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Simple Resume Tweaks to Help You Land Your First Job

Whether you are fresh out of college or looking for an after-school job, these simple resume tweaks will help you land your first job. Learn how to showcase internships, volunteer work, and extracurriculars from a professional angle.

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How to Make the Most of Out of Networking Events

Many jobseekers may feel awkward or uncomfortable at professional networking events, but socializing at events, conferences, and with your connections can open doors to exciting career opportunities. Learn how to shake off the nerves and collect business cards.

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What Is a Chronological Resume?

When you think of a resume, what do you picture? A document with your name, skill, work experience, and education? Congratulations – you just described a chronological resume. Learn why bosses and hiring managers prefer the chronological resume.

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10 Things Hiring Managers Look For on Your Resume

Hiring managers spend less than six seconds to review resumes. Find out what top markers on your resume matter to hiring managers look. These 10 tips will help you land an interview and, hopefully, the job!

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Should References Be Added to Resumes?

Now that your resume is written, it is time to review! Correctly spelled name? Check. Work experience with quantifiable facts and figures? Golden. But what about your references? Learn when you should include references on your resume.

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One-Page vs. Two-Page Resumes: Experts Weigh In

How to do you decide how long to make your resume? Should it be one-page or two-pages? The answer varies with your experience. This helpful resume guide walks you through your career experiences and skills to help you make the perfect resume.

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GPA on Resumes: When Should It Be Added?

Should you put your GPA on your resume? The answer depends on your circumstances. Our advice breaks it down for recent graduates, entry-level workers, and established professional

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The Best Way to List Professional Certifications on Resumes

You know how to highlight your previous work experience on your resume. You showcase your accomplishments with statistics and increased engagement numbers. But how do you feature your certifications on your resume? Find advice and examples here.

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Meeting Etiquette You Should Always Abide By (No Matter How Many People Have Their Phones Out)

Keep hands and feet to yourself, do not duck into meetings late, and do not glance at your phone. These common courtesies may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked in meetings. We list the 9 worst workplace behaviors and how to avoid them.

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Essential Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Search

You filled your resume with quantifiable facts and figures and have your references lined up. You have a cover letter template ready to adapt. Now learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiter searches.

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5 Reasons Not to Upload a Resume to LinkedIn

You may think of LinkedIn as your online resume, but you could be costing yourself career opportunities. Learn why you should not just upload your resume to LinkedIn and how to create a unique and supplemental page to your application docs.

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The Final Word on Choosing Resume Fonts and Font Sizes

Ah yes – your resume font. How do you pick a font that indicates your professionality without making you a dull snooze? Our guide breaks down beloved font choices to spruce up your resume.

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How Not to Botch a Video Interview

Did you land the video interview? Congratulations – only a handful of applicants make it to this round. Make sure you keep the good momentum going by following these 9 easy tips to keep your video interview running smoothly.

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Job Interview Questions: The Good, The Bad and the Illegal

The job market is hard – it takes companies an average of 42 days to fill a role. Most jobseekers spend 20+ weeks looking for new opportunities. However, you should know your legal rights. Here is how to approach good, bad, and illegal job interview questions.

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How to Answer ‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’

There is a wider range of answers to the question: “Why are you looking for a new job?” Compensation, benefits, job satisfaction. Here are some smart tips on how to answer this question and leave a good impression with your potential manager.

What Not To Ask at a Job Interview

You are invited to the on-site interview. You may have practiced your answers to common interview questions and planned your outfit, but this interview is as much for you as for the hiring manager. Learn what to never ask at a job interview.

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Ultimate Guide to Working and Volunteering Abroad

Do not limit yourself to finding work in your home country – there is a market for international workers. Our guide to working and volunteering abroad walks you through visa requirements, nation-related facts, and online resources.

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Employment Law Resource Guide

Regardless of your experience level or employment status, employment law relates to your legal rights and employee safety practices. This article provides easy at-a-glance advice to help educate you about your legal protections.

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Part-Time and Seasonal Job Resource Guide

If you are a full-time student looking for part-time work or a young professional looking for a side hustle, this seasonal job resource guide can help. Learn where to find a part-time job, how to juggle multiple W2s, and how to balance two or more jobs.

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Legal Career Resource Guide

From intense cramming in law school to backbreaking prep for the bar examination, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. We took some pressure off your shoulders and pulled together a legal library of the best online resources, podcasts, and formal advice.

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Healthcare Career Resource Guide

The healthcare industry is booming – job growth is higher than in other industries. JobHero tracked down all of the online career and study resources you could hope home. This career resource guide will guide you through every stage of education and experience.

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Career

A fresh graduate might hear the question: “What is your major.” Professionals hear a similar phrase: “What do you do for a living?” Our career guide helps you access career assessments, personality quizzes, and industry breakdowns.

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Academic Career Resource Guide

Are you ready to mold young minds and influence a generation of future leaders, advocates, and educators? Our academic career resource guide features job responsibilities, salary breakdowns, job boards, and advice to help you thrive in academia.

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Resource Guide for HR Professionals

From hiring, training, and recruiting, human resource employees help cultivate a strong and healthy work environment. Find additional help and advice in our carefully curated resource guide for HR professionals.

Labor History Resource Guide

The course of history never did run smooth. Generations of laborers and workplace tragedies led to safer work environments, unions, and employee protections. Our labor history guide highlights crucial labor regulations and links you to employee advocate groups.

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Resource Guide

It is a golden age for start-ups. If you have an innovative idea, learn how to launch your own business with our entrepreneurship and small business resource guide. Learn how to create a brand voice, launch an online presence, and protect your business interests.

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Occupational Health and Safety Guide

Believe it or not – workers once had few to no legal protections in place. A government agency has existed since 1971 to ensure safe working conditions and practices for American workers. Our occupational health and hazard guide informs you of basic rights.