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Property Caretaker Duties and Responsibilities

A property caretaker’s specific job functionality may differ depending on the season and property. We scoured recent job listings to determine these core tasks required of property caretakers:

Maintain Property A property caretaker’s main responsibility is to maintain a property’s grounds so that everything is working well and looks good. They are responsible for landscaping, cutting grass, and everything in between.

Remove Garbage from Property Property caretakers remove garbage and other debris from the property as needed. They also clean up all grass clippings, tree branches, and other leavings that their work has left behind.

Report to Property Owner Property caretakers report any problems or potential problems to the property’s caretaker. They also report when they are done with the task so that the property owner can assign another.

Remove Snow and Ice During the winter months, property caretakers are responsible for removing snow and ice from the property. They also apply de-icer to ensure the property stays safe for anyone coming and going.

Accept Payment for Completed Jobs Property caretakers may also be responsible for collecting payment after a job is completed. While many caretakers accept payments online, there are still clients who prefer to pay in cash or check.


Property Caretaker Skills and Qualifications

Property caretakers are efficient workers and can perform physically demanding tasks with ease. They are able to plan their days out efficiently so that they don’t lose daylight and are able to complete everything as efficiently as possible. Becoming a property caretaker doesn’t require any formal education or previous experience. However, most employers look for property caretakers who have the following qualifications:

  • Landscaping Knowledge – Property caretakers often plant trees and shrubbery and are knowledgeable in landscaping best practices
  • Physical Fitness – Property caretakers often work in the hot sun or cold winter air. They should be physically fit enough to be able to complete their tasks without getting too tired. The job also requires some heavy lifting and caretakers should be able to perform the task without any problem
  • Time Management Skills – Successful property caretakers know how to effectively manage their time so that they can complete all their tasks in a timely manner
  • Communication Skills – Property caretakers communicate with fellow crew members and the property owner, which means they know how to communicate appropriately for multiple audiences
  • Persistent – Maintaining a property can be arduous since nature does not like to be moved. Property caretakers are persistent and don’t stop until they’ve successfully completed difficult tasks

Property Caretaker Education and Training

There are no formal education requirements for property caretakers. However, those who want to progress into management or leadership within a property management company should have at least a high school diploma or GED. New property caretakers usually undergo some level of training so that they can learn how to safely operate powered lawn care tools like industrial mowers.


Property Caretaker Salary and Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides salary information for property caretakers under the “Grounds Maintenance Workers” category. Employees in this category earn a median pay of $12.90 per hour. Top earners may earn upwards or $20.71 per hour while low earners only take home less than $9.26 per hour. Property caretakers usually don’t receive benefits packages that contain anything more than vacation and sick days. They may receive performance-based bonuses depending on the company’s success. Increasingly busier homeowners and the development of larger institutions has increased the need for property caretakers in recent years, and the BLS reports that the position may experience an 11 percent growth over the next 10 years.


Helpful Resources

Check out some of these helpful resources as you’re learning more about becoming a property caretaker:

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Lawn Care for Dummies – From the popular For Dummies series, this book explains how to care for lawns in a simple and easy-to-understand way. It compiles techniques and how-to guides from industry experts. The book also features colorful inserts and pictures of different lawns from all around the world. You can use this book to draw inspiration or to learn how to care for the lawns and properties of your clients more effectively.