Free ATS Templates

Acclaimed ATS Resume

This administrative assistant uses an ATS resume to highlight their promotions and growing responsibilities.

Charismatic ATS Resume

This ATS-friendly template quickly highlights this job seeker’s technical skills and tracks a steady work history.

Contempo ATS Resume

This resume template uses two design features to appeal to machines and humans. The bold color and one-column design make it easy for hiring managers to find information.

Contemporary ATS Resume

This uses clear resume headings to score well on ATS but uses strategic color-blocking to help hiring managers find relevant career information.

Emphasized ATS Resume

This resume template combines ATS labels with colorful features to appeal to both machines and hiring managers.

Essence Functional ATS Resume

This ATS-friendly template uses traditional fonts and clear resume sections to help this functional layout score well with these digital program.

Knowledgeable Chronological ATS Resume

This strategic resume template uses the most traditional resume format to advertise this job seeker’s strengths and perform well on ATS.

Standout ATS Resume

A functional format is too customizable to work well with ATS, but this template uses standard resume section headings to help this job seeker score well.

UI Developer ATS Resume

This chronological format uses five ATS-friendly resume sections to illustrate this job seeker’s accomplishments.
Why Use an ATS Resume Template?

Why Use an ATS Resume Template?

  • Our ATS-friendly resume templates are designed to score well on applicant tracking systems.
  • They use clear resume sections to ensure your application is analyzed correctly.
  • They use ATS and recruiter-friendly designs to make your resume easy to read.

Professional ATS Resume Samples by Job Title

Visit our library of professional resume samples to see how fellow job seekers use our ATS-friendly resume templates to demonstrate their accomplishments. Find examples for entry-level to senior-level job seekers.

Try an ATS Resume Builder

Try an ATS Resume Builder
Our free ATS resume template is a good starting point, but you can unlock professionally designed ATS resume templates and pre-written content with our Resume Builder. Our builder also offers:
  • Unlimited resumes for each job.
  • Customized suggestions based on your history.
  • Strategic skills based on your career goals.
  • Matching Cover Letter Builder.

Find More Resume Template Styles

Consider using some of our professionally designed, ATS-friendly resume templates to demonstrate your personality, visually stand out among candidates and highlight your achievements.

Basic resume templates

These simple resume templates focus on your work history and skills to demonstrate your qualifications. Consider using these resume templates if you work in conservative workplaces like banks, law firms and medical offices.

Traditional resume templates

These professional ATS templates still use simple layouts and design choices like borders and white space to add elegant elements to your application. Consider using these traditional resume templates if you work with finance, accounting, medicine or dentistry.

Modern resume templates

Our modern resume templates balance design with ATS-friendly layouts to showcase accomplishments, experience and skills. These resume templates are ideal for sales, customer service, retail or teaching positions.

Creative resume templates

Our most experimental resume templates use bold color blocking, resume section borders, and popular fonts to reflect your creativity. These ATS resumes are best for marketing and designer roles.

6 Free ATS Resume Templates

Use these free downloadable templates to build your resume.

ATS Resume FAQ

How do you check if your resume will pass ATS?

Most ATS servicers keep their grading rules secret, but you can improve your odds of passing an ATS with the following tips:

  • Use a clean, simple resume layout with standard fonts.
  • Avoid graphics or images.
  • Use relevant keywords from the job description.
  • Tailor your resume to match the specific job requirements.
  • Use a compatible file format such as PDF or Word.

Why does ATS reject most resumes?

ATS rejects resumes due to formatting issues, lack of relevant keywords or failure to meet specific job criteria. To boost your ATS score, use a clean format, targeted keywords from the job description, and a custom resume for each application.

How do I make an ATS-compatible resume?

The easiest way to make your resume ATS compatible is using one of our templates. Since all of our templates are ATS-friendly, you’re not taking any risks submitting a resume you created with one of them. All of our templates are found here in JobHero’s Resume Builder.

Once you’ve selected a template, determine what keywords you should use to read the job description provided in the listing. Pick out the keywords you see as the most important and the ones that best describe you!

What is the best resume template for ATS?

Resume templates are the easiest way to create a resume. These premade layouts will save time and simplify organizing your resume. All you have to do is plug the correct personal information into the right place.

JobHero features a library of resume templates and examples that are all ATS compatible. Our Word templates follow our ATS rules in a download-friendly file format.

Can ATS read PDFs?

Although a PDF is usually the most common file type in which people send their resumes, it could be a lot more ATS-friendly. If you submit a PDF, use text file format to ensure ATS can highlight and interpret the text.

Gabriela Barcenas Rojas  | CPRW
Gabriela Barcenas Rojas | CPRW
Gabriela is the content strategist for JobHero. She is a certified professional resume writer (CPRW) and resident career expert with six years of experience in career services and over a decade in tech. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing; she writes about career growth, startups, education, travel, and lifestyle.