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How Our Builder Can Help You

Cover Letter BuilderCover Letter BuilderCover Letter BuilderCover Letter BuilderCover Letter Builder

Send it before the deadline.

Since our builder makes it easy to complete a cover letter super fast –– you’ll have more time to apply for job opportunities! So, don’t hesitate, send out your application today.

Make your resume match your cover letter.

Using our builder, you also get access to our Resume Builder and can match your documents using the same color schemes or similar styles.

Get expert recommendations.

All guidance and suggestions from our builder come from our dedicated team of job application researchers. We include crucial keywords, best practice formatting and up-to-date advice.

Customize your cover letter.

It’s as easy as a single click to change your cover letter’s design, layout or color scheme in our builder! We’ve also curated many business-professional fonts from which you can select.

Save your letter in a variety of downloadable options.

Whether you need a .PDF, .DOC, .JPEG or .SVG –– you’re covered!

Create a Personalized Cover Letter in Minutes

You need a strong cover letter to impress hiring managers and secure that interview for the job you want – JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder will elevate your cover letter

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Can the cover letter builder help with resumes too?

In addition to cover letters, the Cover Letter Builder also comes with full access to our Resume Builder.
The Resume Builder allows you to create a resume with a sleek, professional design in minutes because it also guides you through the writing process step-by-step.
Plus, it will provide auto-suggested phrases targeted at the job title you want and gives you full control with customization options!
So, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the job you want, make sure that you have used both our Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder to submit a complementary pair of professional-quality documents.

Who is our Cover Letter Builder for?

Our Cover Letter Builder is for job seekers looking to stand out from competing candidates –– those looking for an edge in the application process.
A well-written cover letter can become the determining factor in getting hired. JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder has expert advice to guide you through writing a professional cover letter.
With the builder, you can adapt your cover letter to each position you are applying for in just minutes, so you don’t lose out on applying to that dream job.

What features does your builder include?

The JobHero Cover Letter Builder includes eye-catching templates that range from traditional to modern.
The builder also has the following features:
  • Suggests text based upon job title
  • Auto-generated key phrases that you can customize
  • A skills keyword databank
  • Best practice work history descriptions
  • Spell-check and autocorrect
  • The ability to save in a variety of file formats

Is JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder free?

Job Hero’s Cover Letter Builder and all its features are free to try and use!
However, to download the cover letter that you produce, it’s going to be required that you sign up for a trial subscription.
The trial subscription is only a fraction of the cost of our monthly subscription and will allow you complete full access to our builder.
It comes with all the features: automation, suggested phrases, guidance and spell-check –– all the tools you need to nail your cover letter!
Best of all, during this trial period, you’ll be able to create and download unlimited cover letters and resumes.
That means if you’re applying to one job that you’re very serious about or applying to many jobs to increase your chances of getting hired, our builder will make finding your next job a whole lot easier.
So, don’t miss out on that job posting that caught your eye! Our Cover Letter Builder will help you produce a great document that helps get you noticed by employers!