Best Professional Resume Templates


A straightforward design highlighting the work experience section for job seekers with highly technical jobs.


The use of whitespace and color allows for a polished and clean look.


The classic Times New Roman font and design simplicity make this template appropriate for many job seekers.


This template will make your resume look professional while showing off your personality with its use of color and bold lines.


A playful template with pinstripes and cool blue tones to separate resume elements and bring character to the design.


This template design uses bold text instead of heavy lines to divide up the sections of your resume.
Why Use a Professional Resume Template?

Why Use a Professional Resume Template?

  • Templates for a professional resume help you meet industry expectations and impress recruiters.
  • Structured resume sections optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS) aid in prioritizing information.
  • Free professional resume templates written by certified resume writers.

Professional Resume Examples by Job Title

Use our vast library of resume examples for various careers to craft your professional resume.

How to Use Professional Resume Templates in Our Builder

How to Use Professional Resume Templates in Our Builder
Our Resume Builder helps you craft your resume in just minutes! Our fast learning technology preloads your resume with industry-specific content to tailor your job application to the job role. How it works:
  • It automates the whole process so that creating your resume is easy — so easy it's just like filling out a form!
  • Our Builder is designed to help you step-by-step to create a professional and effective resume that will catch the recruiter's attention. Its user-friendly features allow you to customize your document quickly and easily.
  • Increase your chances of getting called for an interview by ensuring your resume is top-notch with the Builder's pre-written content suggestion for your specific role.

More Resume Template Styles

While a professional resume template may be appropriate for most jobs, some industries expect a different design. Our library features free resume templates fit for any job role. Take a look and select the right one for your needs.

Basic resume templates

Showcase your full potential with these easy-to-use templates highlighting your expertise, academic background and abilities.

Traditional resume templates

These traditional templates feature clean lines and traditional fonts, perfect for those in science, finance, banking and law.

Creative resume templates

Show off your imagination with daring creative templates that work best for graphic design, video editing, fashion, fine art or animation.

Modern resume templates

These modern templates work best for IT, marketing and web development roles.

6 Free Professional Resume Templates

Use these free downloadable templates to build your resume.

Professional Resume Templates FAQ

What is the most professional template for a resume?

You must study the job post and understand the enterprise to choose the best professional resume template. Industries like finance and law expect elegant and traditional resumes, while advertising and entertainment may anticipate creative and modern resumes. Researching what other job seekers are doing for their resumes will help you decide the best template for your application.

Explore our fully customizable resume templates library to see what works best for you!

What is the best structure for a professional resume?

When writing your resume, include the following sections:

  • Professional summary or resume objective: One to two sentences to highlight your top skills and achievements and explain why you're the ideal candidate for the role. Use a professional summary if you're a more experienced job seeker and a resume objective if you're starting out or switching careers.
  • Work experience section: List your most relevant job roles and demonstrate your achievements with specific examples and quantifiable results.
  • Skills section: Include six to eight soft, hard and technical skills that meet the recruiter's requirements for the job role.
  • Academic background: Add degrees, courses or certifications that inform your expertise and qualify you for the role.

Where can I download a resume template for free?

Our resume template library features hundreds of free and fully customizable resume templates for every industry!