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Job-Winning Resume Templates

Resume templates are a tool that provide a smart and fast way to create your own job-winning resume.

Resume Builder’s Top Customizable Features

Optimize your resume with our builder’s top-four customizable features:

1. Professional template designs.

The builder offers the most extensive variety of resume template designs that are fully customizable. You can:
  • Choose your favorite color scheme
  • Tailor your font and header
  • Customizable sliders

2. Saves you time.

Our automated builder system allows you to create a job-winning resume instantly. You can:
  • Choose career-specific descriptions
  • Prewritten options

3. No writing experience is needed.

Our builders’ job-specific resume templates and expert writing tips let you complete each section hassle-free.
  • No brainstorming
  • No headache
  • No last minute stressors

4. ATS-compatible.

The builder optimizes your resume to be applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly. This means that it can be:
  • Read and scanned by recruitment software
  • Downloadable in PDF, JPEG and SVG

These expert recommendations show employers your level of achievements and that you are a fit for the job. Focus on the content, and the builder takes care of the rest.

Once your resume is ready, simply proofread, download and send! The builder lets you save your resume in various formats, including PDF, JPEG and SVG.

Now you are ready to stand out from competing candidates with your eye-catching and professionally designed resume.

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Resume and Resume Builder FAQ

Why is using a resume builder important?

Starting a resume from scratch can be intimidating. Using a Resume Builder is important because you get a professional and job-specific resume in minutes.
The builder has prompts that guide you through the entire process, instantly customizing each section. Just add your personal information to the template of your choice and build a great resume in minutes.
The builder automatically suggests relevant keywords and phrases specific to the job to which you’re applying. Adding the right keywords will optimize your resume, it is an essential step to getting noticed by employers and any recruitment software that may be screening your resume.
Using an online resume builder delivers results. Need a cover letter to send with your resume? At JobHero, our team of experts have prepared The Complete Guide to Cover Letters for 2022.

What is the best resume builder for you?

The best resume builder for you is the one that will help your resume stand out from the rest. At JobHero, we have all the right tools to help you create an eye-catching, professional resume.
The builder makes resume writing easy and hassle-free. You can build a job-winning resume in just three simple steps:
Step 1.Choose from over 25+ resume template designs.
Step 2.Follow the guide to add your information. Customize by section.
Step 3.Review your new resume and save it. You can download it as PDF, JPEG and SVG.
The builder creates resumes that meet the requirements of the applicant tracking systems (ATS). They are also compatible with Google Docs and Word.

Is our Resume Builder free?

You can use the Resume Builder and all its tools for free. Additionally, you can build a cover letter!
However, if you are going to download your resume, you will have to start a membership to access the document.

What is a resume?

A resume is a tool used in the hiring process. It’s a document written to introduce yourself to employers along with your career background and skills.
To increase your chances of getting a great job in the field you love, you need a compelling resume.
Writing an effective resume is a must. When writing your resume, you want to let employers know that you are the ideal candidate for the job.
A well-written resume will match the job description and market your top skills and achievements.
For more on resumes, check out how to Keep your Resume In Demand for 2022.

What should a resume include?

All resumes have at least five essential sections. This includes your contact information, professional or objective summary, skills, work experience and education.
Additionally, you can include certifications and professional memberships, achievements and awards. This provides the employer with an overview of your top qualifications.
When deciding what information to include, ensure you keep it relevant. The content of your resume should align with the job description to show that you are qualified for the position you are seeking.
You can include two to four jobs and go back 15-20 years. Hiring managers are most interested in your more recent work experience. This marks your career progression and shows your current levels of responsibility, skill and experience.
For a better idea of what to include on your resume, JobHero offers a variety of industry-specific resume examples. Not only will you be inspired, you will be provided with targeted information and useful tips to customize your resume.