If you want to see copywriting resume examples, JobHero has the internet’s largest database. You can use our professional resume examples to find inspiration to create your own attention-grabbing document.

Our most-requested resume example is for writers. Gather from this sample the best ways to describe your storied experience.

If you want to see copywriting resume examples, JobHero has the internet’s largest database. You can use our professional resume examples to find inspiration to create your own attention-grabbing document.

Our most-requested resume example is for writers. Gather from this sample the best ways to describe your storied experience.

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Job Outlook for Copywriting

The job outlook for copywriting is expected to remain very stable until 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you want to make sure that you stand a chance of securing one of these positions, make sure that your resume is outstanding by incorporating some of our writing tips below.

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3 Tips for Writing Copywriting Resumes

1. Choose the Right Format for Your Copywriting Resume

A resume’s format refers to how it’s organized and what sections are put under the spotlight. There are three main formats: chronological, functional and hybrid.

You should choose the format best for you based on how much experience you have for the copywriting job that you’re applying for.

If you’re a candidate with more than five years’ copywriting experience, you’re going to use what’s called a chronological format.

You’re probably seen or written a resume in the chronological format before, you’ve just never heard it called that. It’s the most common resume format. It’s also the format most hiring managers prefer because it puts the focus on what you’ve achieved in similar past roles.

This format is ideal if you have the experience to use it. But not everyone has years of experience, and should consider a different resume format.

For example, if you want to apply to a copywriter role but you have little to no experience, maybe you’re just out of school or transferring from a different industry, you should use a functional format.

A functional resume puts greater emphasis on your skills and education instead of your work experience. This way you can keep your resume focused on the things you’re good at and not your lack of experience.

As a happy in-between, if you have over two years of experience but less than five years total, you should consider using a hybrid format.

Just as it indicates, a hybrid format is a mix of a chronological and a functional format. While it puts more emphasis on your skills, it also gives more space to describe your work history than a functional resume.

So, choose one of these three formats before you begin writing your resume. It will help make sure your information is presented in the best way possible.

2. Promote Your Copywriting Skills

While copywriter jobs may vary greatly from role to role, there are skills that are in demand across the board for writers.

It will serve you well to include some of these sought-after copywriter skills in your resume when they apply to you.

Desired skills for copywriters include:

Try to pepper some of these skills into your resume wherever applicable to your work experience and history.

Especially be sure to pay close attention to the language used in the job posting or ad and try to echo back some of the phrasing the employer uses — this is the best indicator of what it is they’re looking for in a candidate.

3. Use a Template to Make Sure Your Resume Looks Outstanding

A resume template is basically just a preformatted document that takes care of the design elements of your resume so that you can focus on making sure the information in your document is engaging and impressive.

Think of it like a resume example that you can just fill in with your own personal information.

Best of all, they’re super easy to use. Just select a template that you like, download it and input in your personal information. Once you save it, you’re ready to start sending out resumes.

You won’t have to waste valuable time tinkering with margins or fonts. It allows you to get straight to business and ensures your resume looks professional.

JobHero features loads of professionally designed templates that can help you jumpstart your resume right away.

Copywriting Resume FAQ

What exactly does a copywriter do?

Copywriters are the people who write and edit the text you see in advertising, marketing, billboards, brochures, catalogs, instruction booklets, company emails and websites. Their job is to create clear and engaging content that helps sell a product or educates consumers.

It’s common for copywriters to choose a focus whether it be working on website content or email campaigns — being seen as a specialized writer helps companies feel more confident in your abilities.

What should I put on my resume for copywriting?

For copywriting, your work experience, skills and education are going to be the focus of your resume. You’ll still need the other essentials like your contact information and a professional summary or objective statement.

Your work experience is pretty central to the resume; it will help you a lot to include all of the companies and groups for whom you’ve produced copy. It’s ideal for you to consider the role you’re applying to and try to emphasize the experience you have that most closely relates.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that with copywriting it’s not just what’s on your resume that’s important. For most writing jobs, employers are going to want to see samples of your work — whether it was paid work or not — as they need to see that you’re capable of producing solid copy.

It’s important that you have a portfolio ready to showcase strong examples of your work in addition to your resume. Today, most writers keep websites that serve as online portfolios for the ease of sharing with employers.

It’s still also acceptable to attach a digital portfolio with your resume and cover letter in email form, or submit a hard copy of your portfolio if applying in-person.

How do I list education on a copywriting resume?

In a copywriting resume, an education section is essential. Typically a higher-education degree is desired for most copywriting roles.

For your education section it’s essential to list the following: The school that you attended, the city and state it’s located in, the years you attended, and if applicable, the degree(s) you obtained. Typically, if you’ve graduated from college, it is unnecessary to list your high school education.

In the case of recent college graduates who studied in a relevant field but don’t have actual work experience yet, it’s acceptable to include a high GPA, or list any specific coursework that you took that may be related to the job.

How do I write a summary statement for a copywriting resume?

A summary statement sits right at the top of your resume, and is a strong two-to-three sentence sales pitch about yourself and your copywriting work experience.

In a summary statement for copywriting, you want to make sure that you highlight any big name companies you may have worked for, notable publications that have featured your copy, or a brief explanation of the skills that you bring to the table that make you an excellent job candidate.

If you want more specifics, JobHero has an in-depth guide on professional summaries and objective statements that will give you all the tools you need to make sure that yours is outstanding.

Should I include a cover letter with my teaching resume?

Yes, without a doubt. Employers will expect a cover letter from you if you’re applying for a copywriting position, not including one will hurt your chances of making it to an interview.

Take it seriously and think of it as the first writing sample you’re submitting to demonstrate your marketing skills, sell yourself.

In addition to showing that you’re capable of producing persuasive well-written sentences, a cover letter offers you space to tell a story in a way that a resume alone cannot. It’s a great opportunity to discuss your career development as a narrative or better explain who you are as a candidate.

If you want to check out some stellar professional examples, JobHero has a library with dozens of copywriting cover letter examples that will give you inspiration and help you write your own top-notch letter.