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QlikView Developer Duties and Responsibilities

A QlikView developer's responsibilities vary by employer, but there are a few core tasks shared by most. Based on listings we analyzed, the following are some of the most common QlikView developer job duties:

Analyze Data In addition to programming skills, QlikView developers have strong analytical and critical thinking skills that they use to evaluate data, often from multiple sources. They then pull all of this data together to create a unique software system.

Interact with Clients The company's clients typically have very specific needs and goals for their project, and the QlikView developer meets with them to learn what they're looking for. The developer then builds the software system around these specifications.

Create Documentation QlikView developers create written documentation to accompany all software systems they design to give new users a guide on how to operate them. They also update this documentation any time changes are made to the system. In addition, they tailor this documentation for the intended audience, often taking jargon and highly technical terms and translating them into layman's terms.

Test Systems As the designer of these software systems, it's up to the QlikView developer to ensure they work. This includes running quality control, conducting tests, and overseeing any debugging necessary to make the system flawless.

Teach Others to Use the System After ensuring the system is ready for users, the QlikView developer demonstrates the program to other people in the company, including customer service and support teams. If working directly with a client to create a specialized program, the developer shows them how to use it.


QlikView Developer Skills and Qualifications

Not all QlikView developers have exactly the same talents and characteristics, but we've uncovered several skills that successful developers share:
  • Specialized experience - many QlikView developers work outside of the computer science or programming industry, instead working full time for companies that focus on finance, healthcare, or other areas. In addition to programming knowledge, these companies require QlikView developers to have experience and knowledge in the organization's area of expertise
  • Coding and programming - QlikView developers often work with several coding and programming languages at once, requiring in-depth knowledge of multiple specialties
  • Debugging - in addition to developing systems, QlikView developers assess the effectiveness of their programs and also troubleshoot issues
  • Interpersonal skills - developers use their collaborative skills to work closely with other team members and sometimes with the company's clients. They also draw on their strong verbal and written communication skills in meetings, when creating reports and documentation related to their programs, and when demonstrating programs to users inside and outside of the company
  • Critical and analytical thinking - to develop effective programs, QlikView developers draw on their natural curiosity and their ability to ask questions to help them devise innovative solutions

QlikView Developer Education and Training

Most employers require at least a bachelor's degree in a field such as computer science or software engineering. QlikView developers often use several programming languages when designing their systems, meaning a diverse and well-rounded education gives them an advantage. Employers often prefer three or more years of experience designing software solutions and working with QlikView, and some also prefer that candidates have a wide range of development experience that includes both creating the internal workings of a software system and crafting the end result that the user accesses.

QlikView Developer Salary and Outlook

QlikView developers, categorized as software developers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), earn a median annual salary of $101,790. At the high end of the pay scale, those in the top 10 percent earn more than $160,100. At the lower end of the scale, those in the bottom 10 percent earn less than $59,870. The BLS expects employment opportunities for software developers to grow 24 percent through 2026, a significantly faster rate of growth than for other occupations.

Helpful Resources

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