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Recommended Resume Templates

From free resume template downloads to premium designs, you’ll easily find the best resume templates for your career in JobHero’s library. Choose from professional, basic, simple, modern, creative or traditional styles. When you’re ready, customize your document for any job or industry in our easy-to-use Resume Builder

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Free Downloadable Professional Resume Templates

Professional resume templates are ideal for job seekers looking for roles that tend to be a bit more formal or dressed up.

The types of careers that favor clean resume templates tend to be a bit more straight-laced. Jobs in accounting, administration, banking, HR, law, medicine and higher education are perfect examples of the kinds of industries that would expect to receive a resume that’s designed like these professional resume templates.

Free Downloadable Basic and Simple Resume Templates

Basic and simple resume templates don’t have frills or fancy design features because they’re best for jobs that don’t require a suit and tie.

Simple resume templates work best for entry-level roles and jobs that may require some sweat, grease, manual labor or service aspects. Basic resume templates are well-suited for positions in child care, construction, janitorial, retail, restaurants and warehousing, so consider one when submitting a resume for a job application in these types of industries.

Free Downloadable Modern Resume Templates

Modern resume templates use cutting-edge designs to help job seekers looking for roles in industries like retail, marketing and tech.

These are good resume templates for retail sales associates, digital marketing specialists, media buyers, computer programmers, software engineers and web developers.

Free Downloadable Creative Resume Templates

Creative resume templates designs highlight your artistic style and personality for fine arts, film, graphic design, copywriting and cosmetology roles.

Hiring managers would expect to see these great resume templates for roles such as a photographer, set designer, graphic artist, editor and salon manager.

Free Downloadable Traditional Resume Templates

Traditional resume templates are classic layouts suitable for old-fashioned and well-established industries such as academia, accounting, law, health care and real estate.

These clean templates are ideal for professors, budget analysts, legal assistants, nurses and real estate appraisers.

Choose the Template That Fits the Job

Resume templates are layouts that come in various designs to help you create a professional resume that’s appropriate for the industry and job you’re seeking.

Although there are no absolute rules dictating what template you should choose, asking yourself the following question will help ensure you pick the best resume template for your unique career profile:

  • Does the template reflect your personality while retaining the look of a professional resume?

    No matter which template you select, your resume should be neatly organized and include an element that’s very you.

  • Is the company culture one that fosters innovation and creativity, or tradition and decorum?

    Your resume template choice should reflect the culture and expectations of the industry and company you’re applying to.

  • Is the template organized in the most appropriate resume format for your career level?

    There are three commonly used formats designed to highlight different qualifications based on whether you’re an entry-level, midlevel or senior/executive professional. When choosing a template, consider whether you need the chronological, functional or hybrid resume format

5 Reasons to Use Resume Templates

Our templates have helped thousands of job seekers raise their resume game. Here are five reasons why our best resume templates give you an edge:


Created by professional designers

Our resume templates have eye-catching designs and color schemes created to help your resume stand out. We also offer a variety of resume styles ranging from traditional to modern resume templates.


Faster finished product

Templates save time. With preformatted borders, fonts and margins, you can cut to the chase faster and get to writing your resume.



Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a type of hiring software that screen job applicants. Our resume templates have the right resume layout, easy-to-read font and standard formatting to make your resume ATS-friendly. Check out our free ATS-compliant templates.


Unlimited editing capabilities

Avoid applying for different jobs using a single, generic resume. You should use a template every time you submit for a new job or update your resume to facilitate making small changes without affecting the document’s layout.


Works with our professional resume advice

Our resume-writing advice and resume examples help you take your template to the next level. Pick a resume template and then review thousands of resume examples to find the industry and job sample that will inspire you.


What is the best resume template?

The best resume template is the one that works for you and the job you’re applying to!

How you decide that depends on a few factors:

  • Do you like the template and think it's visually attractive?

  • Do you think the resume layout feels appropriate for the job you’re applying to? Is it clean enough for an entry-level position? Is it impressive enough for a job that is high-paying or one that requires years of experience?

Does the vibe of the resume template fit the company that you’re applying to? Is it a professional template for a specific business? Or does it have a modern flair for a job in tech?

If you feel like the resume template expresses your personality and professional attitude and fits the company’s vibe, it is the best template for you!

What should a resume include?

All resume templates consist of the same main resume sections: contact information, a professional summary or objective statement, work history, skills and education. Sometimes people choose to add sections for awards, achievements, languages and other areas relevant to their industry.

Of course, that’s just an overview. If you want to get down to the specifics of what you should include in each section of your resume to make it effective, check out JobHero’s How to Write a Resume Guide.

In it, you’ll find expert pointers and good tips to make sure that everything you include on your professional resume is both necessary and impactful!

How do I make a resume with JobHero?

JobHero features some great resume templates, which can all be found within our Resume Builder. Use it to complete a resume quickly!

A resume builder is a tool that takes the pain out of resume writing by automating the whole process into a simple, guided experience.

Beyond automation, the builder also optimizes your resume with suggested industry phrases you can customize to match your experience. In short, it’s the tailored approach to resume building.

This is the easiest and fastest way to create a resume — so if there’s a job you want, don’t miss out by stalling!

Use JobHero’s Resume Builder to create a great-looking resume in minutes.

Are these resume templates ATS friendly?

Yes, the resume templates that JobHero features were all designed to get through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Our designers have crafted these professional templates to be easy for machines to scan, improving your chances of passing an ATS with one of our templates. Not only will it save you time and effort, but using a template might just save the day!