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How to Format Your Cover Letter

Visit our helpful cover letter format and writing guide for additional advice on how to customize your application, or read on to find HR-related advice. 

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  • Contact information:

    • Make sure your professional cover letter header matches your resume for a cohesive look. Include your name, phone number and email.

  • Date and recipient's mailing information:

    • Visit the company’s directory to research the hiring manager and contact info. Add the date of writing, followed by the manager’s name, job title and professional mailing address.

  • Greeting:

    • Begin the letter with a professional salutation. We prefer the following formal greetings: “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,” “Hello, Mr./Ms. Last Name,” or the last resort, “To whom it may concern.”

  • Introduction:

    • Add the name of the position and company, how you learned about it, and one HR skill or accomplishment to advertise your suitability in this opening paragraph.

  • Body:

    • Use one or two paragraphs to elaborate on one or two accomplishments on your monitoring and evaluation officer resume. The goal is to quantify your training further and prove your proficiency.

  • Closing statement:

    • In the final paragraph, reiterate your interest and qualifications. Express your eagerness to discuss your candidacy in an interview further.

  • Signature:

    • End the letter with a formal closing followed by your full name and, if applicable, your professional titles or certifications. Acceptable signatures include “Salutations,” “Best,” or “Regards.”

Use skills to personalize your monitoring and evaluation officer cover letter

Include soft, hard and technical skills and related quantifiable achievements in your cover letter to help hiring managers see your suitability for the job. Consider these 15 skills to add to your monitoring and evaluation officer cover letter:

Data analysis:

Highlight your ability to analyze complex data sets to extract valuable insights for program improvement.

Statistical proficiency:

Mention your expertise in statistical tools and methods used for data analysis.

Database management:

Emphasize your experience in maintaining and updating databases for accurate record-keeping.

Performance metrics:

Discuss your role in developing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure project success.

Survey design:

Highlight your skills in designing and conducting surveys to gather relevant data.

Report writing:

Showcase your writing and communication ability to create comprehensive and actionable reports for stakeholders.

Impact assessment:

Detail your involvement in assessing the real-world impact of programs and interventions.

Quality assurance:

Mention your contributions to ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

Evaluation frameworks:

Describe your expertise in developing evaluation frameworks tailored to specific projects.

Quantitative and qualitative research:

Highlight your ability to blend both research methods for a holistic evaluation approach.

Stakeholder engagement:

Discuss your interpersonal role in engaging with stakeholders to gather feedback and insights.

Budget monitoring:

If relevant, mention your experience monitoring project budgets and resource allocation.

Capacity building:

Explain how you’ve contributed to building the capacity of teams or organizations in monitoring and evaluation practices.

Technology proficiency:

Highlight your computer skills and knowledge of monitoring and evaluation software and tools like Excel, SPSS or data visualization software.

Process improvement:

Discuss initiatives you’ve led to improve monitoring and evaluation processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Free Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Haynes:

Having learned of your posting for the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer position, I am submitting my resume for your review. With extensive experience directing comprehensive internal planning, analysis and program reporting for established non-profits, my talents will immediately benefit your team at Mecca International.

My background has prepared me to excel in this capacity, from creating annual audit plans and implementing monitoring systems to analyzing complex data sets and documenting results. With proven expertise in data quality, report generation and project management, my additional strengths in team collaboration and regulatory compliance position me to thrive in this challenging role.

Here are some highlights of my qualifications:

  1. Spearheaded project planning, evaluation, monitoring, auditing and reporting for The China Project for the past seven years; produced and distributed M&E reports to organizational management and donors.
  2. Played a pivotal role in developing The China Project’s annual work plan and budget through keen data analysis and stakeholder input.
  3. Created and introduced new reporting forms, data collection tools, evaluation processes, and performance indicators to facilitate more accurate and efficient M&E results.
  4. Earned a Master’s degree in International Development from UC Berkeley.

With my experience in driving all monitoring and evaluation aspects and my commitment to achieving and evaluating highly accurate and informative results, I can swiftly surpass your expectations for this role. I look forward to talking with you in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Elsa S. McCoy

This sample of a monitoring and evaluation officer cover letter is well-structured, focused on relevant qualifications and communicates how the job seeker is a strong fit for the opening. They provide a clear snapshot of their skills and experiences, making a compelling case for further consideration. This monitoring and evaluation officer cover letter is an excellent sample because: 

Add a Resume as a Foundational Base

A cover letter helps promote your resume — but your resume acts as an essential building block for your job search. This concise summary helps hiring managers trace your training, experience, skill development and accomplishments. The following help articles, online tools and samples can help you improve your resume. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Cover Letter FAQ

How can I tailor my cover letter for a monitoring and evaluation officer role?

Tailor your cover letter by highlighting relevant skills like data analysis, report generation and program evaluation. Reference the job description and emphasize how your experience aligns with the position’s requirements.

How do I optimize my cover letter for an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

To ensure your cover letter is ATS-friendly, use keywords from the job description, match formatting and avoid graphics or complex layouts. Focus on clear, concise language and relevant qualifications.

Should I include specific keywords in my cover letter for ATS recognition?

Yes. Incorporate relevant keywords from the job posting naturally into your cover letter. This tailoring improves your chances of getting noticed by ATS software.

How can I stand out when discussing my achievements?

Use persuasive action verbs and power words to describe your quantifiable accomplishments. Use specific numbers and results to showcase your impact, such as “increased data accuracy by 20%” or “successfully managed a $1 million project.”

What's the ideal length for a monitoring and evaluation officer cover letter?

Aim for a concise, one-page cover letter. Focus on qualifications, experiences and essential skills to help hiring managers gauge your knowledge and expertise quickly. Only write up to 400 words.