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The Best Way to Layout Your Resume for 2020

Margins, fonts, and spacing are amongst some factors to consider when working with your resume layout. Learn how to layout your resume like a pro.
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The 12 Most Important Skills To Consider When Writing a Resume

Learn all about the skill section and which skills you should put in your resume in our complete guide.

How to Write a Resume

Use our recently updated guide on how to write a resume in %%currentyearmeta%%. Find the latest resume tips, examples, & learn how to succeed in 8 simple steps.
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Your Resume Objective Statement: What It Is & How to Write One

Learn to make a strong resume objective that captivates recruiters and hiring managers. Our examples show you what a great opening statement looks like.
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What Is a Chronological Resume?

Are you faced with the question What is a chronological resume? Visit JobHero to access tips and examples to write this kind of document.
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One-Page vs. Two-Page Resumes: Experts Weigh In

You may have questions when it comes to creating your resume. One such is one-page vs. two-page resumes. The experts weigh in on JobHero, so check it out.
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How to Get Your Resume Past an ATS

Wondering how to get your resume past an ATS? Read our top nine tips on optimizing your job submissions for applicant tracking systems.
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Don’t Put References on a Resume – Do This Instead

Should you list references on your resume? It's one of the most frequently asked questions by jobseekers. Read this to find out what you should do instead.