CV Templates: 36+ Professional CV Templates for 2024

Choose from our great collection of CV templates to write a curriculum vitae that gets you hired. These versatile templates include customizable sections and step-by-step instructions to make a professional CV targeted to an international career or a job in academia, science or research. It’s that easy!


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CV Templates

These curriculum vitae templates are unique to our online builder. These customizable CV templates enable you to add or delete sections based on your job goals and professional accomplishments.


A traditional CV template that uses simple linear borders to indicate the start of a brand-new section.


This elegant CV template uses generous margins and whitespace to mark the start of a new section.


This modern curriculum vitae uses bold section headings and a simple border marker to indicate each CV entry.


This CV template leans into modern trends by including a photo section and simple borders between sections.


This modern template includes your stylized initials beside your contact info and a narrow column designated for section headings.


This contemporary CV template uses a bold border to highlight your contact information and narrow borders to mark new sections.


This conventional CV template uses two fonts, bolded text and simple section borders to make your qualifications easy to find.


This simple curriculum vitae template uses different font colors and ample white space to elevate your contact information and section headings.


Using a professional portrait or logo alongside your contact information helps add a personal touch to this CV template.


This simple CV relies on a delicate balance of white space, more prominent and colored section headings, and rated skills to outline your qualifications.


This CV template uses a boldly colored header to accentuate your name and contact information.


This traditional template uses clear section headings and paragraph breaks to mark your CV sections. The use of color helps highlight crucial dates.


This two-column curriculum vitae dedicates a narrow right-hand column to your section headings, making this template easy to scan.


This modern CV template uses bold borders between each section for hiring managers to identify relevant information quickly.


This two-column template uses a simple framing border around each CV section header to mark the start of your various qualifications.


This simple CV template uses two-tone fonts to highlight your contact information and CV section headings.


This traditional CV template uses a unique font color partnered with a simple line border to mark the start of each CV section.


This elegant template uses color gradients to naturally progress down the page and highlight your various skills, experience and training certifications.

Free CV Templates

These free CV templates feature all-purpose designs that suit multiple industries and academic disciplines. We crafted these curriculum vitae templates from our most popular designs to help you craft a starter CV.

Why Trust Our CV Templates


Professional curriculum vitae templates

Unlock dozens of professionally designed resume and CV templates for your domestic or international job aspirations.


Customize your CV

Our CV templates come with five standard CV sections: contact information, professional summary, skills, work experience and education. You can add and customize additional CV sections as needed.


Expertly written text templates

Our professional resume writers and researchers continually review live job openings and descriptions to update our builder’s text suggestions. Find dozens of customizable text suggestions based on your job goals, experience, training and education.


Best for bots and hiring professionals

Our templates were created by expert hiring professionals, designers and resume writers to score well on applicant tracking systems (ATS) and for easy reading, making them ideal for online and in-person applications.


Saves time

This CV Builder saves you writing, editing and designing time and effort with pre-formatted CV templates and pre-written content suggestions based on your history.


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CV Templates FAQ

What is the best CV format?

There’s no best CV format because a CV is highly customized to fit the applicant and the job opening. However, follow these formatting rules to create the best CV for your application.

  1. Use 1-inch margins: Generous one-inch margins help balance a page and provide visual framing around CV sections. This balance between blank space and text helps reduce eye strain, making your CV more legible for hiring managers.
  2. Use paragraph breaks between sections: Make sure you have one complete paragraph break between your CV sections. This white space helps break up blocks of text and makes it easy for hiring managers to skim and locate information.
  3. Use a 12-point font: Your font size can vary depending on your font choice. For example, Arial font is more prominent than Cambria. Use 10-point Arial and 12- or 14-point Cambra. However, if you need more clarification, 12-point font is a safe default size for your CV.
  4. Use bullet points: Break up your previous responsibilities, accomplishments, and additional qualifications with bullet points. These line-by-line entries are more straightforward, skimmable and identifiable than lengthy paragraphs, making them the preferred CV format for hiring managers.
  5. Use a universal file format: Some operating systems may resize your document, making it less legible. Opt for a computer-scannable format like a text PDF or a Microsoft Word document.

Are these CV templates ATS-approved?

Our CV templates are designed for hiring managers and ATS (applicant tracking systems). These templates use labeled sections in the preferred order that ATS scans, making these programs more likely to parse and grade your application correctly. Visit our ATS article to learn how these tracking systems impact your resume rating and interview callbacks.

What is the best template for a CV?

Similar to how there is no ideal format, there isn’t a perfect template for a CV. However, the best CV templates do share the following design elements.

  1. Clear section headings: Choose CV templates that use a second font, unique font colors, or special font treatments to mark the start and end of each CV section.
  2. Ample line breaks: Reading thick blocks of text takes a lot of mental energy. Hiring managers prefer CV templates with short, impactful lines of information or paragraph-heavy documents.
  3. Impactful design elements: Whether it’s the strategic use of font color to mark new sections, elegant section borders, or secondary fonts to make information pop, smart design choices can make your CV more skimmable and hiring manager friendly.

Is a CV different from a resume?

Although they share similar sections, a CV differs from a resume. A resume is typically used for most job applications in the United States. A curriculum vitae is typically used for international careers or U.S.-based academic, scientific, research, entertainment or government-affiliated jobs. You can learn more about the key differences between CVs and resumes here

How do I download a CV template?

You have two options when downloading one of our CV templates. If you use our online builder to customize these CV templates, you can visit your JobHero account to view and download unlimited CVs, resumes and cover letters.

You can also download one of the free CV templates above if you’d like a more immediate but less customizable download.