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How to Format Your Cover Letter

Visit our helpful cover letter format and writing guide for additional advice on how to customize your application, or read on to find child care related advice.

Format Your Cover Letter
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  • Contact Information

    • Make sure your professional cover letter header matches your resume for a cohesive look. Include your name, phone number, and email.
  • Date and Recipient's Mailing Information

    • Visit the company’s directory to research the hiring manager and contact info. Add the date of writing, followed by the manager’s name, job title, and professional mailing address.
  • Greeting

    • Begin the letter with a professional salutation. We prefer the following formal greetings: “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,” “Hello, Mr./Ms. Last Name,” or the last resort, “To whom it may concern.”
  • Introduction

    • Add the name of the position and company, how you learned about it, and one child care skill or accomplishment to advertise your suitability in this opening paragraph.
  • Body

    • Use one or two paragraphs to elaborate on one or two accomplishments listed on your child care worker resume. The goal is to quantify your training further and prove your proficiency.
  • Closing Statement

    • In the final paragraph, reiterate your interest and qualifications. Express your eagerness to discuss your candidacy in an interview further.
  • Signature

    • End the letter with a formal closing followed by your full name and, if applicable, your professional titles or certifications. Acceptable signatures include “Salutations,” “Best,” or “Regards.”

Use skills to personalize your child care worker cover letter

These letter and resume skills can demonstrate the job seeker’s technical abilities and dedication as a child care worker. The candidate should provide specific examples in their cover letter that showcase how they have successfully utilized these skills in their previous roles and how they can contribute to the well-being and development of the children in the new child care environment.

CPR and first aid certifications

Help ensure child safety and immediate emergency response.

Syllabus creation

Appropriately implement age-appropriate educational activities that foster cognitive and social development.

Environment awareness

Skilled in creating and maintaining a safe and stimulating environment for children.

Conflict resolution

Expertise in managing behavior and conflict resolution strategies to promote a positive and nurturing atmosphere.

Child development theory

Familiarity with child development theories, enabling tailored care for each child’s developmental stage.

Communication skills

Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with parents, providing updates on children’s progress and daily activities.

Organize educational outings

Proven experience planning and organizing educational tours and field trips for interactive learning experiences.

Develop hygiene habits

Knowledgeable in promoting hygiene routines and ensuring a clean and sanitized child care setting.

Knowledge of dietary replacements

Adapting to various dietary restrictions and preferences when preparing nutritious meals and snacks.

Development assessment

Proficient in conducting developmental assessments and maintaining accurate records of each child’s growth and milestones.

Introduce child-friendly tech

Skilled in implementing age-appropriate technology for educational purposes and entertainment.

Coordinate parent-child schedules

Experience coordinating and facilitating parent-teacher conferences to discuss children’s development and progress.

Inclusionary practices

Expertise in promoting inclusion and supporting children with special needs or diverse backgrounds.

Develop emergency drills

Proficient in implementing emergency evacuation procedures and trainings to ensure child safety.

Develop child relationship

Track record of fostering positive relationships with children and gaining their trust and cooperation.

Free Child Care Worker Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Sommers

When I saw your posting in search of a new Child Care Worker, I was eager to submit my resume for your consideration. With my solid background in child care and babysitting for children of all ages — coupled with my college coursework in early education and my caring personality — I am confident that I can provide excellent child care at Blossom Daycare in this role.

My background includes excellent experience in ensuring the safety and well-being of children ranging in age from newborn through ten years. At the YMCA of North Portland, I excelled in a three-year role providing overarching child care support in parents’ absence. I acquired key skills in organizing recreational activities, preparing and serving snacks, cleaning toys, setting up special projects, and facilitating children’s social development. Over the past 12 years, I have also delivered child care support to numerous families in various babysitting and nannying capacities. I use my patient and fun-loving nature to earn children’s and parents' trust and build long-standing relationships. Additionally, I have essential experience helping young children through separation anxiety, using distraction and refocusing techniques to help kids through those tough emotions.

A few highlights of my experience include:

Teaching children about various health and personal habits, including eating, resting, and toilet training.

Reading to children and leading them in diverse activities such as arts and crafts, songs, and outdoor play.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education at Seattle City College.

Excelling at balancing multiple tasks while demonstrating superior organization, leadership, and communication skills.

My previous child care skills, experience, positive attitude and friendly personality position me to excel in this role with Blossom Daycare. I would love to meet with you and discuss my qualifications in more detail.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Anna D. Martinez

This job seeker uses their cover letter to focus on specific and relevant examples of their child care experience and accomplishments. The candidate effectively showcases their skills, education, and personal qualities, making a solid case for their suitability for a worker position at Blossom Daycare. The enthusiastic and personalized approach adds to the persuasive tone, demonstrating the candidate’s genuine interest in the role.

Add a Resume as a Foundational Base

A cover letter helps promote your resume — but your resume acts as an essential building block for your job search. This concise summary helps hiring managers trace your training, experience, skill development and accomplishments. The following help articles, online tools and samples can help you improve your resume.

Child Care Worker Cover Letter FAQ

How do I highlight my child care experience in the cover letter?

Showcase your child care experience by mentioning the ages of the children you've cared for, any relevant certifications or training, and specific responsibilities you've handled, such as organizing activities, ensuring safety and promoting social development. Our self-advocacy article teaches you how to promote your professional skills and growth.

Is it essential to mention my education in the cover letter?

You can mention your education if you have specialized training in early childhood education development or related fields like education and child psychology. This information confirms that you have technical training and practical child-rearing experience.

How can I address gaps in my child care experience?

If you have gaps, focus on transferable skills from other roles and volunteer work related to child care, such as teamwork, organization and communication. Emphasize your passion for working with children and your eagerness to contribute to their development.

Should I include specific accomplishments in the cover letter?

Absolutely! Mention quantifiable achievements, like successful potty training, facilitating learning milestones, or handling challenging behavior effectively. Providing concrete examples showcases your impact and sets you apart as a capable child care professional.

How can I tailor my cover letter to a specific child care facility?

Research the facility's values, philosophy, and specific requirements. Mention how your approach aligns with theirs, and emphasize relevant skills that address their needs, such as experience with a particular age group or specialized child care services they offer. Personalize your letter to show genuine interest in working with them.

Pay close attention to the terms and phrases the job advertisement uses and try to mimic them in your cover letter — this strategy can help you score well on applicant tracking systems (ATS).