Resume Templates

These professional resume templates are designed by JobHero, for JobHero. From traditional to creative resume templates, you’ll find one for any career path.


An elegant and simple resume template that covers your core accomplishments and skills.


A structured template that uses color-blocking and columns to separate your resume sections.


A traditional resume template that uses strategic page breaks and spacing to mark each resume section.


A two-column template includes an image section to insert your professional portrait or logo.


A simple resume template with a minimal page border marks each resume section's start.


This resume template features resume section borders and ranked skills to showcase your level of knowledge.


A bold template uses a color-block, double-column design to showcase your skills, work history and ranked skills.


This elegant resume template uses a narrow column to mark the start of your resume sections and well-spaced line breaks.


A modern resume template uses bold borders to highlight your name and contact information and clear borders between resume sections.


A traditional template uses simple borders to highlight the start and stop of each new resume section.


This two-column resume template prioritizes your contact information, professional summary, and work history.


A two-column template that uses a colorful header to highlight your name and contact information.


This modern two-column resume template features places to insert your professional portrait, contact information and qualifications.


This bold two-column template uses distinct borders between resume sections to make your information skimmable.


This simple two-column template prioritizes your professional summary and work history, followed by short skill, education and language sections.


This simple resume template features distinct contact information, professional summary, skills, work history, education and language sections.


This bold template highlights your professional portrait, name and contact information, followed by your remaining resume sections.


This simple resume template uses subtle colored text to highlight key contact information, resume sections and career highlights.


A two-column resume template features a colored header for your name and contact information.


This traditional resume template uses a bold border to distinguish your name and contact information from your professional accomplishments.


This minimal resume template relies on traditional fonts and ample white space to help your qualifications stand out.


A simple template with bold borders between each section makes scanning and identifying crucial information simple.


This two-column resume template uses a bold header to highlight your name and contact info and square labels to note the start of each resume section.


This traditional two-column resume template uses a simple border to highlight your contact information and strategic white space to separate your sections.


This resume template features a combination of bold borders to highlight key contact information and narrow borders for the start of each section.


A traditional template that uses simple linear borders to mark the start of each relevant resume section and highlight essential information.


This simple resume template features your contact information on the left-hand side of your document, making it visibly different from other job seekers.


This traditional resume template uses different-colored fonts to highlight essential contact information and resume section headings.


This simple template uses a separate column and unique font color to highlight each new resume section.

Free Resume Templates

Some careers favor clean resume templates and tend to be more straight-laced. Jobs in accounting, administration, banking, HR, law, medicine and higher education are perfect examples of industries that would expect to receive a resume designed like these professional resume templates.

Download one of our free resume templates or get started with our resume builder.

Why Use These Resume Templates

Our professional resume templates feature the following benefits.


Designed by hiring professionals, including recruiters, certified resume writers and expert designers.


Access to section-by-section advice via our Resume Builder.


Pre-written text templates based on your past jobs, education and training.


A customization wizard where you can quickly restructure resume sections and lengths.


Job-Seeking Templates and Resources

In addition to our cover letter, CV and resume templates, you can also find helpful writing and career guides, tips and application-ready examples to help you train and apply for future jobs.

Additional resume resources

  • Resume formats: Learn about the three main resume formats, review examples and study this writing guide to decide which format is best for your next job application.
  • Chronological resume: If you have over 10 years of experience or some managerial experience, study these career resume examples and writing guides.
  • Functional resume: If you’re entering the workforce, have less than three years of experience, wish to change careers or have frequent short-term jobs, study these skills-based resume examples and writing guide.
  • Combination resume: If you have three to ten years of experience and wish to showcase skills and work history, study these combination resume examples and writing guide.
  • Combination resume: This all-in-one writing guide covers step-by-step instructions on incorporating your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments through your core resume sections. Features examples and helpful insider tips.

Additional job seeking resources

  • Career path advice: These helpful “how-to-become” job guides cover optimal education paths, optional training, helpful membership groups, and career advice from a seasoned professional to help you prepare for a future job.
  • Essential career guides: Once you have your education and training down, these career guides can help you apply for your first entry-level jobs.
  • Interview preparation: Once your resume scores well with applicant tracking systems and human hiring professionals, you must prepare for face-to-face interviews. These guides offer both in-person and remote interview preparation advice.
  • Common interview questions: If you have three to ten years of experience and wish to showcase skills and work history, study these combination resume examples and writing guide.

See all our examples

  • Resume examples: This library of entry- and mid-level resume samples across 100 industries can help you emulate job-specific responsibilities and skills.
  • Cover letter examples: Boost your application with a tailored cover letter. These letter samples teach you how to expand on one or two accomplishments to further impress hiring managers.
  • CV examples: If you’re looking for a job in the federal government, academia, research, entertainment, or international opportunities, these curriculum vitae samples show you how to reformat your resume to appeal to these jobs.

Resume Templates FAQ

Why should I use a resume template?

You should use a well-designed resume template like the downloadable formats here because the best resume templates serve two purposes.

  1. The pre-formatted sections act like fill-in-the-blank guides to help you add relevant career skills and accomplishments.
  2. The carefully designed sections, page margins, and paragraph breaks make it easy for hiring managers to scan and identify relevant information from your resume.

These professional resume templates help you highlight your qualifications without overstuffing a page, making it easier for employers to find relevant information.

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is an online program that scans and approves, or declines resumes before human employers see them. These programs are typically used by larger job boards such as Greenhouse, Glassdoor or Workday. Their exact methods of scanning resumes are trade secrets, but most ATS scan your resume based on the following criteria:

  1. Recognizable resume formats such as chronological or hybrid resumes.
  2. Standard resume sections such as skills, work history and education.
  3. Resume keywords related to the job description.

You can learn more about ATS-friendly resumes through our detailed ATS article.

What is the best resume template?

The best resume template uses a delicate balance of page margins, line breaks, and whitespace to help make each block of text pop without overwhelming the reader. Expert professionals design each of our professional resume templates to minimize dense entries and help hiring managers easily read through your qualifications.

We gathered our favorite resume templates into the following libraries to help you choose the best template for your job search:

What should I include in my resume?

The sections you include on your resume will vary depending on which of the three resume formats you choose. However, all three resume formats will include the following sections:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Professional summary or resume objective
  3. Work history
  4. Skills
  5. Education

Where can I get free resume templates?

Our Resume Builder includes all our featured resume templates and unlimited downloads. However, we also made a few of our most popular resume templates available for free. You can find these free resume templates here on the page.