a header, which is key for your contact information. Make sure it has enough space for you to write your name, city and state, as well as your phone number and email.

Another way of identifying a good cover letter template is an attractive design. This creates an attention-grabbing strategy.

A solid cover letter template also features free tools to fix grammar and spelling mistakes. This gives you the confidence to present your best cover letter, free of errors.

Lastly, ensure that your template has all the key elements of a cover letter:

  1. Contact section
  2. Salutation
  3. Introductory paragraph
  4. Body of the letter to include why you are qualified for the job.
  5. A closing paragraph
  6. Your signature.

Do I really need a cover letter in 2024?

Yes, you need a cover letter in 2023. Cover letters are still a critical component in today’s competitive job market. They help tell your story and take your resume the extra mile.

It creates a unique opportunity for persuasive writing. This one-page letter must be so irresistible that it stirs the recruiter’s interest in interviewing you. A cover letter can impact your life and entire career.

Candidates may choose to put a spotlight on their skills or accomplishments. They can use the cover letter to outline how this new role aligns with their career goals.

Cover letters show that you are willing to speak more about your industry experience and provide more in-depth information than on your resume.

A well-written cover letter helps candidates make a positive first impression on recruiters and can influence whether you land the interview.