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Administrative Manager Resume FAQ

What are the duties of an administrative manager?

An administrative manager oversees administrative assignments and functions of the workplace. As a manager, your responsibilities may include:

  1. Overseeing an administrative staff.
  2. Scheduling work assignments.
  3. Directing and training subordinates.
  4. Evaluating employee performance through established expectations and work metrics.
  5. Ensuring proper labor conditions and work environments.
  6. Developing budget recommendations and filing.

What is a good summary for an administrative resume?

Your resume summary or resume objective sits just below your name and contact information — a good summary introduces your core administrative skills or accomplishments and persuades a hiring manager to give your resume a comprehensive review instead of a quick scan. The best summary statements include:

  1. Your years of experience in management or administration.
  2. An example of your top administrative achievements backed by numerical proof.
  3. Two or three skills that help you perform the job.
  4. An introduction limited to two or three informative sentences.

We used italicized keywords to highlight how this is an example of a good administrative resume summary:

Confident administrative manager with over five years of leadership experience and ten years of administrative knowledge. Successfully oversaw a team of three facilities staffers and five administrative assistants across two floors and four company departments. Handled office budget, negotiated operational contracts for staff meals and snacks, and provided on-site support for all technical and administrative supply requests.

How do you describe administrative skills on a resume?

When describing your administrative skills on your resume, think of a simple bulleted list under a skills section. This is still a very strategic place to share your knowledge, but you can organically fold additional skills into your summary statement and work history descriptions.

Here’s a list of commonly requested administrative skills with examples of how to describe them throughout your resume.

Common administrative skills

  • Organization: File organization, budget oversight and receipt organization, staffing schedules and time-off organization, supply organization or request organization.
  • Written and verbal communication: Explain and define internal administration processes, email colleagues or clients, or effectively train new hires.
  • Teamwork: Collaborate with business partners to ensure a smooth running organization, effectively manage administrative team, partner with staff to plan company events, work with third-party vendors to provide on- and off-site services.
  • Time management: Plan and complete daily administrative tasks, balance staff schedules, work with the leadership team to meet administrative deadlines, and ensure timely delivery of office supplies.

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