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Professional Resume Templates for 2023

If you need a professional resume template that will fit your resume like a fine-tailored suit, you’ve arrived at the right page! JobHero has quality professional templates to download for free created by our design experts to help give your resume the extra competitive edge it needs to get noticed by employers.

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Recommended Professional Templates

A professional resume template is a preformatted document to help speed up the process of writing a great-looking resume!

Templates ensure your page will have a well-designed layout that you like, so all you have to do is fill in your personal information.

Check out some of our most popular professional templates:

Who Should Choose a Professional Resume Template?

Professional templates can work for a wide variety of careers because it never hurts to present yourself as a professional for any role you want!

The careers that benefit the most from a professional resume design are jobs in which you can imagine ‘getting dressed up’ to go to work: button-up shirts, nice clothes –– that kind of deal.

Jobs like doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, office workers, teachers, bankers, stockbrokers and managers are examples of careers that would benefit from professional resume templates.

If you’re still trying to decide if a professional resume style is right for you, check out some resume examples and decide on a format. It’ll make selecting the perfect professional resume layout even easier!

Free Professional Resume Templates

What makes a professional template?

Every professional resume template is unique in its design, but in general, these templates tend to be clean, simple resumes with tasteful design flourishes and decorative elements.

Professional resume templates tend to focus on the following elements:

  • Readability
  • Visual cleanliness
  • Organization
  • Easy-to-scan/visual whitespace
  • Up-to-date layouts
  • Standard professional resume sections

Our Free Downloadable Professional Templates

Executive Download This TemplateEdit This Resume


With its classic Times New Roman font and simplicity of design, the Executive template is in a chronological format that places the most emphasis on your work experience section. The minimalism of this template makes it appropriate for many job seekers!
DistinguishedDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


What sets the Distinguished template apart is its subtle use of color. This template is in a hybrid/combination format, which tends to give more weight to your skills than your work experience section.
RefinedDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


Our Refined template uses borders to create a clear visual division and organization to your resume. It also uses multiple fonts, color schemes and other resume-formatting tricks for an overall air of sophistication.
Professional Download This TemplateEdit This Resume


This template is appealing with its pops of bright color. It features plenty of whitespace to make it easy for a reader’s eye to scan down from your professional summary to the education section at the bottom of the page.
PinstripeDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This is a fun template using pinstripes to divide the resume sections and provide a little design character. We also feature a matching Pinstripe cover letter template if you want your documents to look perfectly fashionable together.
ModernDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


This template design makes more use of bold text instead of heavy lines to divide up the sections of your resume. This template is in a functional format, which places the least emphasis on your work experience and instead focuses on your skills.

Professional Resume Templates for Popular Jobs + Examples

While professional templates work well for a wide variety of careers, here are some of the most popular jobs served well by their style and readability!
Administrative assistantDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants need to come off as professional, no question about it. This quality professional resume template’s clean and buttoned-up style is the perfect vehicle to showcase these qualities in your personality.
Financial analystDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Financial analyst

Since financial analysts help shape a businesses’ economic future, the job requires a template that reflects your analytical nature and ability to organize information. This design is an excellent example of matching a template to the job.
Medical assistantDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume

Medical assistant

As a medical assistant, you’re responsible for people’s lives and health, so you should choose a template that shows you follow standard procedure and are serious. Using a professional template stripped of decorative elements puts greater focus on the lifesaving details listed in your work experience section!
ParalegalDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


Being a paralegal requires very serious attention to detail. The subtle use of color on this template conveys your detailed and nuanced approach to work. It’s well organized with lines dividing each section for clarity and making it easy to scan.
RecruiterDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


From your work as a recruiter, you’ve probably seen a million resumes and understand what stands out. This resume template emphasizes your work details, and will help ensure that you submit a hiring document that looks sharp to your peers.
TeacherDownload This TemplateEdit This Resume


When you teach in a classroom, you must organize information in a clear and compelling manner; your resume should be no different. This resume template is easy to read and showcases a clear separation between sections.

More Resume Template Styles

While quality professional resume templates are appropriate for most jobs, they’re not always the best choice.

We have other styles of free resume templates that may better suit your needs. Similar template styles include basic, traditional and modern. Or, if you need something with a big design twist, we also have creative templates.

We’ll outline who each of these resume styles might work best for:

The basic and simple templates’ main objective is to be easy to read and straightforward. It’s more stripped-down than a professional resume is, with fewer design elements.

Basic and simple resume templates are best for job candidates who want an uncomplicated resume that focuses on your experience and not your eye for design.

Due to their simplicity, these clean templates also work well for various jobs, including manual labor and service.

Construction workers, grocery cashiers, janitors, retail clerks and restaurant servers are all people who would benefit from basic and simple resume templates.


Traditional templates are similar to basic and simple templates in that they use classic design principles.

However, they’re a little more old-fashioned, formal and elaborate than basic templates.

They tend to be suited to jobs that are more old-timey and formal, like law, government, medical professions and academia.

On the other hand, modern resume templates are more bold and adventurous than professional resume templates design-wise.

