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Our Builder Helps Job Seekers Get Hired

A strong cover letter can be the deciding factor to impress hiring managers to secure that interview for the job you want. JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder provides step-by-step guidance and helpful tools with the following features:

1Professional quality design.

JobHero’s builder features cover letter templates you can use that were designed by graphic designers. This ensures that your cover letter will look professional and amazing.

2It’s a huge timesaver.

JobHero’s builder is automated and guides you through the whole process! It offers auto-suggested keywords that are industry-specific to the job you’re applying for. There is no quicker way to write a resume.

3One-click customization.

It’s easy to change things in your cover letter design with a simple click, or custom-tailor multiple cover letters for each job that you apply to.
Don’t go unnoticed. Our Cover Letter Builder helps job seekers get hired!

3 Easy Steps to Use Our Cover Letter Builder

In just minutes you can create an industry-specific document that is professional and effective. Here are three easy steps to use our Cover Letter Builder:
Choose a template. JobHero offers a variety of cutting-edge layouts and styles. Start by choosing your favorite template from our selection of expert-crafted designs:
Build My Cover Letter
Enter your information. JobHero’s builder guides you through each section of the cover letter so that all you have to do is follow the prompts given and input the information requested. The builder makes that process faster by suggesting auto-generated keywords and text based on your job title!
Build My Cover Letter
Save and send! Once the builder has helped you write and spell-check your cover letter, now you can save it in a variety of formats including a Word document, PDF, JPG or SVG.
Build My Cover Letter
pro tip
Pro tip
Cover letters should not be generic! To best increase your chances of landing a job you should custom-tailor a new cover letter for every job you apply to. Use our builder and that’s possible to do in just minutes!
Every other tricky cover letter detail gets taken care of by our builder.
It uses industry-specific phrasing to help you craft the perfect description of your work experience. To boot, it checks your document for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes to ensure you’re submitting an error-free document!


Can the cover letter builder help with resumes too?

In addition to cover letters, JobHero also has a Resume Builder.
The Resume Builder allows you to create as many resumes as you need!
After all, you should make sure that you custom-tailor all of your application documents to the job that you’re applying to.
So, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the job you want, make sure that you have used both a Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder to submit professional-quality documents!

Who is our Cover Letter Builder for?

Our Cover Letter Builder is for job seekers who are looking to stand out from competing candidates
A well-written cover letter can become the determining factor in getting hired. JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder has expert advice to guide you through writing a professional cover letter.
So, our builder is for anyone that wants to be considered as a serious candidate for a desired job and have an edge!
With the Cover Letter Builder you can adapt your cover letter to each position that you are applying for in just minutes so you don’t lose out on that dream job.

What features does your builder include?

The JobHero Cover Letter Builder includes eye-catching templates that range from traditional to modern.
The builder also has the following features:
  • Suggests text based upon job title
  • Auto-generated key phrases that you can customize
  • A skills keyword databank
  • Best practice work history descriptions
  • Spell-check and autocorrect
  • The ability to save in a variety of file formats

Is JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder free?

Job Hero’s Cover Letter Builder and all of its features are free to try and use!
However, in order to download the cover letter that you produce, it’s going to be required that you sign up for a trial subscription.
The trial subscription is only a fraction of the cost of our monthly subscription and will allow you full and complete access to our builder.
It comes with all the features: automation, suggested phrases, guidance and spell-check –– all the tools you need to nail your cover letter!
Best of all, during this trial period you’ll be able to create and download unlimited cover letters and resumes.
That means if you’re applying to one job that you’re very serious about, or applying to many jobs to increase your chances of getting hired, our builder is going to make finding your next job a whole lot easier.
So, don’t miss out on that job posting that caught your eye! Our Cover Letter Builder will help you produce a great document that helps get you noticed by employers!