UI Designer Cover Letter Examples

User Interface (UI) Designers work closely with User Experience (UX) Designers. Their focus is on the layout of a product. They ensure that each page and every step a user will interact with is well designed and meets the vision of the UX designers. UI designers should have a thorough understanding of front-end development as well as some coding skills. UI designers are often confused with UX designers, so ensure that you read the job requirements very carefully.

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Free UI Designer cover letter example

Dear Mr. Toro,

I am interested in applying for the User Interface Designer at Top Tier Digital as advertised in an online advertisement. I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter for your consideration. My education background entails a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science followed by a certificate course in UI Advanced Modules. Subsequently, I was selected for an internship at Unicorn Mobile Technologies, and upon completion of the internship, I was appointed as a UI designer.

I have been involved in various projects in UI development for mobile applications for the past five years. As you will ascertain from my resume, I have developed a wide range of forward-thinking user interface programs, which have all improved user experience and this has aided my proficient knowledge in the process and responsibilities of this position, and I have proficient knowledge in the process and responsibilities required for this position.

Some of my professional accomplishments at Unicorn Mobile Technologies are outlined below:

Used analytics and advanced algorithms to simplify complicated processes enabling users to seamlessly interact with their connected devices and the digital world.

Generated designs for multi-modal (touch, voice, gesture, etc.) systems.

Solved UX and visual design challenges with safety guidelines in mind.

I would like to bring my skills and experience to the benefit of Top Tier Digital. Thank you for considering my application for this position. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this position and what I have to offer further. Please contact me at your convenience. I look forward to your response.


Diann Connolly

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Include These UI Designer Skills

  • Design and shape unique, user-centric products and experiences.
  • Work in teams with developers, UX designers, and copywriters.
  • Make specific design decisions to enhance a user-experience journey and promote intuitive interaction.

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