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Top Word Resume Templates

Resume templates are convenient and user-friendly. They are pre-formatted to easily drop information into, saving time and making your resume-writing process seamless and fast.

Here are some of our most requested resume templates that are MS Word downloadable.

Choose a Template That Fits the Job

To help you choose the best template for your job hunt, let’s go over a few of the main types of template designs and the industries they would be recommended for.

When choosing your template, you should consider matching the design to the job that you will be applying for. Is it a professional or executive role, like a lawyer or doctor? Or is it a casual and creative environment, like working as a graphic designer or in tech?

Pay attention to the company’s culture or brand identity; this is the personality of an organization. Choose a template that goes accordingly.

Next, let’s identify the template design that works best for the job you want.

Free Professional Resume Templates

A large variety of careers are appropriate for professional templates.

Architects, accountants, financial advisors, clerks, bookkeepers, HR professionals, lawyers, doctors, and psychologists are perfect examples of the kinds of jobs these templates fit.

Check out our entire collection of MS Word downloadable professional resume templates to see all the options.

Free Basic and Simple Resume Templates

Basic and simple resume templates offer minimalist designs. These template styles can work for many different jobs because they’re straightforward and easy to read. Their simple designs make it easy for the recruiter to focus on your professional work history.

Cashiers, janitors, carpenters, plumbers, retail clerks, and restaurant servers are all examples of jobs that would be very well-suited for a basic and simple resume.

To create your resume , follow the prompts to input your information. Once you have completed all the sections, simply download as a Microsoft Word document, proofread and send!

Free Modern Resume Templates

Modern resume templates are designed with contemporary styles and design elements for a cutting-edge feel. Our expert designers have added new color schemes and bold headers for a fresh look.

They work best for jobs in newer industries such as IT, computer programming, software engineering, web development, digital marketing, marketing, communications, media, and public relations.

Modern resume templates are also MS Word downloadable documents that can be saved without losing their main design elements.

Free Creative Resume Templates

Creative resume templates are visually engaging to help you stand out. They are designed with unique colors and modern font options to make your resume pop.

Creative resume templates are recommended to apply for jobs in creative fields such as entertainment and the arts, such as film and graphic design.

Each one of our creative resumes offers a well-balanced mix of personality, professionalism, and unique style. Set your resume apart. JobHero’s fresh creative template designs for 2021that can also be MS Word downloadable.

Why Our Templates Work

Resume templates are a great way to create a well-structured resume that is professional and eye-catching. They provide a way to customize and tailor your information with industry-specific terminology quickly.

JobHero’s templates are a valuable resource for thousands of job candidates. They offer expert designs for an eye-catching resume. In addition to being MS Word downloadable, all of our templates can be downloaded and saved in various formats such as PDF JPEG and SVG.

Our templates are also designed to be machine-readable and pass applicant tracking systems (ATS). Applicant tracking systems are designed to screen your resume for education, experience, and other factors depending on the job description. It relies on keywords to determine if you’re a good match for the position.

Resume templates make it easy to customize and adapt your resume to each new job position that you apply for. Using a template makes resume writing easy and hassle-free.

Find Templates in Our Builder

To help create a polished, professional final product that will catch employers’ eyes, JobHero’s Resume Builder has 25+ different template designs to create your resume in minutes.

That’s because our builder makes life even easier than a template by automating the entire resume writing process so that all you have to do is follow the prompts!

It even autosuggest phrases, skills and keywords based on the job title that you’re applying to.

In the builder you’ll find our template styles organized by these categories: recommended, traditional, modern, and creative for easy access.

Jobhero templates are MS Word downloadable. Whatever style of template you’re looking for, you’ll be able to download and save it as a Microsoft word document.


Are all our templates Microsoft Word compatible?

The answer is yes! JobHero offers a vibrant selection of eye-catching and professional resume templates that can be MS Word downloadable.

Whether you choose professional, basic, modern or creative template designs, they are compatible with Microsoft. JobHero features stylish and fresh resume designs that are meant to help you hold the recruiters’ attention.

Can I download my resume in docx format?

Yes, with JobHero’s builder you can download your resume in either .DOC or .DOCX formats, Word’s primary two format types.

Once your resume is complete, all you have to do is click “download” to save. Once there, you can save a template to your computer as a Word doc.

Can I customize my Microsoft Word Resume Template?

You can easily change the way your resume looks in one click. All you have to do is select a resume template that you like and enter your personal information — it’s that simple.

JobHero features customizable options ranging from professional color schemes, to modern to traditional fonts and headers. Click and choose your favorite combination and elements. We also have our simple drag-and-drop editor, making it even easier to move your resume sections.

Are Microsoft Word Resume Templates good?

The modern trend is that most employers prefer documents to be sent as PDFs. However, aside from PDFs and GoogleDocs, Microsoft Word is still a very popular option that many companies use, so they may request that your resume and cover letter are sent in that format!

Microsoft word resume templates are a great option for job seekers. It provides a professional-looking structure. It’s also a faster way of creating a resume and are MS Word downloadable.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can choose a template and add your information and work history. One of the most difficult parts of putting your resume together can be having the right sections. With a template, you can simply input your information step-by-step.

How do I make a good resume in Microsoft Word?

For how to write an outstanding resume, check out How to Write a Resume: Our A-Z Guide with expert writing tips and templates to set you apart.

All of our resume templates are MS Word downloadable. You can choose from a variety of template designs. When your resume is ready, you can save it as a Microsoft Word document. Once you save and download it, you can open your resume in Word for any changes or updates.

Check out JobHero’s library of resume templates and jump-start your resume writing today!