Author Cover Letter

Authors create works of fictions and non-fiction, such as magazine articles, web content, novels, poetry, short stories, and scripts. Many Authors are self-employed and also handle self-promotion. Typical work activities of an Author include: securing writing jobs, choosing subject matters, discussing requirements with clients, performing research, revising work, making sure they follow deadlines, submitting materials, attending cultural events, liaising with agents and publishers, and maintaining financial records.
Employers select cover letters showcasing the following skills and qualifications:

  • Excellent writing and literary skills
  • An entertaining style
  • Creativity
  • Research skills
  • Time management and discipline
  • Networking and self-promotion abilities
  • Effective communication
  • Computer proficiency and knowledge of digital tools
  • Being able to accept constructive criticism
  • Enthusiasm and self-motivation

Below is provided a cover letter sample for Author highlighting comparable abilities and experience.

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Dear Ms. Lee:

Upon review of your posting for a new Author to join your writing team, I hastened to submit the enclosed resume for your consideration. As a creative and award-winning writer with more than 10 years of experience writing compelling and innovative features and articles for a wide variety of publications and media, I feel confident that I could vastly exceed your expectations for this role.

My background in developing and writing feature-length articles, novels, and blog content on a variety of subjects and areas—encompassing both fiction and non-fiction genres—prepares me to substantially impact your organization. With my history of publishing success in journals and magazines, along with my commitment to cultivating fruitful relationships to encourage future connections and stimulate story ideas, I am ready to extend my record of writing accomplishments with your company.

Highlights of my experience include the following…

  • Writing and publishing more than 70 articles, 125 blog entries, 27 newspaper features, and 3 self-published novels throughout the past decade, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to grammatical and editorial excellence.
  • Reviewing fellow authors’ writing and editing and revising content as requested.
  • Developing trusting and lasting connections with peers, publication management teams, and community members to facilitate future partnerships and spark story and contact leads.
  • Earning a Bachelor of Arts in English as well as my MFA degree in Literature from the University of Tennessee.

With my expertise in authoring and publishing compelling content, combined with my exceptional interpersonal skills and commitment to exploring innovative story ideas and comprehensive topic coverage, I am positioned to significantly benefit your writing team. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in more detail.

Thank you for your consideration.


Martha C. Clark

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