Welder Cover Letter

Welders are responsible for bonding metals using extreme heat, and are also responsible for maintaining the equipment involved in this process. The standard work activities of Welders includes reading blueprints and diagrams, setting up welding machinery, maintaining welding machinery, assembling and fabricating metal structures, inspecting finished products for quality assurance, picking materials to cut and shape, fixing metal-based structural issues and complying with all safety standard operating procedures. The skills and competencies Welders need to highlight on their cover letters are listed below:

  • Welding certification from a vocational school or apprenticeship program
  • Proficiency with welding tools
  • Attention to detail
  • Manual dexterity
  • Problem solving skills
  • Logic and reasoning skills
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Knowledge of different welding tools and techniques

Below is a sample Welder cover letter that focuses on showcasing the above skills and competencies.

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Dear Ms. Anderson,

I am writing to express my interest in interviewing for the position of Welder. I am confident the skills and abilities I’ve honed during my two years of experience as a Welder can be an asset to your organization.

During my professional experience at Sunrise Welding I specialized in Mig and Arc welding and became proficient in the corresponding welding tools. I also have a welding certification From Liberty Technical Institute. I think the combination of my education and experience make me a great fit for Synergy Welding.

The following are the highlights of my qualifications and achievements:

  • Routinely analyzed blueprints and diagrams in order to make the visions of the designer a reality
  • Analyzed and selected source metals based on company quality control policies
  • Earned welding certification from Liberty Technical Institute
  • Received 5 percent pay raise based on rate of production
  • Learned principles, tools and techniques of Mig and Arc welding.

In addition to these achievements, I think my love for working with my hands and my dedication to detail are two qualities that set me apart from other candidates. My experience at Sunrise welding has helped me hone my problem solving skills and has made me a great active listener. I’d love to discuss the opportunity to bring my skills to Synergy Welding in an interview.

Delbert J. Ross

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