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How to Write a Deck Cadet Resume

Your deck cadet resume’s format is as important as how you write your resume. This sample resume demonstrates the best layout hacks to follow: 1-inch margins, bullet points and clear resume headings for each of the following sections.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

  • Professional header and contact info

    • Include your name, contact information and a professional email address.
  • Compelling summary statement

    • A brief resume summary or objective highlighting two or three marina boating-relevant skills, experience or accomplishments.
  • Highlight your skills

    • Create a dedicated section to showcase hard and soft skills specific to marina boating work, like radar operation, navigational software and chartplotting.
  • Emphasize your work history

    • List your work experience in reverse-chronological order. Include job titles, company names, dates of employment and key responsibilities and achievements for each role in a bullet list.
  • Supporting education section

    • Detail your educational background, mentioning any relevant degrees, diplomas or certifications obtained.
  • Additional sections

    • You can add resume sections for licenses, certifications, industry memberships or unions, awards, volunteer experience or spoken languages.


How to Write a Deck Cadet Resume Summary

The resume summary section for a deck cadet is your opportunity to make an effective first impression on potential employers. Here are some guidelines for crafting an effective deck cadet resume summary:

Keep it concise

Your resume summary should be brief — keep it to two or three sentences. Highlight your key qualifications, experience and areas of expertise as a deck cadet.

Highlight your skills and experience

Emphasize your knowledge of maritime operations, navigation, safety protocols and equipment handling. Mention any experience or training you have received in seamanship, ship maintenance and emergency response areas.

Showcase your adaptability and teamwork

Highlight your ability to work effectively in a team, follow instructions, and adapt to changing environments. Include any experience you have in coordinating with crew members, assisting with vessel operations and ensuring smooth sailing.

Mention any relevant certifications

If you have obtained any certifications pertinent to the deck cadet role, such as Basic Safety Training (BST) or Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB), be sure to include them in your resume summary.

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Good deck cadet resume example

“Highly motivated deck cadet with a solid maritime operations and navigation foundation. Experienced in assisting with vessel operations, performing routine maintenance and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Strong team player with exceptional communication and problem-solving skills. Proficient in using navigational equipment and dedicated to maintaining a safe and efficient working environment onboard.”

This well-written example provides a concise overview of the candidate’s qualifications and experience as a deck cadet. It highlights their knowledge of maritime operations, maintenance skills and commitment to safety. The summary also emphasizes their teamwork and communication abilities, which are crucial in the maritime industry.

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Poor deck cadet resume example

“Deck cadet seeking a challenging position where I can utilize my skills and gain experience in the maritime industry. Hardworking and dedicated with a strong desire to learn and contribute to a ship’s operations.”

This poorly-written example needs to be more specific and provide meaningful details about the candidate’s skills or experience as a deck cadet. The summary needs to be more specific and specific, lacking specific qualifications or accomplishments. It does not effectively highlight the candidate’s unique strengths or value as a potential deck cadet.

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The resume summary works best if you have over three years of experience. Try the resume objective if you’re a first-time job seeker, freelancer or career changer. This alternative introduction pitches your transferable skills and downplays your lack of directly-relevant experience.


How to Add Your Deck Cadet Work History

The work history section of your deck cadet resume is a critical component that demonstrates your practical experience and contributions in the maritime industry. Here are some guidelines for effectively presenting your work history as a deck cadet:

Start with the most recent position

Begin with your most recent or current role as a deck cadet and list previous jobs in reverse-chronological order. Include the vessel name, company, and dates of employment.

Provide an overview of your responsibilities

Detail your day-to-day tasks and duties as a deck cadet, such as assisting with vessel operations, performing maintenance duties and ensuring compliance with safety procedures. Mention any specific equipment or systems you worked with, such as radar or navigational instruments.

Highlight your achievements

Showcase any notable accomplishments or contributions you made during your deck cadet roles. This could include successfully executing emergency drills, participating in navigation exercises or receiving positive feedback from senior crew members.

Demonstrate your teamwork and adaptability

Emphasize your ability to work effectively in a team, follow instructions from senior officers and adapt to changing conditions at sea. Mention any experience coordinating with crew members, assisting with deck operations, and ensuring the smooth running of vessel activities.

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Good deck cadet work history sample

Deck Cadet | Oceanic Shipping Company | 2019-2021

  • Assisted in deck operations, including mooring, anchoring and cargo handling on container vessels.
  • Conducted regular maintenance of deck equipment, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Participated in navigation exercises, including chart plotting and route planning, under the supervision of senior officers.
  • Successfully executed emergency drills, adhering to safety protocols and maintaining calm and efficient responses.
  • Received commendation for demonstrating strong teamwork and adaptability during challenging weather conditions.

This persuasive example effectively highlights the candidate’s roles and responsibilities as a deck cadet. It demonstrates their practical experience in assisting with deck operations, maintaining equipment and participating in navigation exercises. The example also showcases their ability to handle emergencies and work well in a team. Additionally, it highlights their adaptability and commitment to safety, which are crucial attributes for a deck cadet.

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Poor deck cadet work history sample

Deck Cadet | Maritime Company | 2018-2020

  • Assisted with deck operations.
  • Conducted routine tasks.
  • Followed instructions from senior officers.
  • Participated in safety drills.

This vague example needs to be more specific and provide sufficient details about the candidate’s work history as a deck cadet. The bullet points are too general and do not highlight specific responsibilities or accomplishments. It must effectively demonstrate the candidate’s skills or contributions in previous roles. The example must clearly understand the candidate’s experiences or impact as a deck cadet.


