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Service Crews work in fast-food restaurants and handle both customers and kitchen processes. Usual activities seen on a Service Crew example resume are greeting customers, preparing food, placing food items on trays, adding napkins and condiments, recommending products, promoting special deals, collecting payments, and keeping the work area clean and organized. Those looking to work in this field should demonstrate throughout their resumes customer focus, food hygiene knowledge, effective communication, problem-solving orientation, and good numeracy skills. Most Service Crews hold a high school diploma or are students working part-time.

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Service Crew Resume Success Stories

Service Crew Resume FAQ

What should be on a food service resume?

A food service resume should always include the following:

  • Header with contact info
  • Career summary or resume objective
  • Work history, beginning with your most recent job
  • Soft and hard skills
  • Education and certifications
  • Optional sections, like volunteer work or awards

How do you add food service skills on a resume?

Your skills should be in a bullet-point list in the skills section of your resume. It’s important you also demonstrate how you’ve used the skills you listed in the skills section in one-sentence accomplishments in your work history section. Make sure to use the exact wording for skills, tasks and responsibilities mentioned in the job description whenever it matches your experience.

What are food service skills?

Food service workers use a wide range of food preparation and customer service skills. The top skills on resumes in our database include:

  • Preparing food
  • Greeting customers
  • Cash handling
  • Operating point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Maintaining kitchen equipment
  • Opening and closing restaurant
  • Waiting tables

How would you describe your food industry experience on a resume?

As a food industry worker, you are responsible for customer service, food preparation and cleaning the dining area and kitchen, among other tasks. Specific descriptions will vary based on whether you work at a fast food, sit-down restaurant or bar. However, a good rule of thumb is to mention the experience you have that matches what’s listed on the job ad, citing quantifiable metrics whenever possible. For example, if you’ve worked at the cash register in a fast food chain you could write, “Took 50+ customers’ orders accurately and courteously every shift, managing to upsell dessert items about 25% of the time.”

What is the job description for food service?

A food service job description should mention everyday tasks like opening the restaurant for daily operation, cleaning each area of the building, handling money or point-of-sale (POS) systems, operating cooking equipment, and adhering to food and safety regulations.

What should I put on my resume for a fast food job?

Your fast food resume should represent your work experience. As an example, here are a few work history bullet-points that you’d be likely to see on a fast food resume:

  • Stocked and cleaned the area, lobby and restrooms.
  • Served customers quickly and properly in a courteous manner.
  • Cleaned and maintained food service equipment.
  • Ensured that proper sanitation and safety procedures and techniques were being followed.

Service Crew Duties and Responsibilities

Service crew members perform daily duties that change depending on the number of customers they serve and the number of other staff members present to assist with work tasks. However, there are several core responsibilities associated with this job that are universally the same in all restaurants and service-based environments.

Process Payments

Service crew members process cash, check, and credit card payments using cash registers and digital systems.

Interact with Customers

Service crew members respond to customer complaints and questions, resolving issues where possible and referring customers to managers as needed.

Use Selling Techniques

Service crew members use various selling techniques to suggest additional purchases and upsell to customers.


Service crew members keep work areas, such as food preparation areas, and customer areas clean and organized.

Maintain Stock

Service crew members stock work and customer areas with needed supplies, such as napkins, condiments, and cleaning supplies, and notify management when inventory levels begin to run low.

Greet Customers

Service crew members greet customers who enter the business and answer phone calls from customers.

Fill Food Orders

Service crew members assist with food prep and cooking to fill customer orders.

Serve Food

Service crew members serve food to customers.

Service Crew Skills and Qualifications

Service crew members are customer service oriented. They have great communication skills, are able to work well with others, and are able to juggle multiple tasks at once. Employers seek out service crew members who have the following skills:
  • Customer service

    – service crew members work in service-based businesses, so employers seek professionals with strong customer service skills to fill this role.
  • Sales

    – because service crew members interact with customers and take orders, employers look for professionals with excellent sales skills for this job.
  • Communication

    – service crew members frequently interact with customers and other crew members, which requires excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Math skills

    – service crew members process payments for customers, which requires basic mathematical skills.
  • Computer skills

    – because many register systems and payment programs are digital, service crew members use basic computer skills to process customer payments.
  • Physical ability

    – service crew members spend hours walking and standing, and must lift heavy stock items, which requires physical ability.

Service Crew Education and Training

Most employers have very few educational and training requirements for service crew members. Because this is an entry-level position, most service crew members are only required to be at least 16 years of age to obtain this job. Some employers do require service crew members to have a high school diploma or GED, but this is not common. Because this is an entry-level job, paid training is provided to service crew members. This training period varies by employer based on company standards, but generally lasts no longer than one to two weeks. New service crew members are typically trained by senior staff members and members of the management team.

Service Crew Salary and Outlook

There were more than 5 million jobs for food and beverage serving and related workers in 2016, according to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These jobs are projected to increase by 14 percent through 2026, a faster-than-average growth rate. In 2017, food and beverage serving and related workers earned a median income of about $10 per hour and $20,410 annually. Service crew members are food and beverage serving workers, and both job titles are associated with providing customer service, performing food preparation, and cleaning restaurant and dining areas. Most full-time service crew members are provided with basic benefits packages by employers that include major medical insurance. Additional insurance benefits, such as dental and vision coverage, are provided rarely. Part-time service crew members are less likely to receive healthcare benefits from employers. A majority of employers do offer free or discounted food to service crew members, along with some paid time off. Rarely, restaurants offer tuition assistance programs to full- and part-time service crew members.

Helpful Resources

Use these resources to find job openings and learn essential skills and strategies for service crew members:

visit this website to search for restaurant jobs, read industry news, and find various discounts and deals on health and wellness programs. learn the essential math skills service crew members need with this in-depth book that provides tips for performing the math that restaurants workers need to know to be more efficient and effective when processing customer orders. read news updates and research information, find upcoming professional events, search for restaurant jobs, and learn more about restaurant management at this website for service crew members and all restaurant workers. get tips for calming down the most volatile customer situations with the techniques provided in this book that offers actual examples and useful strategies for delivering great customer service to even the most dissatisfied customers. explore member benefits for service crew members and other customer service professionals at this website. this book is written in a concise, simple way to provide quick, practical tips for using great selling techniques to sway customers.

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