A well-written resume headline grabs the recruiter’s attention and makes them want to know more. This article covers how to write a good headline for a resume, with examples to help you get started. 

What is a Headline for a Resume?

A headline for a resume is a snappy one-liner that spotlights your work experience and resume skills. Also known as a resume title, the headline goes under your name and uses clever wording to entice the hiring manager to read more. 

Why are resume headlines important?

Headlines are vital to the job application because they offer a big opportunity to stand out to potential employers. This catchy statement can show you’re a leading candidate from the get-go by highlighting a significant accomplishment or top skills. 

The best headline for a resume will leverage your strongest qualities to hook the employer into reading your entire resume. Additionally, headlines help your resume get past ATS (applicant tracking systems) by including keywords from the job description. About 75% of applicants are rejected through this scanning process, so writing a relevant headline can ensure your resume gets to the recruiter. 

80 Resume Headline Examples for Multiple Jobs

Check out these headline for resume examples categorized by industry to help you get inspired. 

Resume headline examples for entry-level positions

  1. Dynamic Recent Graduate: Eager to Apply Strong Communication and Analytical Skills
  2. Detail-Oriented Team Player: Seeking Entry-Level Role in Marketing
  3. Enthusiastic Recent Graduate with a Passion for Customer Service
  4. Motivated New Graduate: Ready to Excel in Administrative Support Role
  5. Recent Finance Grad with Strong Analytical Skills and a Drive for Success
  6. Aspiring Software Developer: Proficient in Coding Languages and Quick Learner
  7. Recent Accounting Graduate: Diligent and Detail-Focused
  8. Creative Recent Grad with a Knack for Web Graphic Design and Digital Media
  9. Tech-Savvy Recent Graduate: Seeking Entry-Level Position in IT Support
  10. Recent Psychology Graduate: Dedicated to Making a Positive Impact in Human Services

Examples of headline for resume with no experience

  1. Highly Motivated Entry-Level Candidate: Eager to Learn and Grow
  2. Ambitious Recent Graduate with a Strong Desire to Kickstart Career
  3. Driven and Dedicated College Graduate Ready to Take on New Challenges
  4. Enthusiastic Entry-Level Candidate with a Positive Attitude and Willingness to Learn
  5. Fresh Graduate with a Passion for Tech and a Strong Work Ethic
  6. Recent Student Graduate: Ready to Apply Academic Knowledge in Practical Settings
  7. Entry-Level Candidate with Transferable Skills and a Hunger for Success
  8. New Graduate with a Can-Do Attitude and a Willingness to Take on Any Task
  9. Aspiring Professional: Eager to Begin Career Journey and Make a Difference
  10. Recent Grad with a Keen Interest in Finance and a Drive to Succeed

Resume headline examples for customer service

  1. Experienced Customer Service Professional: Delivering Exceptional Client Satisfaction
  2. Customer Support Specialist with Proven Record of Resolving Complex Issues
  3. Dynamic Customer Success Manager: Expert in Building Strong Client Relationships
  4. Senior Customer Experience Representative: Skilled in Handling Challenging Situations
  5. Client Service Manager: Driving Customer Loyalty Through Strategic Solutions
  6. Customer Service Supervisor: Leading Teams to Achieve Service Excellence
  7. Customer Relations Specialist: Delivering Personalized Support and Problem Resolution
  8. Customer Service Team Lead: Empowering Staff to Provide Outstanding Service
  9. Senior Client Support Associate: Committed to Anticipating and Fulfilling Customer Needs
  10. Customer Service Operations Manager: Streamlining Processes to Enhance Customer Experience

Headline examples for marketing & sales jobs

  1. Strategic Marketing Manager: Driving Revenue Growth Through Innovative Campaigns
  2. Senior Sales Executive: Achieving Consistent Sales Targets and Building Strong Client Relationships
  3. Experienced Marketing Director: Orchestrating Multi-Channel Campaigns for Market Leadership
  4. Results-Driven Sales Manager: Leading High-Performance Teams to Exceed Targets
  5. Digital Marketing Specialist: Leveraging Data-Driven Insights to Optimize Online Presence
  6. Seasoned Sales Director: Developing Winning Sales Strategies for Market Penetration
  7. Marketing Communications Manager: Crafting Compelling Brand Messages to Drive Engagement
  8. Dynamic Sales Operations Manager: Optimizing Sales Processes for Maximum Efficiency
  9. Senior Product Marketing Manager: Launching Successful Products with Strategic Market Positioning
  10. Corporate Sales Leader: Cultivating Key Accounts and Expanding Market Share

Headline examples for business & management jobs

  1. Visionary Business Development Director: Driving Strategic Growth Initiatives
  2. Experienced Operations Manager: Streamlining Processes for Operational Excellence
  3. Dynamic Business Strategist: Orchestrating Business Plans for Market Leadership
  4. Senior Project Manager: Delivering Complex Projects on Time and Within Budget
  5. Strategic HR Director: Building High-Performance Teams and Cultivating Talent
  6. Seasoned Financial Controller: Optimizing Financial Performance and Risk Management
  7. Business Transformation Leader: Implementing Change Initiatives for Organizational Success
  8. Experienced Management Consultant: Providing Expertise in Business Optimization
  9. Senior Executive Director: Leading Cross-Functional Teams to Achieve Business Objectives
  10. Results-Driven General Manager: Overseeing Profitable Operations and Market Expansion

