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Subway Sandwich Artist Resume FAQ

In what order do you layer a sandwich?

There is actually a way or strategy that goes behind layering a sandwich! The purpose is to prevent a sandwich from slipping or looking sloppy.

Follow these steps for a superb subway design:

  1. Start by layering the denser textures, such as meat and cheese, first. They should be placed at the bottom of the sandwich.
  2. Follow your layering with vegetables and any crunchy element. These should be carefully placed at the top for a stronger sub.
  3. For a pro tip, try layering lettuce throughout the body of the sub to create an extra grip, this will prevent the sandwich filling from falling out!

What skills should a Subway sandwich artist have?

Ideally, a subway sandwich artist should have a high school diploma or GED. For the specific, on-the-job skills, don’t worry! You may be provided with hands-on training in food preparation and safety guidelines during onboarding. Having prior experience is great, however.

You should have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Additionally, you must have the ability to follow verbal instructions and stand for extended periods of time. All of these skills will lead to exceptional customer service as well as excellent food preparation skills!

What is a Subway artist?

A Subway sandwich artist greets and provides food preparation services. They work on the spot and are skilled at making perfect sandwiches.

These experts combine tasty recipes that can range from wraps, grilled, open face, and even pinwheel, which is based on tortillas as their bread base.

Finally, they prepare the orders by request while maintaining food safety and sanitation standards.