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Cover Letter Examples by Industry and Job Title

Looking for a sample cover letter for a resume in your industry? Check out our best cover letter examples, listed by job title and organized by industry. Additionally, explore our comprehensive resume examples for more guidance.

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These effective cover letter samples demonstrate your accounting, financial and tax knowledge to help you boost your application.

These free HR cover letter examples include popular jobs like specialists, generalists and training managers to help you describe your recruiting skills.

This HVAC technician cover letter can help you describe your installation and maintenance knowledge as housing booms nationwide.

These highly skilled medical jobs require cover letters that reflect technical skills and a warm bedside manner — visit our cover letters for examples.

A recent pandemic reaffirmed the high growth and wages for nursing jobs - use these nursing cover letter samples to guide your next search.

These helpful cover letter examples range from entry-level retail jobs to management to help you study how job seekers describe their experiences.

From front-facing coding to content support and security, these web development cover letter examples professionally describe your skills.

More Cover Letter Examples

JobHero features over 700+ cover letter samples organized by industry or job title to show how other professionals market their career achievements. This is key to optimizing your cover letter.

Check out our Cover Letter Builder to easily create a great cover letter that will get the attention of hiring managers.. This is the fastest and most effective way to have a professionally written cover letter in just minutes! Simply follow the prompts to personalize your information as you go!

Administrative Cover Letter Examples (71)Agriculture Farming Cover Letter Examples (3)Animal Care Cover Letter Examples (8)Architecture Cover Letter Examples (10)Arts Cover Letter Examples (7)Aviation Cover Letter Examples (9)Billing Collections Cover Letter Examples (15)Biology Cover Letter Examples (8)Business Operations Cover Letter Examples (42)Casino Cover Letter Examples (2)Chemistry Cover Letter Examples (5)Child Care Cover Letter Examples (16)Civil engineering Cover Letter Examples (5)Compliance Cover Letter Examples (3)Computer hardware Cover Letter Example (1)Computer software Cover Letter Examples (24)Copywriting Cover Letter Examples (19)Cosmetology Cover Letter Examples (13)Culinary Cover Letter Examples (24)Dance Cover Letter Examples (2)Data systems administration Cover Letter Examples (25)Dentistry Cover Letter Examples (9)Driving Cover Letter Examples (10)Education Cover Letter Examples (55)Electrical Cover Letter Examples (4)Electrical engineering Cover Letter Examples (5)Energy Cover Letter Examples (6)Entertainment Cover Letter Examples (5)Environmental Cover Letter Examples (3)Event Planning Cover Letter Examples (8)Fashion Cover Letter Examples (7)Film Cover Letter Examples (11)Finance Cover Letter Examples (45)Fire fighting Cover Letter Examples (2)Fitness nutrition Cover Letter Examples (11)Funerary Cover Letter Example (1)Graphic web design Cover Letter Examples (16)Healthcare support Cover Letter Examples (34)Hospitality Cover Letter Examples (20)Industrial engineering Cover Letter Examples (3)Information technology Cover Letter Examples (40)Insurance Cover Letter Examples (13)Interior design Cover Letter Examples (2)Inventory management Cover Letter Examples (16)Janitorial Cover Letter Examples (12)Landscaping Cover Letter Examples (2)Law Cover Letter Examples (30)Law enforcement Cover Letter Examples (16)Library museum Cover Letter Examples (13)Logistics Cover Letter Examples (10)Machine operation Cover Letter Example (1)Maintenance Cover Letter Examples (15)Marina boating Cover Letter Example (1)Marketing Cover Letter Examples (51)Mechanical engineering Cover Letter Examples (7)Mechanics Cover Letter Examples (14)Media communication Cover Letter Examples (12)Mental health Cover Letter Examples (10)Metal Work Cover Letter Examples (2)Music Cover Letter Examples (7)Pharmaceutical Cover Letter Examples (12)Photography Cover Letter Examples (6)Physical therapy Cover Letter Examples (7)Plumbing Cover Letter Examples (2)Production Cover Letter Examples (19)Psychology Cover Letter Examples (5)Purchasing Cover Letter Examples (10)Quality control Cover Letter Examples (9)Real estate Cover Letter Examples (16)Religion Cover Letter Examples (3)Safety security Cover Letter Examples (14)Sciences Cover Letter Examples (16)Shipping Cover Letter Examples (7)Social services Cover Letter Examples (35)Special education Cover Letter Examples (5)Sports Cover Letter Examples (16)Statistics Cover Letter Examples (10)Training development Cover Letter Examples (11)Transportation Cover Letter Examples (11)Travel Cover Letter Examples (5)Veterinary Cover Letter Examples (6)

Cover Letter Examples FAQ

How can cover letter examples help me?

A cover letter is used to help you stand out from the crowd of competing candidates. It creates an additional opportunity to demonstrate your personality and passion for your new role.

Cover letters outline your relevant skills and qualifications. It also provides a call-to-action for an employer to contact you for an interview — all within one page and unique to each application.

How do I write a cover letter?

Start your cover letter process with research. Before you start writing, find out more about the company.

Review their job post and site for hints of what qualifications the employer seeks. Go through their latest Twitter feeds and employee profiles on LinkedIn.

Now that you have an idea of what the employer is looking for in a job candidate, use our Cover Letter Builder to create your document.

It features a step-by-step guide to complete each paragraph of your cover letter. It also lets you browse our library of cover letter templates. Pick your favorite template design from Traditional to Modern, and simply fill in the blanks to personalize your document.

Once you have tailored each section, proofread, save, download and send.

Using a template, you can present a professionally structured letter with the correct formatting and requirements. This is also the fastest way to create a professional cover letter in 2023.

Can I edit JobHero’s cover letter examples?

The answer is yes. You can edit a cover letter example and personalize it as you go. The Cover Letter Builder lets you upload and revamp your old cover letter or start a fresh one.

The builder will ask you which industry you are interested in to create a targeted document. You can use the cover letter examples as a guide with every industry-related power phrase needed to make a lasting impression, or you can pick a cover letter template and add your top credentials and accomplishments — simply follow the prompts.

In just minutes, you will have a professional cover letter!

Are JobHero’s cover letter examples free?

Yes! You can learn more about how other professionals market their best features with JobHero’s cover letter examples.

These sample cover letters offer keywords and actionable power phrases that wow recruiters and help you get past applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Browse our cover letter examples. For your convenience, we have organized the cover letters alphabetically by industry and job title. With hundreds of examples, you’re sure to find your exact role!