Resume headline examples for jobs in STEM

  1. Senior Data Scientist with 8+ Years Experience: Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Business Insights
  2. Experienced Software Engineer: Specializing in Scalable Solutions for Complex Systems
  3. Senior Research Scientist: Leading Cutting-Edge Research in Stem Cells
  4. Principal Electrical Engineer: Innovating Power Systems for Sustainable Solutions
  5. Experienced Biomedical Engineer: Developing Life-Saving Medical Devices and Technologies
  6. Lead Mechanical Engineer with 10+ Years Experience: Designing High-Performance Machinery
  7. Senior Network Engineer: Architecting Secure and Reliable Network Infrastructures
  8. Experienced Aerospace Engineer: Driving Innovation in Aircraft Design and Performance
  9. Senior Cybersecurity Analyst with 8+ Years Experience: Protecting Critical Systems from Threats
  10. Principal Data Engineer: Building Scalable Data Pipelines for Actionable Insights

Resume headline examples for accounting & finance

  1. Senior Financial Analyst with 8+ Years Experience: Driving Strategic Decision-Making Through Data Analysis
  2. Experienced Accounting Manager: Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance in Financial Reporting
  3. Seasoned Finance Director: Optimizing Budgeting and Forecasting Processes for Growth
  4. Principal Tax Accountant with 10+ Years of Experience: Providing Expert Guidance on Tax Strategies
  5. Experienced Audit Manager: Leading Comprehensive Audits for Regulatory Compliance
  6. Senior Investment Analyst with 8+ Years Experience: Identifying Profitable Investment Opportunities
  7. Lead Financial Controller: Overseeing Financial Operations and Risk Management
  8. Experienced Treasury Manager: Managing Liquidity and Cash Flow for Financial Stability
  9. Senior Corporate Finance Adviser: Providing Strategic Financial Guidance for Business Expansion
  10. Principal Cost Accountant with 10+ Years of Experience: Optimizing Cost Control Measures for Efficiency

Headline examples for careers in education

  1. Experienced Education Director: Transforming Learning Environments for Student Success
  2. Senior Curriculum Specialist with 12+ Years Experience: Designing Engaging Educational Programs
  3. Principal School Administrator: Leading Educational Institutions Toward Excellence
  4. Experienced Special Education Coordinator: Advocating for Inclusive Learning Opportunities
  5. Lead Instructional Designer with 10+ Years of Experience: Creating Effective Learning Materials
  6. Seasoned Educational Technology Specialist: Integrating Digital Tools for Enhanced Learning
  7. Senior Academic Adviser: Guiding Students Toward Achieving Their Educational Goals
  8. Experienced ESL Teacher with 15+ Years of Experience: Empowering Multicultural Learners
  9. Lead School Counselor: Providing Comprehensive Support for Student Well-Being
  10. Director of Student Services: Enhancing Educational Accessibility and Equity

How to Write a Headline for a Resume

Although short, writing an attention-grabbing headline for a resume can be challenging. We got you! With these tips, you’ll create a catchy resume headline in no time: 

  • Use this formula:

    Job Title + Years of Experience + Skill/Specific Task/Significant Accomplishment. 

  • Keep it one sentence:

    The point is to hook the reader with a brief statement quickly. 

  • Write multiple headlines:

    It’s better to have a lot of options and select the ones that best serve your goals. 

  • Make it engaging:

    Including action verbs and power words shows you’re a dynamic employee. 

  • Use keywords:

    Tailoring your headline to the job description will help you pass ATS and quickly show the employer you’re a qualified candidate.

  • Mention certifications or licenses:

    If the position requires one, including certifications will get you far. 

  • Focus on one impressive achievement:

    Choose one accomplishment you’re proud of and lead with that. 

  • Can't think of an accomplishment? Add skills:

    Remember, this is one sentence. Prioritize one or two critical resume skills the employer seeks. 

Key Takeaways

Now, you’re all ready to start crafting your headline. Before you begin, let’s review some key points: 

  • A headline for a resume is a brief statement that spotlights your strongest skills and achievements.

  • An excellent resume headline will hook the hiring manager by showing you’re a top candidate. 

  • Always tailor your headline to the role by including keywords from the job description.

  • Make it engaging with action-focused language and a massive accomplishment or highly sought-after hard skills and soft skills

Headline for Resume FAQ

What is a good headline for a resume?

A good headline for a resume is short, catchy and impressive. For example: 

“Award-Winning Content Creator with 10+ Years Experience: Driving Engagement Through Compelling Storytelling”

What is a headline for a job application?

A headline for a job application is a brief statement that summarizes your credentials and experience to convince the recruiter you’re a qualified candidate. 

What is the difference between a resume headline and a resume title?

A resume headline and resume title are the same thing. Both are used to highlight top skills and impressive achievements that will catch a recruiter’s attention.