To create your own maintenance resume, take a look at our resume examples. At JobHero, you can find the right tools to build your resume like a pro. Browse through and find resume examples specific to maintenance roles.

JobHero’s top-requested maintenance resume example is for maintenance technician. In this example you can see all the must-have elements to include in your own resume.

To create your own maintenance resume, take a look at our resume examples. At JobHero, you can find the right tools to build your resume like a pro. Browse through and find resume examples specific to maintenance roles.

JobHero’s top-requested maintenance resume example is for maintenance technician. In this example you can see all the must-have elements to include in your own resume.

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Here you’ll find links to all the resume examples we have for maintenance job titles organized by equipment repair roles and general maintenance roles.

Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, maintenance and repair jobs are projected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029.

These studies are based on demographics, financial data and behavioral trends within the housing market, which indicate a need for repair and maintenance work.

While this creates employment opportunities, it also means that you will need to stand out in a competitive job hunt.

In order to appeal to the hiring manager, your resume needs to have industry-specific action words that will outline your experience and qualifications. Follow our professional writing tips to make sure that your resume gets noticed.

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3 Tips for Writing Maintenance Resumes

1. Choose the right format for your resume

In maintenance, your job is to put things in working order, so it follows that your resume is in good order, too. That’s where resume formats come in; a format is the way in which your resume sections are organized on the page.

There are three main formats to use for your maintenance resume, and the one you choose depends upon your work experience.

If you have five years’ experience or more in the maintenance industry, you should choose a chronological format. This is the most common type of resume format.

Chronological formats place the focus on your work history and start with your most recent employment and working backwards, allowing you to show your career growth throughout the years.

For instance, if you started off as a custodial assistant and worked your way up to a maintenance manager, tell the story of this progression in your resume.
If you don’t have much maintenance experience, less than two years’ worth, you should use the functional format. This type of format will put the focus on your skills and background rather than your work history.

However, if you have between two and five years’ experience, consider the hybrid format. It gives the perfect balance of attention to your skills and work history.

It’s also useful if you’re looking for a promotion or have been recently promoted to your role. For instance, if you were a handyman for five years, but recently completed school and want to get promoted to a maintenance manager, you should use the hybrid format.

If you identify the right format before you write, it’s going to make your resume all the more effective and easy to write.

2. Promote your skills

Even though maintenance roles may have job-specific skill sets, that are a number of general skills that recruiters look for across the field.

It’s essential that you include a few of these keywords on your resume to show off your unique abilities.

Sought-after skills for maintenance professionals include:

Choose six-to-eight skills that best describe your maintenance specialities and sprinkle them throughout your resume.

3. Use a template and market yourself as a pro

Whether you are a utility worker or a computer repair technician, you will be impressed with how effortlessly it will be to create your resume.

JobHero is simple and easy to use. For starters, our Resume Builder has templates with professional designs, layouts and color schemes that you can choose from.

Once you choose your favorite resume template, you can customize your document with industry-specific phrases that describe your experience. The builder pulls auto-generated action words and phrases specific to maintenance roles to help create a document that is professional and relevant.

Another perk is that JobHero will let you create your own cover letter in just three simple steps. It lets you select the template, answer questions specific to your maintenance role, and reviews your information spelling errors.


What qualifications do I need to work in a general maintenance role?

It may depend on the role. Whether the job involves electrical or plumbing, the required qualifications will be based on your ability to fix and maintain equipment, and infrastructure.

That’s why many maintenance employees do choose to focus on a speciality such as repairing and maintaining radiators or carpentry.

Although a general maintenance and repair worker can start work with a high school diploma, it is a good idea to further develop your career by attending technical education classes, postsecondary trade schools or vocational schools.

How do I list duties and responsibilities involved in equipment repair roles?

Jobs within equipment repair are valuable because they help keep companies fully operational and safe. For this reason, when explaining your work history, you should be ready to provide specific examples of how your duties and performance helped keep companies in tip-top working order.

For instance, if you are a boiler operator, you can explain that you were responsible for maintaining heating systems in the mechanical rooms, ensuring accurate water levels and avoiding contamination throughout the facility.

Also, adding numbers or statistics to your duties and responsibilities’ section, will get a potential employer’s attention, and give them a better understanding of the scope of your responsibilities.

For example, you can describe a boiler operator including figures like these:

Never exaggerate or lie on your resume. Doing so may backfire during your interview or put at risk any future employment opportunities.

How do I list education on a maintenance resume?

Although some maintenance roles only require a high school diploma, certain states may need additional licensing according to their area of expertise.

Start your education section in reverse-chronological order, with your most recent degree listed first.

To list your education, include the name of the institution you attended, its city and state, and if you graduated, your major(s).

Here’s an example:

Virginia Western Community College   Roanoke, Virginia

Maintenance Technician Certificate

The general rule is that if you have a college degree then there is no need for you to include your high school education.

Additionally, you do not have to include the year you graduated, unless you have not completed your degree. Listing dates could lead to potential hiring bias.

Should I include a cover letter with my maintenance resume?

Yes you should!

Adding a cover letter to your resume will definitely increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters. A cover letter also allows recruiters a chance to get to know you.

Including a cover letter lets you further discuss the experience and accomplishments you outlined in your resume as they relate to the job at hand.

At JobHero, you can create a professional cover letter in just three easy steps. To get started, check out our library of maintenance cover letter samples.