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Popular Cover Letter Examples for Jobs

Here are some of the most-viewed cover letter examples for resumes from our library. We’ve got hundreds more below for every industry!

How Cover Letter Examples Can Help You

A cover letter can be the determining factor of whether or not you get a job. So, it’s a good idea to see some good cover letter examples that cover all the necessary sections of a professional cover letter.

After all, you wouldn’t try to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the picture on the box. It makes it a lot easier if you see the finished product!

Not to mention, it can also give you some great ideas for effective writing or a clever way to convey work statistics that you might like to include in your cover letter.

JobHero has compiled all of our cover letter samples to this page so that you can find the most useful examples to use as a guidepost for your own.

You’ll find hundreds of cover letters specific to industry and job title below that are yours for inspiration!

Entry-level Career change Experienced Management

Search for Cover Letter Examples by Job Title

Cover Letters by Industry and Job Title

Here is JobHero’s astounding library of cover letter examples broken down into industry and then job title. Some of these categories have hundreds of examples, so you should be able to find the exact role you’re looking for!

Entry-Level Cover Letter

When you don’t have a lot of experience a cover letter can be used to focus your attention on what motivates you to want to take that job, reasons for why you think you would perform well, and mentions of any similar work experience.

Check out how this entry-level candidate applying for an administrative assistant position uses their cover letter to shift the focus away from their lack of professional experience to focus on their skills, passion and other useful attributes.

Career Change Cover Letter

If you are applying to a job in an industry that is new to you, your cover letter is the best place to explain your decision to change industries and market your passion for this new kind of role.

The other main feature of a career change cover letter is that you can include the relevant or transferable skills that you have developed in your past roles that you’re bringing to the new one.

See how this candidate explains their transition from the service industry in the pandemic to their new goal of working as an administrative assistant:

Experienced Candidate Cover Letter

When you do have a lot of experience in your role, your cover letter is the perfect place to tell a story or anecdote that best highlights some of your top career achievements.

Try to tell a little story about a problem you faced and the steps that you took to overcome it. Your resume is going to cover the details of your career, your cover letter should connect the dots and bring those details to life.

See how this candidate uses their cover letter as to showcase years of administrative experience:

Management Cover Letter

After you have gotten experience and promotion for your hard work, your cover letter is the best spot to tell about your career growth. Discuss the specializations and comprehensive knowledge base you’re gathered along your upward track.

As a manager, you want to inspire confidence in your reader that you’ll bring that same upward trajectory of your career to their business! Check out how this example uses tenured and industry language to boost authority, confidence and trust.


How can cover letter examples help me?

Cover letter examples help you by providing a good guidepost to follow about how to effectively describe your own work experience to impress employers.

So, use cover letters as the source of good ideas!

Look for things in cover letter examples that you think are useful, interesting or relevant to your own job candidacy.

When you see the kind of information or stories that people tell in their cover letters it can give you great ideas about the kinds of things that you can discuss in your letter.

Identify things that you see as working in other cover letters and try to make them your own by applying them to your experience and work history to tell employers what you’re capable of in the most effective way possible. See what works and use it.

How do I write a cover letter?

The process of writing a cover letter really never changes. Every cover letter is going to consist of the same parts: your contact information: the employer’s contact information, a greeting, the letter’s body and a salutation.

Of course, making sure that each section is perfect is a little trickier than that!

To make sure that you nail every single component of the letter check out JobHero’s Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Cover Letter.

It will tell you the ins and outs of every detail about how to craft the perfect letter!

Will using a cover letter builder make it easy for me to create a cover letter?

Yes, more and more job seekers are choosing to ditch the old-fashioned way of writing a cover letter from scratch to using a Cover Letter Builder which makes the process more streamlined and quick.

A builder does increase the speed and ease with which you can create a cover letter because it guides you through the whole process and provides suggested text based on the job that you’re applying to.

That’s not to mention the other advantages like the professional cover letter designs, and spelling and grammar check that will help ensure that your resume not only looks great, but is also error-free.

Don’t get beat out applying to the job that you want because you’re struggling to write a cover letter from scratch.

Use JobHero’s Cover Letter Builder today to produce a great document that gets you noticed fast!