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700+ Professional Cover Letter Examples

Looking to write a cover letter for a job application? Get inspired with our extensive library of cover letter examples. Featuring more than 96 industries and 700+ different job titles, our library has an example for everyone. A good cover letter example can help you understand what to write to impress recruiters, get interviews and propel your job hunt!

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Oral Surgery Assistant Cover Letter Example
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Popular Cover Letter Examples

Job seekers consider these to be among the best cover letter examples in our library.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Keep scrolling — there’s hundreds of examples for most industries!

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Administrative Assistant

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Graphic Designer

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Medical Assistant

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Software Engineer

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Cover Letter Examples by Industry and Job Title

Browse our cover letter examples to find the one in your industry and with your job title. With hundreds of examples, you’re sure to find your exact role.

Cover Letter Examples by Level of Experience

From entry-level applicants to seasoned professionals, we have a great cover letter example for every step in your career journey.

Unlike generic cover letter examples, these samples will help you showcase your experience level, explain why you want the job and describe the skills that make you the perfect candidate.


When you’re entering the workforce for the first time, a strong cover letter will convey:

  • Why you want the job.

  • What makes you an excellent fit for the role.

  • Any relevant experiences you’ve had in or outside of a workplace.

Check out how this entry-level candidate applying for an administrative assistant position uses their cover letter to shift away from a lack of professional experience to focus on their skills, passion and other valuable attributes.

Career change

If you’re applying for a job in an industry that is new to you, your cover letter is the best place to explain:

  • Why you are changing industries.

  • How your skills would transfer to the new role.

  • Which parts of your work experience are relevant to the new role.

Notice how this candidate explains why they are transitioning from the service industry into a new role as an administrative assistant.


When you’re already quite experienced in your career, your cover letter is the perfect place to:

  • Tell an anecdote that highlights your achievements.

  • Share a story about a problem you overcame in the workplace.

  • Bring the details of your long career to life.

Watch how the candidate details their many years of experience as an administrator in this basic cover letter example.


Once you’ve gotten promoted for your hard work, your cover letter is the best spot to:

  • Showcase your career growth.

  • Discuss the knowledge you’ve accrued.

  • Highlight some of the quantifiable successes that made you an all-star.

As a manager, you want to inspire confidence that you’ll bring that same upward trajectory of your career to their business! See how this job seeker uses his tenure and specialized industry language to boost authority, confidence and trust.


How can cover letter examples help me?

Any good example of a cover letter will show you how to describe your work experience to impress employers effectively.

So, use samples as the source of good ideas!

Look for things in cover letter examples that you think are useful, interesting or relevant to your own job candidacy.

When you see the kind of information or stories people tell in their cover letters, it can give you great ideas about the types of things you can discuss in your letter.

Identify things you see that work well in other cover letters to tell employers what you’re capable of in the most effective way possible and make them your own by adjusting them to fit your experience and work history. See what works and use it.

How do I write a cover letter?

The process of writing a cover letter never changes. Every cover letter will consist of the same parts:

  • Your contact information

  • The employer’s contact information

  • A greeting

  • The letter’s body

  • A salutation

To guarantee you succeed, ensure you understand how to write and properly format a cover letter before you submit your application.

Will using a cover letter builder make it easy for me to create a cover letter?

Yes, more and more job seekers are choosing to ditch the old-fashioned way of writing a cover letter from scratch to using a cover letter builder.

A builder increases the speed and ease with which you can create a cover letter by guiding you through the writing process and providing suggested content based on the job that you’re applying to.

You’ll also get a cover letter that looks great and is error-free thanks to the builder’s professional cover letter templates and its spelling and grammar checking tool.

Don’t miss the chance to apply for the job that you want because you’re struggling to write a cover letter from scratch. We’re here to help get your cover letter ready in no time!