Supply Chain Management Traditional Resume Template

Traditional Resume Templates for 2024

If you’re looking for traditional resume templates that work great for a variety of classic careers, this page has got you covered! Here, you’ll find up-to-date, professionally designed traditional templates and expert advice about what kinds of jobs are best suited for this style of resume. It’ll give you the edge that you need to impress employers and win an interview!

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Recommended Traditional Templates

A traditional resume template is a preformatted document that you can customize with your professional experience and skills to create a job-winning resume!

Check out some of our most popular traditional resume templates:

Who Should Choose a Traditional Resume Template?

Traditional resume templates can be used for most professions.

Traditional resumes don’t have overly elaborate formats. They feature a clean structure and are ideal for conservative fields like law, government, finance, business, logistics or medical jobs.

We feature over 5,600 well-written resume examples that you can search by job title and industry to create a quality resume.

Free Traditional Resume Templates

What makes a traditional template?

Traditional resume templates are designed to look clean and serve as a timeless style still preferred for many jobs.

Their design tends to be conservative and simple, without flashy colors or graphics, making them straightforward and easy to scan.

These traditional styles are designed to put the main focus on you and not your design.

Our free downloadable traditional templates

Free Refined Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This traditional template is neat and sophisticated. Its hybrid/combination format puts the spotlight on your skills and your work experience section.
Free Professional Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


Our professional template is a classic. It organizes your experience in a chronological format. This clean and conventional design leads recruiters straight to your accomplishments! We also feature a matching Professional cover letter template.
Free Knowledgeable Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This is a sleek and polished traditional resume template. It draws attention to each section of your resume equally by featuring neat borders and unique color schemes that make your resume look good.
Free Executive Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This template gives your resume an elegant flair with a touch of bold and red, while also featuring plenty of whitespace for easy reading. It starts with a professional summary and lays out your education section at the bottom of the page.
Free Distinguished Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


Fancy and refined, this template looks professional and chic. It sets the tone with subtle color and follows a minimal and straightforward style. You will love this traditional resume template design.
Free Centered Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This template is in a functional format, shifting the recruiters’ attention from your work experience to your skills. This design features bold text and a simple color contrast to divide the sections of your resume

Traditional Resume Templates for Popular Jobs + Examples

While traditional resume templates work well across many industries, here are some of the most popular jobs suitable for these template designs:
Administrative assistant Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants play an important role in keeping the company running smoothly. This traditional resume template design is a perfect match to show off your unique skill sets.
Receptionist Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


Receptionists provide support by keeping the office on the right track. They coordinate meetings, training and corporate events. The job requires a template that showcases your organizational skills, thus this traditional resume template style aligns greatly with the job.
Babysitter Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


As a babysitter, you’ll be leading children’s activities and overall safety. Using a traditional resume template that’s well organized and easy to read, you can lay out your child care experience and first aid training.
Civil engineer Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Civil engineer

Civil engineers work to protect and improve the environment. They plan and oversee construction and rebuilding efforts while managing pollution and energy resources. This traditional resume template puts the spotlight on your attention to detail and analytical skill sets.
Data Scientist Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Data Scientist

This profession uses statistical and mathematical analysis to filter and process data to create solutions that will overcome challenges. Strengthen your resume to enhance your candidacy with this template to clearly layout your decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
Editor Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


Editors review writing material or visual imaging to create a polished final product for print or digital. There are different types of editors such as copy editors, content editors and video editors. This traditional resume template is exceptional to showcase your experience and attract hiring managers.
Cosmetologist Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This is a creative and innovative field responsible for styling hair, nail, skin and makeup. Optimize your resume with a template that underlines your strong sense of style and commitment.
Restaurant Manager Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers meet sales goals by hiring, training and overseeing kitchen operations. They have to multitask to ensure customers have a superb culinary experience. This traditional resume template is easy to read and ideal for demonstrating your excellent interpersonal skills and experience in a restaurant environment.
Customer Service Representative Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are the face of the company. Keeping customers, and attracting new ones, will depend on the excellent customer service that you provide. From processing orders to handling customer complaints, this job is about fulfilling expectations. Stand out with this traditional resume template style.
Network Engineer Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Network Engineer

Network engineers are an important part of the IT team. They understand the networks and provide necessary hardware and software tools for a secure and safe connection. As a network engineer, you have to be knowledgeable about troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving hardware, software and other network and system problems. This traditional resume template aims to wow hiring managers with just one page!
Dental hygienist Traditional Resume TemplateDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist performs assessments for the overall oral health care of patients. Their duties include dental charting and evaluation of gum diseases or risks. They apply cavity-preventive agents such as fluorides and even administer local anesthetics. Make your resume stand out from competing candidates with this traditional template style!

More Resume Template Styles

Aside from traditional resume templates, JobHero also showcases a library of free resume template styles. We offer a variety of professional resume template designs that include basic, traditional, modern and creative templates.

Let’s take a look at these resume styles and recommended job types:

Basic and simple are a type of traditional resume. They don’t have a lot of flair or decoration and work well for a wide variety of jobs, especially entry-level roles, jobs that involve manual labor or service work.

They’re simple, clean and your words get all the focus.


Professional resume templates are also clean and easy to read, but a bit more dressed up in nature.

That’s why they work well to apply for jobs where you have to dress more formally and put on business attire or at least a button-up shirt.

They work well for roles like paralegals, doctors, stockbrokers and most office jobs.

While modern resume templates are just as they sound, like an updated take on a traditional resume that will tend to incorporate newer design elements and a little bit of design flair.

They’re ideal for jobs in newer industries such as communications, digital marketing, media, public relations, IT, computer programming, software engineering and web development.


