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How to Format Your Cover Letter

Visit our helpful cover letter format and writing guide for additional advice on how to customize your application, or read on to find administrative-related advice.

Format Your Cover Letter
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  • Contact Information

    • Make sure your professional cover letter header matches your resume for a cohesive look. Include your name, phone number, and email.
  • Date and Recipient's Mailing Information

    • Visit the company’s directory to research the hiring manager and contact info. Add the date of writing, followed by the manager’s name, job title, and professional mailing address.
  • Greeting

    • Begin the letter with a professional salutation. We prefer the following formal greetings: “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,” “Hello, Mr./Ms. Last Name,” or the last resort, “To whom it may concern.”
  • Introduction

    • Add the name of the position and company, how you learned about it, and one administrative skill or accomplishment to advertise your suitability in this opening paragraph.
  • Body

    • Use one or two paragraphs to elaborate on one or two accomplishments listed on your board member resume. The goal is to quantify your training further and prove your proficiency.
  • Closing Statement

    • In the final paragraph, reiterate your interest and qualifications. Express your eagerness to discuss your candidacy in an interview further.
  • Signature

    • End the letter with a formal closing followed by your full name and, if applicable, your professional titles or certifications. Acceptable signatures include “Salutations,” “Best,” or “Regards.”

Use skills to personalize your board member cover letter

These resume skills and accomplishments can be a strong foundation for a compelling board member cover letter, highlighting your value and potential contributions to the organization.

Financial acumen

Demonstrating a track record of effectively managing budgets, financial statements and fiscal oversight to drive organizational growth and sustainability.

Strategic planning

Proven ability to contribute strategic insights, aligning long-term vision with actionable goals to steer the organization toward success.

Risk management

Expertise in identifying potential risks, assessing their impact, and implementing proactive strategies to mitigate them, ensuring the organization’s stability.

Governance expertise

Proficient in understanding and adhering to regulatory compliance, ethical standards and legal obligations to ensure effective governance.

Industry knowledge

Deep understanding of industry trends, market dynamics and emerging technologies that can influence the organization’s strategic decisions.

Innovation leadership

A history of fostering a culture of innovation, introducing novel solutions that drive operational efficiencies and enhance stakeholder value.

Technology integration

Demonstrating proficiency in leveraging technology advancements to streamline processes, improve data analytics and enhance organizational performance.

Digital transformation

Leading digital initiatives that transform business models, optimize customer experiences and drive revenue growth through technological advancements..

Change management

Successfully managing and communicating change initiatives, ensuring seamless transitions and buy-in from stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

A track record of building strong relationships with diverse stakeholders, including shareholders, executives, employees and the community.

Mergers and acquisitions

Proven experience evaluating potential partnerships, mergers or acquisitions and leading successful integration processes.

Board governance

Expertise in collaborating with fellow board members, fostering constructive board dynamics and contributing to effective decision-making.

Performance metrics

Developing and implementing performance measurement frameworks to evaluate organizational success and align outcomes with strategic objectives.

Public relations

Skillful in representing the organization in the public eye, cultivating a positive image, and managing crisis communications effectively.

Corporate social responsibility

Championing corporate social responsibility initiatives that align with the organization’s values and contribute to positive social and environmental impact.

Free Board Member Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Hamilton

I would like to apply for the position of Board Member with the Raise Hope Project. I am very much aligned with the goals and focus of your organization and I would like to use the skills gained in my time as a CEO to help community projects such as yours reach its objectives.

I have been a Board Member for a company where I worked for 8 years. I have experience in chairing meetings and strategic solutions. My administrative experience and proven leadership skills will prove useful to your company.

Enhancing staff performance and resourcefulness are some of my key strengths. I get along well with others and thrive on finding resolutions to problems. I am confident that these qualities and my commitment to work will be an asset to your organization.

I can bring some of my personal achievements in my professional capacity to your organization:

Represent the organization and serve as a spokesperson.

Take an active part in the budget planning process.

Offer a broad knowledge of programs, policies and implementation strategies.

My enclosed resume will provide you with more details regarding my qualifications and experience. I know that I can bring much benefit with my experience, educational qualifications and skills and I look forward to putting these towards a good cause. Please contact me by phone or email to set up a face-to-face meeting. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.


John Weisman

This cover letter effectively showcases your relevant skills, experience and passion for the role of a Board Member with the Raise Hope Project. It’s concise, well-structured and leaves a positive impression on potential employers.

Add a Resume as a Foundational Base

A cover letter helps promote your resume — but your resume acts as an essential building block for your job search. This concise summary helps hiring managers trace your training, experience, skill development and accomplishments. The following help articles, online tools and samples can help you improve your resume.

Board Member Cover Letter FAQ

What should I emphasize in my board member cover letter?

Focus on your alignment with the organization's mission, relevant experience in leadership and decision-making and commitment to driving positive impact through strategic contributions.

How can I make my cover letter to board selection committees stand out?

Tailor your letter to the organization's values and goals. Highlight your unique skills, accomplishments and passion for the cause, demonstrating your potential to make a meaningful difference.

Should I mention specific achievements or examples in my cover letter?

Yes, showcasing quantifiable accomplishments, such as successful projects or committee leadership roles, can demonstrate your ability to drive results and contribute effectively as a board member.

Is it important to show knowledge of the organization's industry or sector?

Absolutely. Understanding the organization's field, challenges and opportunities signals your commitment and ability to provide informed guidance and support.

How long should my board member cover letter be?

Aim for a concise one-page letter highlighting your qualifications, enthusiasm and fit for the role. Keep it focused and engaging to capture the attention of board selection members.