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Procurement Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

Procurement administrators can work for many different organizations, which can affect the duties they carry out. Based on job listings we analyzed, a procurement administrator's duties typically include:

Monitor Inventory Stock A key part of this job is monitoring inventory stock. This includes observing whether the appropriate items have arrived and determining what needs to be reordered. Procurement administrators must be aware of low supplies so they can make purchase orders in advance of stock running out.

Negotiate with Suppliers Procurement administrators work with suppliers to negotiate material and order costs, and compile cost reports for invoices. In some cases, bargaining may be necessary to get the best rates possible.

Prepare Purchase Orders Procurement administrators prepare purchase orders and send order requests to suppliers. They also update records and follow up with vendors to check if the order is being processed.

Resolve Order Problems If issues arise with shipments or orders are incorrect or late, procurement administrators work with the supplier to resolve the issue. They build strong relationships with key contacts within these companies, working with them closely to fix problems as quickly as possible.

Update and File Records Procurement administrators perform inventory and administrative tasks like preparing and forwarding invoices, updating databases, filing, and organizing documents for accounts. They also provide additional administrative support for team members as needed.


Procurement Administrator Skills and Qualifications

Procurement administrators are organized and experienced with administrative tasks. They're comfortable liaising with external companies and have good math skills. Typically, employers require a high school diploma and business administration skills, as well as the following abilities:
  • Organization skills - record keeping is a key part of this job, as is monitoring inventory and other administrative duties; strong organization skills help procurement administrators track orders and keep accurate records
  • Time management - procurement administrators need to prioritize tasks to ensure deadlines are met and verify that orders come in when expected
  • Teamwork - procurement administrators work closely with other departments and external suppliers, so they must maintain a professional and helpful demeanor
  • Customer service - procurement administrators work with suppliers to resolve shipping issues and negotiate material costs, so strong customer service skills are advantageous to this aspect of the role
  • Computer knowledge - basic computer skills are important for procurement administrators to update records, respond to emails, and carry out data entry tasks

Procurement Administrator Education and Training

The minimum education requirement for procurement administrators is a high school diploma, although some employers may prefer applicants to have an associate's or bachelor's degree in business administration or a similar field depending on the complexity of the position. Prior procurement experience may be necessary for some jobs, while others provide on-the-job training from more seasoned colleagues.

Procurement Administrator Salary and Outlook

The median annual salary for procurement administrators is $39,000, according to PayScale. Procurement administrators in the 10th percentile earn around $27,000 a year, while the highest paid earn around $59,000 annually. This top-end salary includes up to $4,000 in bonuses. The majority of companies provide health benefits, including dental and medical coverage. The level of experience an applicant has positively affects the potential pay for this job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment in the purchasing sector will decline 3 percent by 2026.

Helpful Resources

We've collected some of the best resources to help you learn about a career as a procurement administrator:

Procurement Professionals - this hugely popular LinkedIn group has over 370,000 members from around the globe. It's a great space for discussing employment opportunities, industry news, and work experiences with others in the sector

Procurement Methods - this book explores the skills required for the role, explaining the methods and rationale related to each one. Covering everything from specific terminology and different document types to how different components work together, this book is as a great reference guide

Procurement, Principles & Management - now in its 11th edition, this book is widely considered essential reading for anyone working in the procurement sector. It covers a wide variety of topics, including examples of services anda new section on contract law and negotiation

The Procurement and Supply Manager's Desk Reference - covering all procurement and sourcing functions, this book is a comprehensive guide to procurement roles. It features step-by-step guides to each segment of the process, as well as checklists and customizable forms

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