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Additional Food Service Resume Samples


Deli Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Based on job listings we analyzed, a deli clerk's duties typically include the following:

Greeting Customers Serving as the face of the company, deli clerks are courteous and friendly to each person who comes in.

Stocking Deli Products Stock rotation and ensuring the shelves are fully stocked at all times are a key part of a deli clerk's day-to-day tasks. They remove any products that are past their sell-by date and monitor products that are running low or are out of stock so more can be ordered in.

Providing Prompt Service Deli clerks provide quick and efficient service to customers looking to make a purchase, either by taking their order for freshly prepared food or processing payment for shelved stock.

Keeping the Deli Clean Deli clerks constantly monitor the sanitation of the deli, cleaning up spills and messes quickly and hygienically, and making sure that food preparation areas are always clean and tidy.

Responding to Customer Queries If a customer has a complaint or a question regarding a product, deli clerks respond politely and professionally. They are knowledgeable about the products on offer and so can answer questions in an informed manner.


Deli Clerk Skills and Qualifications

Typically, employers require a high school diploma and previous experience in a similar role, as well as the following abilities:
  • Customer service - deli clerks treat people from all walks of life courteously, delivering outstanding customer service at all times
  • Health and safety knowledge - to monitor the deli for sanitation violations and to meet health and safety compliance
  • Stamina - work days can be tiring with long hours of standing, lifting boxes of products, and working busy shifts
  • Teamwork - to collaborate with colleagues, both in the front of house and those preparing and cooking food
  • Communication skills - to communicate clearly, answer questions from customers, and take orders or product requests

Deli Clerk Education and Training

There is no educational requirement to become a deli clerk, although employers may expect applicants to have a high school diploma and previous experience working in a similar role. Training is received on the job. Depending on the state, a food handler’s permit or a similar certification may be required.

Deli Clerk Salary and Outlook

The median annual salary for deli clerks is $19,000. Deli clerks in the 10th percentile earn around $15,000 a year, while the highest paid earn close to $36,000 annually. Bonus and profit sharing opportunities can reach up to $1,500 with this position. Experience has the biggest impact on the pay level for this job, and around half of employers provide health benefits as part of the salary package for deli clerks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the growth rate for this sector is expected to grow by 14 percent through 2026.

Helpful Resources

We've collected some of the best resources to help you learn about working as a deli clerk:

All Food Business - As the site name suggests, this blog is all about food business-related topics, from marketing to customer service. In particular, this blog provides useful tips on the best ways to present yourself to customers and how to deliver excellent customer service every time.

Restaurant Service Basics - This book serves as a great training tool for anyone working in a food service industry, teaching through step-by-step instructions on how to serve customers, the importance of sanitation, and emergency procedures.

Remarkable Service - Creating memorable guest experiences is part of working in the food service sector; this book, now in its third edition, highlights the techniques and principles that enable workers to do just that. Providing straightforward advice, this book covers everything from training to money handling and the relationship between front and back of house staff.

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