How to Write a Deck Cadet Education Section

The education section of your deck cadet resume provides essential information about your academic background and any relevant training or certifications you have obtained. Here are some guidelines for effectively presenting your education in a deck cadet resume:

1Start with your highest level of education

Begin with your highest completed degree or qualification, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nautical Studies, Maritime Operations, or a related field. Include the name of the institution, the degree earned and the dates of attendance or graduation.

2Mention relevant coursework

Highlight any specific coursework or areas of study that are directly relevant to deck operations, navigation, safety protocols, and maritime regulations. This could include Seamanship, Navigation, Maritime Law, Ship Stability and Emergency Response courses.

Education and relevant coursework formatting example:

Bachelor of Science in Nautical Studies | Maritime University | 2017-2021

  • Relevant coursework: Seamanship, Navigation and Chartwork, Maritime Law and Regulations, Ship Stability and Trim.

3Include relevant certifications and training programs

List any certifications or additional training programs specific to the deck cadet role and add value to your resume. For example, include certifications in Personal Survival Techniques (PST), Basic Firefighting, Elementary First Aid (EFA) or completion of a deck cadet training program.

Certifications and training formatting example:

Personal Survival Techniques (PST) Certification | Maritime Training Institute | 2020

  • Certification in survival techniques, including lifeboat operations, life jacket use, and emergency procedures at sea.

Basic Firefighting Training | Maritime Safety Academy | 2019

  • Comprehensive training program covering firefighting techniques, fire prevention, and fire safety equipment on board.

Deck Cadet Training Program | ABC Maritime Training Center | 2018

  • Intensive training program providing hands-on experience in deck operations, navigation, safety procedures and shipboard protocols.
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Tailor your education section with relevant education and training that directly align with the skills and requirements of the factory worker position you are applying for.


15 Skills For Your Deck Cadet Resume

The skills section of your deck cadet resume is a vital component that showcases your abilities, knowledge and expertise relevant to the role. Here are examples of five soft skills, five hard skills and five technical skills specific to deck cadet responsibilities:

soft skills

Soft skills

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to Detail
hard skills

Hard skills

  • Seamanship
  • Navigation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Deck Operations
  • Vessel Maintenance

Technical skills

  • Radar Operation
  • Navigational Software
  • Chartplotting
  • Emergency Response
  • Ship Stability
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Tailor your skills to align with the specific job requirements, and prioritize the transferable skills that help you ensure a safe and efficient deck operation.


20 Deck Cadet Action Verbs

Action verbs are crucial elements of a deck cadet resume as they bring your experiences to life and demonstrate your active involvement in maritime operations. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of 20 power words tailored to deck cadets. These verbs will help you effectively articulate your skills, responsibilities and achievements.

  • Anchor
  • Assist
  • Communicate
  • Conduct
  • Coordinate
  • Ensure
  • Execute
  • Handle
  • Maintain
  • Monitor
  • Navigate
  • Operate
  • Perform
  • Respond
  • Safeguard
  • Secure
  • Support
  • Train
  • Utilize
  • Verify


Additional Resume Sections

Consider adding the following sections to your deck cadet resume based on your specific circumstances and to enhance your qualifications:

  • Certifications: Include a separate section to showcase relevant credentials, such as Basic Safety Training (BST), Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB) or Personal Survival Techniques (PST) Certification.
  • Professional Development: Use a professional development section featuring workshops, seminars or marina boating programs to replace or supplement your education section.
  • Awards and Achievements: If you have received recognition or awards for your performance, productivity, or safety record, include a section to showcase these accomplishments.
  • Volunteer Experience: Replace your work history section with a volunteer section if you have less than three years of experience. Use this space to demonstrate relevant skills or attributes, such as seamanship, expert navigation and knowledge safety procedures.
  • Language Proficiency: Since marina boating work can include a diverse range of employees, advertise your fluency in other languages as a workplace boon!
  • Memberships: Let hiring managers know about your membership to industry-specific organizations or unions.

Use a Cover Letter to Express Yourself

A resume is a concise overview of your skills and experience — a cover letter expands on this foundation. Add a cover letter to share one or two examples of how you excelled in similar roles or how your skills match a company’s needs. Use this sample as a guide or visit our helpful resources to boost your application.

Deck Cadet Resume FAQ

How should I format my deck cadet resume?

For a deck cadet resume, use a clear and professional format highlighting your relevant skills and experiences. Include contact information, resume summary, education, work history, skills, certifications and other relevant information. Use bullet points to concisely present your responsibilities and achievements, and ensure the overall layout is well-organized and easy to read.

Should I include customer service experience on my deck cadet resume?

While customer service experience may not directly relate to deck cadet responsibilities, it can still demonstrate valuable skills. If you have customer service experience, emphasize transferable skills such as effective communication, problem-solving and teamwork. Adapt your experience to showcase how it aligns with the qualities required for a successful deck cadet, such as maintaining good relations with crew members and assisting passengers.

How can I make my deck cadet resume stand out?

To make your deck cadet resume stand out, tailor it to the specific job requirements you're targeting — this customization can help you score well on applicant tracking systems and help your resume reach a living person. Highlight your relevant skills and experiences in deck operations, navigation and safety protocols. Include any specialized training, certifications or industry-specific knowledge you possess. Additionally, showcase your teamwork, adaptability and problem-solving abilities to demonstrate your readiness to work effectively in maritime environments.

Should I include a resume summary in my deck cadet resume?

Including a resume summary can be beneficial as it provides a concise overview of your qualifications and key strengths as a deck cadet. Summarize your experience, skills, and achievements, emphasizing your safety dedication, deck operations proficiency and effective communication. Tailor the summary to highlight your unique value proposition and showcase how you can contribute to the success of a maritime team.