They convey to an employer you’re up-to-date and cutting edge.

Modern resume templates tend to work best for newer industries such as design, IT, marketing, programming or web development.


Creative templates are very daring and adventurous compared to the above styles. They should only really be used by individuals who work in creative industries.

They often use unorthodox layouts or flashy design elements to convey your eye for design.

These templates are best for people applying to work in graphic design, video editing, fashion, fine art or animation.

Otherwise, if you just need a template in a different file format, we also have Microsoft Word templates and Google templates for your use.

How to Use Professional Templates in Our Builder

If you’ve decided on a professional resume style and are ready to knock out your resume quickly, you should consider using a resume builder. It will save you time and effort in creating your resume.

JobHero features a Resume Builder that can help you produce a resume in just a few minutes!

The builder makes resume creation easier because it:

  • 1Allows you to switch resume templates with a click.
  • 2Gives advanced customization options such as font and color scheme.
  • 3Tailors skills and keywords to the job title for which you're applying.
  • 4Suggests auto-phrasing to describe your work experience.
  • 5Saves your resume in a variety of file formats.
  • 6Creates cover letters as well as resumes.

In the JobHero builder, you will find the professional resume template designs we discuss on this page under the “Modern” and “Traditional” tabs of the resume-selection screen.

Remember, professional resume formats never went out of style, so that’s why you’ll find them under the traditional templates.

Create your own professional resume in just minutes.

Try our resume builder today

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Need a CV ?

If the job you’re applying to is academic in nature, or a CV is requested by a potential employer, JobHero also has you covered with our library of great CV templates.

Professional Resume Templates FAQ

What makes these templates professional?

These templates are “professional” because JobHero’s experts designed them to be readable, eye-catching and up-to-date on industry hiring trends.

First and foremost, professional industry standards inform these template designs. For instance, if you use one of these templates, you can rest assured that it will be easy to read for a human or an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Companies use ATS to pre-sift through resumes before hiring managers even see the remaining resumes. They scan your resume in search of keywords the employer is seeking. If the machine can’t read your resume, you won’t make the cut!

Using a professional template will not only make your resume look great, but it will also help make sure that you pass the ATS and get seen by a hiring manager.

So, what makes these templates professional is that they’ll help open up the corporate door for you.

How do I use a professional template to create a resume?

Using a template is easy. It can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Choose a template that you like.
  2. Enter your information into each relevant section. Your name, phone number and email address go in the contact information section. You detail your work achievements in the work history section and complete each section that follows.
  3. Download and save!

Since a template is just more or less a preformatted document that you can use to make sure your resume design looks on-point, once you pick one, you can launch straight into the writing process!

Think of it as just filling out a form and ensuring that you’re putting the correct information where it belongs!

How do I write a professional resume?

There’s a lot to consider when you write a resume. We cover every single possible angle and question you might have about writing a great professional resume in our Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Resume.

In it, we help you run through the decision-making process for steps like: how to choose a resume format, whether you should use a professional summary or object statement, and how to include a balance of soft and hard skills on your resume.

That’s not to mention all the incredible writing tips that we give to make each section more impactful and impressive to employers!

It’s free, helpful, and one of the best resources you’ll find anywhere about writing a professional resume!

Can I use a builder to write a professional resume?

Yes, JobHero features an incredible Resume Builder loaded with some of our most popular professional templates.

Furthermore, the builder will make it faster for you to produce a professional resume because it automates the whole writing process. You just have to answer some questions about your work experience. It’s that easy!

Builders have become an increasingly popular way for job candidates to create their resumes and cover letters because they guide you through every step of the process and also suggest keywords and best industry phrases based on the job title for which you’re applying.

That’s not to mention having other perks like automatic spelling and grammar checks to review your resume before sending it out.

A builder won’t just help you make a professional resume; it’ll help you make a better resume that’s faster and easier.

Should I use a professional resume template if I work in the arts or a creative field?

Professional resumes work well for most careers. However, if you work in the arts or a creative industry, a professional resume may not be the best template for your background.

Check out our page of creative resume templates.

While a professional resume won’t hurt you as a way to organize all of your skills and work experience, it might not be as strong as a creative resume would be to help you showcase your individuality, artistic taste and style.

A creative resume template would better show your eye for design and capability for outside-the-box thinking, whereas a professional resume would organize your information much like an accountant’s.

So, if you work in a creative industry and are applying to a company that values innovative thinking, look at some creative templates that might be better suited to your field before you get set on a professional-style template.

Should I include a cover letter with my professional resume?

Yes. Always include a cover letter with your professional resume unless specifically instructed not to, a.

It shows that you are a professional: You know the hiring protocol and can submit a cover letter without being asked. That shows professionalism, attention to detail and self-motivation.

Plus, a cover letter is a window for you to open up and expand on some of the work details that you list on your resume. Spin those details into a story about your career!

It will only help you to include a cover letter because it’s more space for you to spend advertising yourself as the right candidate for the job.

Feel free to check out our cover letter examples for inspiration!

Also, we have great additional tools like cover letter templates and our Cover Letter Builder!