Quality Manager Job Description

Quality Managers are responsible for overseeing manufacturing processes to make sure the products produced meet the particular quality standards of their industry of employment. They create and implement testing systems for a given product and then document the results. They also oversee a team of Quality Control Inspectors. The manufacturing and engineering industries employ the most Quality Managers. Within these industries, there are several niches that require product manufacturing. Part of being a successful Quality Manager requires specialized expertise in the products produced by their employer. While Quality Managers have a dedicated office at a production site, they spend a lot of their time on the production floor inspecting or overseeing the inspection of finished products.


Quality Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Work With Suppliers to Set Quality Standards for Raw Materials

Before Quality Managers inspect finished products, they inspect the raw materials used in production. They visit supplier sites to make sure the raw materials meet industry and government standards before the buyer on their team places an order.

Oversee Product Development Process

Quality Managers work closely with the product development team to create a system for developing a product that complies with all industry and government quality assurance standards. They also monitor the production floor to ensure all phases of the production process stay up to standard.

Hire, Train and Manage Quality Assurance Team Members

This duty is the managerial aspect of this position. Quality Managers are involved in the hiring and onboarding process for all quality assurance team members. They have to create and implement a training program based on the specific needs and standards of their employer. They also have to manage employee concerns and keep them inspired to produce their best work.

Develop Product Inspection Systems Based on Industry and Government Standards
This is the Quality Manager’s primary responsibility. They have to create a replicable procedure for inspecting products and the production process based on the specific standards of their industry. They then have to teach this system to their team and make sure they follow it for all inspections.

Document and Remedy the Cause of Product Deficiencies

Product deficiencies happen. It is the responsibility of the Quality Manager to document when these deficiencies occur so they can conduct statistical analysis to determine a course of action to fix them.


Quality Manager Skills

Quality assurance roles, such as the role of Quality Manager, are mostly technical positions, but the managerial duties of this particular position require soft skills as well. First off, Quality Managers need to be experts on the products they are responsible for inspecting. Determining the quality of a product requires intricate knowledge of how the product works. Secondly, Quality Managers have to be systems-oriented. A big part of their job role is creating systems for product inspection. If the system is bad, defects may go unnoticed. Finally, Quality Managers have to be team-orientated. Not only do they have to collaborate with the product development and supply purchasing teams, but they also function as the leader of the quality assurance team. In addition to these traits and areas of knowledge, the following skills are necessary to get hired as a Quality Manager.

  • Collaborating with product development team to develop production processes
  • Testing finished products for functionality using product expertise
  • Developing quality inspection procedures based on knowledge of industry and federal standards
  • Keeping quality assurance team happy and productive using interpersonal skills
  • Documenting and analyzing product deficiency incidents


Quality Manager Education and Training

Quality Managers have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering or a similar production-related field. The more important quality for this position is experience in the quality assurance field. Much of the knowledge required to succeed in this role comes from years of working as an entry-level quality assurance employee.


Quality Manager Resources

If you see yourself building a career in the field of quality assurance, then check out this list of resources below.

American Society for Quality – The American Society for Quality is the leading organization in the quality assurance industry when it comes to professional certifications. They offer 18 different certifications, many of which can help Quality Managers advance in their career.

Society of Quality Assurance – The Society of Quality Assurance is another general organization for quality assurance professionals. They have an excellent resource section that includes numerous regulation references for a variety of industries. They also have a career development section dedicated to helping members find jobs.

Quality Magazine – Quality Magazine is the premier print publication in the quality assurance industry. Keeping up with the digital age, they have built a digital library of each issue, which is available to those who subscribe. It has articles on quality assurance strategies and the latest industry news.

Quality Line – Quality Line is a production line consulting firm with over 25 years of experience helping clients raise the quality of their production processes. Their blog contains both fresh and archived articles applicable to Quality Managers.

The Handbook for Quality Management, Second Edition by Thomas Pyzdek and Paul A. Keller – This book is the go-to quality management resource for those trying to earn their Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence certification from the American Society of Quality. It is considered a must-read for those who want to succeed as a Quality Manager.


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