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Meeting Coordinators are responsible for executing perfect events for their clients. Examples of Meeting Coordinator duties listed on well-written resumes are determining meeting or conferencing needs, planning event scopes, securing venues, choosing catering services, checking audio-visual equipment, and ensuring a timely delivery of services. Our collection of resume samples highlights skills such as event management, problem solving, networking, being able to work under pressure, and excellent communication abilities. Most Meeting Coordinators hold a degree in event planning.

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Meeting Coordinator Resume Success Stories


Meeting Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Meeting coordinators perform varied job duties that differ based on the meetings and events they plan and the various vendors and contractors involved with each event. However, there are some core tasks associated with this job that are common despite those differences:

Find and Book Venues Meeting coordinators find and schedule venues to hold meetings and events of all types.

Plan Itineraries and Menus Meeting coordinators design and plan event itineraries. They also plan menus and hire caterers to provide food and drinks at meetings and special events.

Hire Vendors Meeting coordinators find and hire various vendors to provide services at meetings, including vendors who set up audiovisual equipment, decorators, and other event professionals. They speak with these vendors to negotiate fair prices for rentals, staff, and other services.

Manage Speakers Meeting coordinators invite speakers, confirm their attendance, and prepare any materials or equipment needed for their presentations.

Process Payments Meeting coordinators pay vendors out of the event budget and keep track of all receipts and invoices.

Inspect Sites Meeting coordinators travel to venues to perform visual inspections and ensure that all preparations are in place prior to events.

Supervise Meeting coordinators directly supervise all event staff.

Make Transportation Arrangements Meeting coordinators manage all transportation and parking arrangements for meetings and events to ensure that guests and speakers arrive at the occasion on time.


Meeting Coordinator Skills and Qualifications

Meeting coordinators are detail-oriented professionals who use strong negotiation skills and excellent time management to plan, coordinate, and execute all aspects of meetings and events. Companies that hire meeting coordinators seek professionals who have the following skills:
  • Problem-solving skills - meeting coordinators manage issues with events and vendors as they arise, which requires good problem-solving skills
  • Time management - meeting coordinators use time management skills to manage event deadlines and ensure that all preparations are in place prior to the event
  • Communication skills - meeting coordinators use verbal and written communication skills to give instructions to vendors and write invitations
  • Attention to detail - meeting coordinators manage guest speakers, attendants, venues, and other issues, which requires strong attention to detail
  • Mathematics - meeting coordinators use math skills to plan and execute events within a given budget
  • Negotiation - meeting coordinators use persuasion and interpersonal skills to negotiate affordable rates on venues, rentals, and vendor services
  • Computer skills - meeting coordinators use spreadsheets, email, and other software to plan and arrange events, which requires some computer skills

Meeting Coordinator Education and Training

Companies that hire full-time meeting coordinators look for candidates who have a bachelor's degree in marketing, hospitality, business management, or a similar field of study, though many will accept an associate's degree in addition to previous meeting coordination experience. Meeting coordinators also often put together their own portfolios showcasing successful meetings and events they've planned in the past. Employers provide little training to meeting coordinators, who already have the skills and expertise needed to successfully plan meetings and events of all types.

Meeting Coordinator Salary and Outlook

Meeting, convention, and event planners earn $48,290 in median yearly income, or $23.22 per hour. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates show employment in this field growing 11 percent by 2026, a faster-than-average rate of job growth. Employers who hire full-time meeting coordinators typically provide complete benefit packages that include health, life, vision, and dental insurance coverage. Retirement planning, paid vacation days, and paid sick days are usually included in these packages. Companies also provide meeting coordinators with travel reimbursement and event-planning budgets. Meeting coordinators who work for themselves as independent contractors receive no benefits from their employers and maintain responsibility for their own healthcare and vacation needs.

Helpful Resources

Use these resources to find jobs for meeting coordinators, browse training and education materials, and learn helpful tips and strategies for achieving success in this career:

Professional Convention Management Association - visit the PCMA website to search for jobs, browse news updates and other content, and find upcoming industry conferences and networking opportunities

Bad Meetings Happen to Good People: How to Run Meetings That Are Effective, Focused, and Produce Results - learn how to plan successful, effective meetings, and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that can lead to a bad meeting, with the tips and techniques in this book

Meeting Professionals International - look for education programs, event-planning resources, and jobs for meeting coordinators and other event planners at the MPA website

The Event Planner's First Aid Kit: All Your Need-to-Know's and How-To's to Get Your Event Moving - this book is a first aid kit for all event planners and meeting coordinators. The text includes useful tips for managing problems and creating great events of all types

Event Planners Association - discover education and training tools for meeting coordinators and event planners at this site, as well as useful resources and job listings

The Event Planning Handbook: Essentials to Successful Event Management - this book focuses on the five main elements of planning any event and putting them together to design a truly successful occasion

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