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Administrative Assistants ensure that everyday office tasks are completed properly. They can have a very wide array of clerical duties, depending on the type of administrative support needed by the company where they work. Administrative Assistant resumes need to highlight strong interpersonal skills, accuracy, attention to details, proactivity and computer literacy. Best resume samples showcase, besides a high school diploma, postsecondary studies and various qualifications, depending on the industry the candidate wants to work in.

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Administrative Assistant Resume FAQ

How do you format an administrative assistant resume?

There are three types of resume formats: chronological, functional and combination. The format you choose will depend on your personal circumstances. For example, if you are an experienced administrative assistant looking for a better employer, the classic chronological resume is ideal because it puts work experience at the forefront. If you are new to the field, however, with no prior work experience, you may be better off using a functional resume. The functional resume format downplays work history in favor of skills and abilities. Meanwhile, if you’re changing careers or have a few years of experience, you can opt for the combination resume.

What should be included in an administrative assistant resume?

As a general rule, administrative assistant resumes should include the following:

  • Header, including up-to-date contact information.
  • Career summary or resume objective.
  • Hard and soft skills as well as top qualifications.
  • Work history with bullet points for each job.
  • Education and professional certifications.

You can also share your experience as a volunteer if it’s relevant.

What skills should be included in an administrative assistant resume?

Administrative assistants possess a mix of hard and soft skills that help them succeed in the workplace. Let’s look at the most common skills in each category.

Top soft skills for administrative assistants include: flexibility, confidence, trustworthiness, communication and active listening.

Among the most common hard skills are: calendar management, database management, proficiency with email platforms (e.g., Gmail, Outlook), Quickbooks and knowledge of software applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

These lists aren’t exhaustive, and you should always take inventory of your work history to identify skills for your resume.

How do you create an administrative assistant resume with no experience?

If you don’t have any experience as an administrative assistant, you’ll want to use a resume format that downplays work history, such as the functional resume. Functional resumes, also known as skills-based resumes, emphasize your skills and abilities so you can showcase how your career goals align with the target job.

How can a builder help you create an administrative assistant resume?

Resume builders help in a number of ways. First, by taking the grunt work out of resume creation, they save you time. With a builder like JobHero’s you can create a resume in as little as 15 minutes. Second, builders make your resume look professional by offering dozens of templates, from simple and corporate to creative and unique. Finally, when you enter your previous jobs, builders generate prewritten bullet points. While you should always adapt the words to reflect your personal experience, you will no longer be staring at a blank page when you sit down to complete your resume.

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