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How to Write a School Administrator Resume

Your school administrator resume’s format is as important as how you write your resume. This sample resume demonstrates the best resume layout hacks to follow: 1-inch margins, bullet points and clear resume headings for each of the following sections.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

  • Professional header and contact info

    • Include your name, contact information, and a professional email address.
  • Compelling summary statement

    • A brief resume summary or objective highlighting two or three education- or administration-relevant skills, experience or accomplishments.
  • Highlight your skills

    • Create a dedicated section to showcase hard and soft skills specific to academic work, like filing, budgeting and student care.
  • Emphasize your work history

    • List your work experience in reverse-chronological order: include job titles, company names, dates of employment, and key responsibilities and achievements for each role in a bullet list.
  • Supporting education section

    • Detail your educational background, mentioning any relevant degrees, diplomas or certifications obtained.
  • Additional sections

    • You can add resume sections for licenses, certifications, industry memberships or unions, awards, volunteer experience or spoken languages.


How to Write a School Administrator Resume Summary

The resume summary is your first professional pitch — convince hiring managers to read on by highlighting three essential qualifications and achievements as a school administrator. It serves as a concise introduction to your resume and can significantly impact the hiring manager’s decision. Follow these guidelines to craft a practical school administrator resume summary:

Keep it concise and impactful

The resume summary should be a brief paragraph consisting of three to four sentences. Focus on highlighting your most relevant qualifications and accomplishments that align with the school administrator role you’re targeting.

Showcase your expertise

Emphasize your experience and skills that make you a strong candidate for the school administrator position. Mention your years of education administration experience, proficiency in managing budgets, implementing policies, leading teams, and any other relevant skills that set you apart.

Tailor it to the job description

Customize your resume summary to match the specific requirements of the school administrator role you’re applying for. Use keywords and phrases from the job description to demonstrate that you possess the desired qualifications and understand the position’s needs.

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Good school administrator resume sample

“Experienced school administrator with a demonstrated track record of driving educational excellence and fostering a positive learning environment. Skilled in budget management, strategic planning and curriculum development. Strong leadership abilities combined with practical communication skills to build collaborative relationships with staff, students and parents, resulting in improved academic outcomes.”

This example is well-written because it concisely highlights the candidate’s experience and strategic skills relevant to the school administrator role. It emphasizes their expertise in driving educational excellence, budget management and leadership abilities. The summary also mentions the candidate’s communication skills and knowledge to build collaborative relationships, indicating a well-rounded skill set for the role.

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Poor school administrator resume sample

“Motivated and detail-oriented school administrator seeking a challenging role in education administration. Skilled in various administrative tasks, such as managing budgets, organizing events, and coordinating schedules. Dedicated to improving student outcomes and ensuring a positive learning environment.”

This example needs to be better written because it needs more specificity and needs to provide concrete evidence of the candidate’s qualifications and achievements. The summary uses generic phrases without showcasing any unique or standout qualities. It also requires more clarity on the candidate’s experience level and fails to mention notable accomplishments or skills, making it less impactful and memorable to the hiring manager.

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The resume summary works best if you have over three years of experience. Try the resume objective if you’re a first-time job seeker, freelancer or career changer. This alternative introduction pitches your transferable skills and downplays your lack of directly-relevant experience.


How to Add Your School Administrator Work History

The work history section of your school administrator resume provides an opportunity to highlight your relevant professional experiences and accomplishments. Follow these guidelines to showcase your work history effectively.

Start with your most recent role

List your work history with your current or most recent position as a school administrator. Include the name of the school or educational institution, your job title and the dates of employment.

Focus on achievements

Instead of listing job responsibilities, emphasize your accomplishments and contributions in each role. Highlight any improvements you made to administrative processes, successful initiatives you led, or positive outcomes you achieved. Use quantifiable metrics whenever possible to demonstrate the impact of your work.

Tailor it to the school administrator role

Highlight experiences directly relevant to the position you’re applying for. Emphasize leadership, team management, budgeting, curriculum development, policy implementation and other administrative skills that showcase your suitability for the role.

Include relevant educational experiences

If you have held positions such as assistant principal, dean, or other administrative roles within the education sector, be sure to include them in your work history section. This demonstrates your progression and experience in school administration.

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Good school administrator resume sample

School Administrator | 97th Street Elementary Oakland, CA | March 2019 – Present

  • Spearheaded developing and implementing a comprehensive school improvement plan, resulting in a 15% increase in student test scores.
  • Streamlined administrative processes, leading to a 20% reduction in paperwork and improved efficiency in record-keeping.
  • Managed a team of 15 staff members, providing guidance, mentorship and fostering a positive work environment that increased staff retention and morale.

This example is persuasive because it provides specific achievements and measurable outcomes. It demonstrates the candidate’s ability to drive positive changes and effectively manage administrative responsibilities. Including quantifiable metrics, such as the increase in student test scores and reduced paperwork, strengthens the impact of the accomplishments.

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Poor school administrator resume sample

School Administrator | Samuel L. Gompers Middle School Los Angeles Public School District | 2018 – 2022

  • Responsible for daily administrative tasks and coordination.
  • Assisted with budgeting and event planning.
  • Worked collaboratively with staff and parents.

This example could be better because it needs more specific details and measurable achievements. The bullet points are vague and do not provide concrete examples of the candidate’s impact or contributions. You should highlight leadership abilities, specific initiatives or notable accomplishments, making it less persuasive to potential employers.


