Scrum Master Resume Examples

Scrum Masters are Agile management experts responsible for directing teams, ensuring that organization goals are attained, implementing and monitoring software development processes, and reporting to senior management. Based on the most successful example resumes, these experts should demonstrate qualifications such as Agile management expertise, software development knowledge, communication and interpersonal abilities, leadership, proactivity and self motivation. Those seeking to fulfill this type of role should be able to display Scrum Master Certification on their resumes.

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Scrum Master Resume Success Stories

Scrum Master Resume FAQ

How do you list Scrum master on your resume?

The best way to demonstrate your Scrum skills or qualifications on your resume is to list your certifications under your resume summary, education, or licenses and certification sections. We added examples of how to list your Scrum master certifications across those three sections.

Sample Scrum Master Resume Summary:
Certified scrum master with four years of experience. Currently holds a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) II certification and studying for a PSM III. Oversaw the implementation of Atlassian Jira work boards and cross-company Scrum procedures.

Sample Scrum Master Education or Certification Entry:
Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) Certification - May 2022,

How do I add Scrum skills to my resume?

You may add a basic list of scrum-related skills, but hiring managers can’t accurately gauge your experience level without quantifiable information. You can strengthen your resume by adding numbers or data to your former responsibilities and accomplishments.

For example, you can emphasize your sprint planning skills by specifying the number of teams, steps and backlog items needed to complete each project. Here’s a sample work history entry to help you visualize how to add these scrum skills to your resume:

Scrum Master, Qwyk LLC
April 2019 - present

  • Coordinated the work efforts of three teams of eight members for various projects.
  • Helped the teams complete tasks successfully and on time and resolved obstacles encountered by team members.
  • Surveyed the scrum board members to identify project pitfalls.
  • Introduced a streamlined epic, task and story ticketing process.

What are your achievements as a Scrum master?

Your achievements as a Scrum master are not limited to the following list of examples, but these can be a helpful starting point for your resume:

  • Building and training self-managing Scrum teams.
  • Creating a streamlined Scrum process based on existing team processes and project needs.
  • Establish a weekly touch base with all departments and dedicated team meetings across the marketing, design and development teams.
  • Tracking and monitoring projects.

What is Scrum master's main responsibility?

A scrum master helps a team or company streamline the production process they use to launch new products, promotions, mobile applications or public-facing websites and landing pages. They analyze teams’ existing processes and suggest new reporting structures to help juggle multiple teams and duties.

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