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Net Developer Duties and Responsibilities

Net Developers manage several tasks to complete all job duties. After examining several job listings for this occupation, we have concluded that the following are among the most commonly mentioned job responsibilities associated with Net Developers.

Develop Web-Based Applications Net Developers spend most of their time creating new applications for various types of businesses. In this role, they are responsible for writing new code and testing and debugging these applications as well.

Document Application Codes It is up to Net Developers to create accurate documentation detailing codes used in new applications. These documents can include information about databases, operational procedures and software development processes.

Assess and Upgrade Existing Applications Another primary role of a Net Developer is to evaluate the existing applications used by a business and review ways to enhance these applications. Net Developers make necessary modifications or upgrades to existing applications as needed.

Provide Support for Web Applications Net Developers work closely with software developers, testers and other project personnel to maintain applications. They are typically available to offer technical support regarding any operational or coding issues.


Net Developer Skills

Highly developed analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills are among those that are most important for successful Net Developers. Self-motivated team players with an attention to detail and strong customer service skills are among those who are often best suited for this role. Net Developers should be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, and exercise strong time management and troubleshooting skills. It is essential that Net Developers possess the ability to work in a collaborative environment. In addition to these skills, Net Developers should be able to do the following:
  • Analyze the web application needs and existing systems for any type of business.
  • Design, test and implement new applications.
  • Support applications and provide upgrades and maintenance as needed.
  • Create and maintain documentation for application coding and project development.

Net Developer Education and Training

According to most job listings we reviewed, many employers seek Net Developer candidates who hold at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, software development, computer engineering or a related area. Master's degrees may be required for those seeking advancement in the field. It is helpful to possess professional certifications in specific programming languages, such as C#.

Net Developer Salary

According to the BLS, Net Developers, as part of web development professionals, earn a median annual salary of $66,130. Those in the lowest paid make a median annual wage of $35,390, while top earners can make $119,550. Net Developers employed along the East and West coasts are paid the highest wages in the U.S., led by annual mean wages of those working in Washington ($90,260), the District of Columbia ($86,730) and California ($82,930).

Net Developer Resources

These links include blogs, professional association sites and book titles that give more details about what it takes to become and work as a Net Developer.

.NET Foundation - an independent organization offering professional Net Developers with networking and project development opportunities.

dotNET Weekly - A free online newsletter providing recent news and insights into recent programming language updates, Net Developer tools, industry standards, trends and more.

The Morning Brew Blog - Software developer Chris Alcock hosts this blog, which offers various articles and videos offering on latest programming language features, best practices, tutorials and real-life scenarios.

CODE Magazine - An online publication offering tips, recent news and reviews for software and NET Developers.

Mastering C# and .NET Framework by Marino Posadas - Written by a Net Developer and consultant, this book explores details about design new .NET applications, latest features in C#, interfacing with databases and so much more. Detailed examples provided.

ASP.NET Developer's Guide by Greg Buczek - From applications development to debugging practices, this book offers an in-depth look at developing in Microsoft's ASP.NET.

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