How to Write a School Administrator Education Section

The education section of your school administrator resume plays a crucial role in showcasing your academic background, relevant training programs, and certifications. Follow these guidelines to present your educational qualifications effectively:

1Start with your highest level of education

Begin the education section with your most advanced degree. Include the degree type, primary or focus area, institution name and dates of attendance or graduation.

Degree resume example

Master of Education in Educational Leadership, University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA | September 2016 – May 2018

2Highlight specialized certifications and training

Emphasize any certifications or specialized training that enhance your qualifications as a school administrator. This could include certificates in educational leadership, school management or specific programs relevant to your role.

Certification resume example

Certification in Principal Licensure | State Education Board San Francisco Unified School District, August 2018

3Showcase relevant coursework and research projects

Mention any coursework or research projects that demonstrate your expertise in educational administration, school leadership or relevant areas of study. This can provide insights into your knowledge and skills in the field.

Relevant coursework resume example

School Leadership and Management | USF School of Education Education Policy and Ethics | City College of San Francisco Curriculum Design and Assessment | City College of San Francisco

4Include notable institutions or educational affiliations

If you have attended prestigious educational institutions or are affiliated with reputable academic associations, highlight them to strengthen your resume’s credibility and showcase your commitment to excellence.

Membership association resume example

Member, American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

5Mention professional development activities

Highlight workshops, conferences or training programs you have attended that are relevant to school administration. Include the program name, organization, and dates to demonstrate your commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Professional development resume example

Workshop on Effective School Budgeting and Financial Management Education Leadership Institute | November 2021


15 Skills For Your School Administrator Resume

We covered how to incorporate soft, hard and technical skills throughout your resume. Your skills section is the last place to add administrative skills you’d like employers to know about. Here’s a starting list of school-friendly skills to feature on your administrator resume:

soft skills

Soft skills

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Collaboration
hard skills

Hard skills

  • Budget Management
  • Policy Development
  • Curriculum Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

Technical skills

  • Student Information Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Data Management and Analysis Tools
  • Communication Platforms
  • Educational Software
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Including a well-rounded mix of resume skills specific to school administrator responsibilities, you can effectively showcase your capabilities and suitability for the role. Remember to tailor your skills section to align with the requirements of the specific school administrator position you are applying for.


20 School Administrator Action Verbs

With the ease of online job boards and professional social media sites like LinkedIn, hiring managers can see dozens to hundreds of applications for a single opening. Unique action verbs and power words can help your resume stand out against the monotony of repetitive resumes.

  • Advocate
  • Analyze
  • Assess
  • Collaborate
  • Coordinate
  • Communicate
  • Evaluate
  • Facilitate
  • Implement
  • Innovate
  • Lead
  • Manage
  • Mentor
  • Navigate
  • Organize
  • Oversee
  • Promote
  • Resolve
  • Streamline
  • Strategize
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Adding these, or similar, action verbs on your school administrator resume can help you describe your proactive approach, leadership abilities, and impact in previous roles. Tailor your language with relevant verbs that match the job ad’s tone and tense.


Additional Resume Sections

Consider adding the following sections to your school administrator resume based on your specific circumstances and to enhance your qualifications.

  • Certification: Include a separate section to showcase relevant credentials, such as School Principal certification, K-12 Educational certificates or Interpreter for the Deaf.
  • Professional Development: Use a professional development section featuring workshops, seminars or educational programs to replace or supplement your education section.
  • Awards and Achievements: If you have received recognition or awards for your performance, productivity or safety record, include a section to showcase these accomplishments.
  • Volunteer Experience: Replace your work history section with a volunteer section if you have less than three years of experience. Use this space to demonstrate relevant skills or attributes, such as organization, discipline and budgeting.
  • Language Proficiency: Since school districts can host a diverse range of employees, parents and students, multilingual fluency could support your daily responsibilities.
  • Memberships: Let hiring managers know about your membership to education-specific organizations or unions.

Use a Cover Letter to Express Yourself

A resume is a concise overview of your skills and experience — a cover letter expands on this foundation. Add a cover letter to share one or two examples of how you excelled in similar roles or how your skills match a company’s needs. Use this sample as a guide or visit our helpful resources to boost your application.

School Administrator Resume FAQ

What should I include in the summary section of my school administrator resume?

Your summary section is your first, and sometimes last, marketing pitch — this section should include three skills or accomplishments that match the requirements of a specific administrator job. You can retain a hiring manager's attention by focusing on your expertise in leadership, budget management, curriculum development, and any notable achievements that showcase your qualifications for the role.

Should I tailor my school administrator resume to each job application?

Yes, it's essential to tailor your resume to each specific job application. Analyze the job description, identify key skills and requirements, and customize your resume accordingly. Highlight experiences and achievements that directly relate to the specific needs of the school administrator position.

Can I include non-education-related work experience in my school administrator resume?

You can include non-education-related work experience if it showcases transferable skills or qualities relevant to the school administrator role. Focus on highlighting skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving or project management that can be valuable in an educational setting.

Should I include references on my school administrator resume?

It is optional to include references on your resume. Instead, have a separate document ready with references and provide it when specifically requested. Utilize the space on your resume to highlight your qualifications, skills, and experiences that make you a strong candidate for the school administrator position.