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Creative Copywriter Duties and Responsibilities

Creative copywriters write about a variety of topics to exacting specifications. Our research shows that creative copywriters are tasked with performing a number of regular duties:

Write Sales Copy Creative copywriters use persuasive writing to sell ideas, products, and websites, writing in a conversational voice using easy-to-understand and compelling language.

Meet Deadlines Every piece of writing assigned to creative copywriters has a deadline attached to it; it is essential to complete the work before these deadlines expire.

Create Content to Customer Specifications Creative copywriters write content within the confines of specifications as laid out by the client. Publications want their content to meet certain guidelines involving word count, language, and clear concepts that adhere to their brand’s style. Sometimes, creative copywriters are asked to integrate specific words and phrases into their writing to meet style guidelines.

Proofread Work Every piece of writing a creative copywriter submits must be letter-perfect, all copy carefully proofread and edited to make certain there are no mistakes.

Make Content Visually Appealing Writing is only part of a creative copywriter’s job. To make their words even more appealing, they add visual elements to their copy, including images, videos, and links to all their writing.

Promote Work In addition to writing, creative copywriters are expected to promote their work through social media channels to gain more readers and more attention for their content.


Creative Copywriter Skills and Qualifications

In addition to having a great command of language and natural storytelling ability, creative copywriters are self-starters who can work on their own without much guidance or assistance. Clients and employers who hire creative copywriters look for people who have demonstrated the following abilities:

  • Working alone – creative copywriters work alone, something that not everyone is suited to do because it can be very lonely
  • Finding work – even creative copywriters who work for a company may need to supplement their income with additional writing tasks
  • Marketing – writing sales copy that compels others to take some action; it’s equally important that you know how to market yourself as a writer to potential clients
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation – copywriters know their grammar and punctuation, or where to get their grammar questions answered quickly using reference materials
  • Conversational style – creative copywriters write content that directly addresses and influences the reader
  • Organization – because creative copywriters work without supervision, they have to know how to stay organized to get tasks completed without missing deadlines

Creative Copywriter Education and Training

Though obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or communications can be helpful in gaining full-time, steady employment as a creative copywriter, it is not a requirement. Writing experience can substitute for a degree if you have a strong portfolio to showcase your skills in this field. Job training is not provided to writers, other than a small amount of time that might be devoted to helping you learn how to use content systems and other software.


Creative Copywriter Salary and Outlook

from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the median pay for writers and authors in 2016 was $61,240 annually or $29.44 per hour. There were 131,200 jobs in this field available in 2016, and through 2026 the projected job growth is eight percent, the current national average. Creative copywriters rarely receive job benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation leave, and often do not receive holidays off work or other job perks. Holiday bonuses, child care reimbursement, and continuing education benefits are rarely offered.


Creative Copywriter Helpful Resources

Hone your writing skills and grow your career as a creative copywriter using the following tools and resources: Professional Writers Association – This network of professional writers provides resources and tools for those who want to expand their writing skills and connect with other writers across all industries.

The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells – In this book, you’ll learn dozens of different writing techniques that can help you become a much stronger copywriter and create compelling content to create the reactions you want from readers.

The Professional Copywriters Association – Use this website to get information on copywriting jobs and learn about writing courses that can help you strengthen your copywriting skills.

Complete English Punctuation Rules: Perfect Your Punctuation and Instantly Improve Your Writing – Use this handbook as a reference guide to help you write with precision-perfect punctuation and quickly answer any tricky punctuation questions that may arise in your writing.

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors – This association will help you learn more about finding writing jobs and marketing yourself to keep up a steady flow of copywriting work.