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Computer Repair Technician Duties and Responsibilities

While the day-to-day duties of a computer repair technician are determined by their employer or clients, there are many core tasks associated with the role. Based on our analysis of job listings, these include:

Set Up Hardware Computer repair technicians are knowledgeable about what hardware is needed to operate a device. They are able to set up that hardware as well as install and configure software.

Maintain and Repair Equipment It is the responsibility of computer repair technicians to maintain, assess, and repair any technological equipment as necessary. This can include computers, processors, hard drives, monitors, virtual networks, routers, etc. It is also expected that these technicians test any newly installed parts and perform regular upgrades to ensure systems are up to date.

Install and Maintain Networks Computer repair technicians must be well versed in the installation of LAN, WAN, and other networks.

Manage Data Security Computer repair technicians manage security options and software security in computers and networks to maintain privacy and protection from potential viruses or attacks.


Computer Repair Technician Skills and Qualifications

Successful computer repair technicians are detail oriented and natural problem-solvers. They are energetic, effective communicators and have experience with assessing, repairing, and maintaining technological equipment. Employers prefer candidates who possess the following abilities:
  • Dexterity - a person in this role regularly uses their hands to manipulate small objects within a computer
  • Communication skills - computer repair technicians work with a variety of clients. In order to effectively assess the issue someone is having, they must ask questions and listen to customers' responses. They're also expected to clearly explain the issue, how they intend to fix it, and any repair or replacement options
  • Analytical thinking - a person in this role needs the ability to solve issues that may not have a clear solution. Successful computer repair technicians are comfortable with trying different methods to help identify the fix to an issue
  • IT skills - in order to perform this job effectively, these technicians need strong IT skills
  • Attention to detail - many tasks assigned to computer repair technicians require a high level of detail and organization. It is crucial that someone in this role can multitask while paying close attention to details

Computer Repair Technician Education and Training

Education requirements for computer repair technicians typically vary by employer. They are usually required to have a high school diploma or GED along with prior experience. However, some employers require a bachelor's degree in computer science or another IT field. Relevant certifications are typically encouraged, such as CompTIA's A+ certification. On-the-job training, especially for specific processes, is typically offered by employers.

Computer Repair Technician Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for a computer report specialist is $52,810 a year. The BLS job outlook for this role is positive; employment in this field is projected to grow 11 percent through 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Helpful Resources

There are many helpful resources available for those interested in careers as computer repair technicians. Please review the links below for valuable information and the latest industry news:

Association of Information Technology Professionals - this website provides resources and information for a variety of IT career fields. It also provides information about upcoming training programs, networking opportunities, and career tools for those in the computer technician field

CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One for Dummies - the fourth edition of this book prepares readers for the A+ certification exam. The A+ certification is the IT world's basic, entry-level designation that provides proof of a professional's skills and ability to install and maintain computer systems

Road Warrior: How to Become a Freelance Computer Repair Technician - many computer repair technicians work for themselves and freelance their services. This book is helpful for those interested in this type of career path and includes great examples for getting started

PC Technician's Troubleshooting Pocket Reference - this reference guide is handy for those in the computer repair technician field. It includes quick tips and tricks for troubleshooting PC problems of all kinds

The PC and Gadget Help Desk: A Do-It Yourself Guide to Troubleshooting and Repairing - this book is great resource for those just starting out in the computer

repair technician field. It provides helpful information about troubleshooting common issues with computers and other devices

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