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How to Format Your Cover Letter

Visit our helpful cover letter format and writing guide for additional advice on how to customize your application, or read on to find administrative-related advice. 

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  • Contact information:

    • Make sure your professional cover letter header matches your resume for a cohesive look. Include your name, phone number and email.

  • Date and recipient's mailing information:

    • Visit the company’s directory to research the hiring manager and contact info. Add the date of writing, followed by the manager’s name, job title and professional mailing address.

  • Greeting:

    • Begin the letter with a professional salutation. We prefer the following formal greetings: “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,” “Hello, Mr./Ms. Last Name,” or the last resort, “To whom it may concern.”

  • Introduction:

    • Add the name of the position and company, how you learned about it and one administrative skill or accomplishment to advertise your suitability in this opening paragraph.

  • Body:

    • Use one or two paragraphs to elaborate on one or two accomplishments on your contract administrator resume. The goal is to quantify your training further and prove your proficiency.

  • Closing statement:

    • In the final paragraph, reiterate your interest and qualifications. Express your eagerness to discuss your candidacy in an interview further.

  • Signature:

    • End the letter with a formal closing followed by your full name and, if applicable, your professional titles or certifications. Acceptable signatures include “Salutations,” “Best,” or “Regards.”

Use skills to personalize your contract administrator cover letter

Showcasing a mix of soft, hard and technical skills will provide a comprehensive look at your qualifications for the job. Be sure to include examples of instances where these resume skills were helpful in your role. 

Contract negotiation:

In previous contracts, highlight your ability to negotiate favorable terms, including cost savings and risk mitigation.

Contract management software:

Mention proficiency using contract management software, such as PandaDoc, to streamline processes and ensure compliance.

Risk assessment:

Showcase your expertise in identifying and analyzing potential risks within contracts and your strategies for mitigation.

Contract review:

Emphasize your meticulous attention to detail when reviewing contracts, catching discrepancies and ensuring alignment with organizational goals.

Legal compliance:

Discuss your knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, ensuring contracts adhere to legal standards and industry-specific requirements.

Vendor relations:

Highlight your ability to build and maintain positive relationships with suppliers, vendors and subcontractors, leading to successful collaborations.

Cost control:

Illustrate your track record in managing contract budgets effectively and achieving cost savings without compromising quality.

Performance metrics:

Mention your experience defining and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess contract performance and implement improvements.

Contract auditing:

Describe your proficiency in conducting contract audits to ensure compliance and optimal performance.

Conflict resolution:

Showcase your interpersonal skills in resolving disputes and conflicts between contract parties and maintaining positive business relationships.

Contract documentation:

Discuss your ability to create and maintain comprehensive contract documentation, including amendments and revisions.

Scope management:

Highlight your expertise in defining and managing project scopes within contracts, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

Quality assurance:

Mention your commitment to ensuring that contractual obligations are met and deliverables adhere to quality standards.

Stakeholder communication:

Emphasize your excellent communication skills, facilitating practical discussions with internal and external stakeholders.

Process improvement:

Share examples of how you’ve contributed to developing and implementing more efficient contract administration processes, leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Free Contract Administrator Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Cordray:

Upon learning of your need for a seasoned Contract Administrator to join your team, I had to submit my resume for your review. As an experienced and dedicated professional with experience providing comprehensive leadership and support in contract preparation and negotiation, I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your company in this role.

My background consists of more than 15 year’s experience overseeing contract administration functions for companies spanning the technological, manufacturing and consumer goods sectors. Backed by superior communication and multitasking capabilities, I excel at preparing business contracts with optimal terms and benefits for companies while driving maximum internal productivity and cost efficiency.

Highlights of my experience include:

  1. Drafting, examining, analyzing and continually revising contracts, bids, termination letters, RFPs, amendments and addendums while negotiating strategic terms and mitigating corporate risk.
  2. Negotiating new contracts with technical service providers, resulting in more than $925,000 in savings annually.
  3. Identifying and pursuing opportunities to cut costs by contracting — or re-contracting — with key facilities, networks and other groups in alignment with the company’s strategic goals.
  4. Working closely with legal teams to stay abreast of internal policies and procedures and ensure full down-the-line compliance with legal regulations and contract verbiage.
  5. Developing new processes to streamline contract operations during departmental downsizing and work volume increases.
  6. Balancing multiple tasks within deadline-driven atmospheres while providing top-level interpersonal skills and maintaining strict attention to detail.

With my proven commitment to delivering the highest quality of contract administration and negotiation, I am well prepared to extend my record of exceptional service to your team. I welcome discussing this position and my qualifications with you further. Thank you for your consideration.


Martha B. Clarke

This sample contract administrator cover letter is effective because the job seeker presents her qualifications, achievements and relevance to the job with a professional, engaging tone. The job seeker uses these strategies to write a persuasive document:

Add a Resume as a Foundational Base

A cover letter helps promote your resume — but your resume acts as an essential building block for your job search. This concise summary helps hiring managers trace your training, experience, skill development and accomplishments. The following help articles, online tools and samples can help you improve your resume. 

Contract Administrator Cover Letter FAQ

What's the ideal length for a contract administrator cover letter?

A one-page cover letter of 250 to 300 words is ideal. Focus on showcasing your qualifications and key achievements while maintaining brevity.

Should I address my cover letter to a specific person or use a general greeting?

Whenever possible, address your cover letter to the hiring manager by name. If you don’t have a name, use a general greeting like “Dear Hiring Team.”

How can I tailor my cover letter for applicant tracking systems (ATS)?

Use relevant keywords from the job description, mirror the job title and emphasize skills and experience that match the position’s requirements. ATS systems scan for keyword matches.

Is it necessary to include references in my cover letter?

No. References should be provided separately upon request. Your cover letter should focus on your qualifications and how you can contribute to the company.

Can I use the same cover letter for multiple job applications?

While a template can be helpful, it’s crucial to customize each cover letter for the specific job and company. Tailoring your letter demonstrates genuine interest and relevance to the role.