We also feature our unique creative resume templates. They are artistic and bold. These resume template designs offer customizable color schemes and cool font options for creative industries. These templates are well suited for job seekers applying to work in graphic design, video editing, fashion, fine art or animation.

In addition to our template styles, JobHero also has downloadable Microsoft Word templates and Google templates that are easy to use.

How to Use Traditional Templates in Our Builder

If it seems like a traditional resume is right for your job hunt, get your resume finished in minutes by using JobHero’s Resume Builder.

It automates the whole process so that creating your resume is easy — so easy it’s just like filling out a form!

Our Builder is designed to help you step-by-step to create a professional and effective resume that will catch the recruiters’ attention. Its user-friendly features allow you to customize your document quickly and easily.

Increase your chances of getting called for an interview by ensuring your resume is top notch with the Builder’s prewritten content suggestion for your specific role. You will find eight traditional resume template designs under the “Traditional” tabs of the template-selection screen of our Builder!

Create your own professional resume in just minutes.

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Need a CV?

JobHero also has you covered with our library of great CV templates. These template styles are ideal for the jobs that are academic in nature.

Traditional Resume Templates FAQ

What makes these templates traditional?

A resume template is a preformatted document that you can tailor according to your professional experience and background. These templates come in various designs.

A traditional resume template is one of the most common resume template styles. They are traditional because they apply a clean and standard resume layout. It is also conservative with its color scheme and fonts

Traditional resume templates outline your professional experiences, educational history, and skill sets in a simple and structured way.

How do I use a traditional template to create a resume?

You can use a traditional resume template to create your document in three easy steps.

  • 1Simply choose a template from our library of professional designs.
  • 2Add your information by following the automated prompts.
  • 3Review, save and download.

Resume templates are a great way to create your own job-winning resume in minutes!

How do I write a traditional resume?

Your traditional resume should follow a basic format. It begins with a header where you will write your name, title and contact details.

Then, you will continue on to your work history to provide relevant information about your professional experience, duties and responsibilities in your previous roles.

Finally, you will list your top six to eight skills and add any supplementary information like certifications or licenses you’ve obtained.

Should I use a traditional resume template if I work in the accounting or law field?

Traditional resume templates are the best option for executive positions or jobs in traditional fields such as accounting, finance and law.

These templates are designed to ensure that your credentials stand out. They are consice, well organized, clean and easy to read. Traditional resume templates are refined and classy.

What are the four types of resumes?

First off, it’s essential to clarify what we’re discussing when we say a “type” of resume. By “type,” we’re referring to a resume design style.

That is sometimes confused with a resume format, which is also important, but more concerned with the way your resume is organized rather than aesthetics and design elements. Resume designs and formats seem similar but are indeed different!

The quintessential designs are basic, professional, modern and creative.

Basic and professional resumes are both more or less traditional resumes with varying degrees of decorative elements. Basic resumes tend to be stripped-down of the two; professional resumes have a bit more pizazz.

Should I use a traditional resume?

Maybe. It depends on the type of job that you’re applying to.

A traditional resume is a safe approach and probably wouldn’t seem too out of place to use for most jobs.

A traditional resume design is clear, clean and emphasizes you, the job hunter

They are tested and work well for most professional jobs. We discussed on this page who should choose a traditional resume in a little more detail.

That said, they’re not appropriate for all jobs. The exception to using a traditional resume depends on the industry or company you’re applying to.

Don’t use a traditional resume if the job you’re applying to is creative or, for instance, you’re applying to a tech company that values “outside the box” thinking. In these cases, it might hurt you to use a traditional resume because that’s not what the employer wants in a job candidate.

What is the difference between a targeted resume and a traditional resume?

You should always take a targeted approach for a resume. The “traditional” way of producing a resume here refers to a one-size-fits-all approach.

That means, traditionally, people used to produce one resume that summed up their experience and used that same generic resume for every job that they applied to.

Never do this!

Instead, a targeted resume approach means that you tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for and only send that unique resume to that specific job. This is the way you should do it! This is the expectation employers and recruiters have.

Every job requires slightly different skills, strengths or approaches. Using a generic resume won’t make you seem like a strong candidate. At best, it makes you seem like a middle-of-the-road one.

So, if you want to stand out, target your resume. To do this, identify some of the key skills that an employer discusses in the job description or post. Try to echo back some of those key phrases that you possess on your document.

This may serve you in several ways:

  1. By speaking directly to an employer's needs
  2. By giving you an advantage over all the candidates who didn’t take this crucial step
  3. By helping you pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) if the company uses them.

Using a blanket-approach resume will never give you an advantage. So always use a targeted resume!

You can keep a general resume, but always tweak it. It should be customized to the job every time you send your resume out.

What is a nontraditional resume?

Nontraditional resumes tend to be resumes that use atypical design schemes, bold colors, and other unique design elements –– they’re sometimes referred to as creative resumes.

While these resumes tend to be exciting and attention-grabbing, they’re not ideal for all roles.

You should only really use a nontraditional resume if the role requires you to be creative or if the company you’re applying to has a brand identity centered around being different, nonconventional, or “outside-the-box.”

They can be a great type of resume to show your eye for design or make a distinct, lasting impression.

However, nontraditional resumes may be considered unprofessional, inappropriate and distracting for many jobs. Consider the nature of the job and the company culture before you commit to using one.

Should I include a cover letter with my traditional resume?

Yes! Always include a cover letter with a traditional resume.

The only exception would be if it were explicitly instructed not to send a cover letter.

A cover letter provides you more room to discuss why you’re the right person for the job, and you will be at a disadvantage not to include one.

Check out our how-to-write a cover letter guide if you need help getting started!