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Pre Sales Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Pre Sales Consultants have a variety of responsibilities, as " Pre Sales " is a fairly general term. With that being said, here are the duties we saw most in our analysis of Pre Sales Consultant job descriptions.

Analyze Potential Markets Before Product Launch

Pre Sales Consultants are responsible for analyzing market data to determine the ideal customer for a given product. This is one of their most important duties, as the success of their sales pitch depends largely on the accuracy of their analysis.

Craft Sales Pitches for Sales Team

Pre Sales Consultants use the data mentioned above, coupled with their sales expertise, to craft sales pitches for their sales team. This duty also involves presenting sales pitches to the decision makers of a given campaign.

Assist Sales Team in Qualifying Prospects

Pre Sales Consultants help their sales team qualify leads by using their deep understanding of the product's ideal customer pain points. They may even have the initial phone or digital contact with leads.

Provide Product Knowledge Support to Sales Team

Pre Sales Consultants know the given product better than anyone on the sales and marketing teams. This deep product knowledge is required to write a sales pitch that highlights the product's features and benefits.

Participate In Strategy Meetings With Marketing Team

Pre Sales Consultants don't just work with the sales team. They are also responsible for attending and contributing to strategy meetings held by the marketing team. Their goal is to make sure their pitch is aligned with the marketing campaign.


Pre Sales Consultant Skills

Pre Sales Consultants rely mostly on their soft skills to perform their duties. They have to be excellent collaborators, as most of their job involves working with the sales team. They also have to be top-notch communicators, as part of their job often involves interacting with customers. Pre Sales Consultants do have to have some technical knowledge to do their job. They often use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to assist the sales team in efficient customer communication. The following skills are the core skills Pre Sales Consultants rely on daily to do their jobs.

Strategic Thinking Skills

Pre Sales Consultants call upon their strategic thinking skills to craft successful sales pitches for their sales team. They also use their strategic thinking skills when contributing to marketing strategy meetings.

Analytical Skills

Pre Sales Consultants use their analytical skills to analyze the market before a product or sales campaign launches. The data they collect often makes or breaks a campaign, as it is used to craft a target customer for a given product.

Sales Skills

While Pre Sales Consultants may not be out in the field as much as their sales team, it takes supreme sales skills to be able to craft a successful sales pitch. They also call upon these sales skills when assisting in the lead qualification process.

Organizational Skills

Pre Sales Consultants call upon their organizational skills to successfully use CRM software. This software digitally tracks all communication with each client, but its effectiveness depends on the organizational skills of its user.

Collaborative Skills

Whether it is with the sales team or the marketing team, Pre Sales Consultants are constantly collaborating. They use these skills when presenting their sales pitches to other team members, as well as when participating in strategy meetings.

Pre Sales Consultant Education Requirements

In order to become a Pre Sales Consultant, the first step is to get a college degree. Employers prefer candidates with Bachelor's degrees in Business, Management or Marketing. These degrees typically take four years, although some colleges offer accelerated programs that can be completed in three years. Pre Sales Consultants take courses on business communication, business strategy and basic marketing principles. They may also take courses in negotiation, accounting and finance. The final step of one's education is usually to serve an internship, and it is through these internships that Pre Sales Consultants can secure themselves their first job.

Pre Sales Consultant Salary

According to online sources, the national median salary for Pre Sales Consultants is $82,611. Those in the bottom 10 percent make below $50,000, and those in the top 10 percent make above $130,000.

Pre Sales Consultant Resources

If you're interested in further exploring the career path of Pre Sales Consultant, then take a look at our list of resources below.

The Society of Professional Consultants The Society of Professional Consultants is made up of Consultants within a variety of industries. This is a great resource for Pre Sales Consultants who have considered starting their own consultancy firm.

Sales and Marketing Executives InternationalSMEI is a global organization with members who hold a variety of job titles within the world of sales and marketing. They have an online forum for members, as well as a website regularly updated with webinars and articles.

National Association of Sales Professionals This global organization has some of the best sales professionals in the world amongst its ranks, many of which are Pre Sales Consultants. They offer members online training and certification, as well as an extensive collection of sales resources.

Saleshacker.com Saleshacker is one of the most-visited sales blogs on the web. It contains articles on virtually every Sales topic , including pre Sales.

Thesalesblog.comThis blog is regularly updated at least one time a week with an article pertaining to current trends within the sales industry. This blog also has a corresponding podcast with over 70 episodes of material.

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