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Assistant General Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Tasks expected of an assistant general manager vary by company, but some core jobs are almost always associated with the position. From our analysis of listings, assistant general managers should be prepared to do the following:

Carry out Requests As the general manager’s “right-hand man (or woman),” the assistant follows instructions given by this leader. Actions run the gamut—creating employee schedules, assigning tasks, administering payroll, and hiring new workers, to name a few possibilities. The nature of the requests often depends on the experience level of the assistant general manager, with seasoned ones taking on more demanding tasks. The preferences of the general manager also play a role, with some delegating jobs they themselves aren’t fond of doing.

Observe Good assistant general managers keep their eyes and ears open. They are alert to their environment and its activities. Whether it’s a spill on the floor or employees taking too long at breaks, assistant general managers notice and take action. Through their observations, they may come up with improvements that could benefit the company. If the change is simple, the assistant general manager may be able to arrange it, such as assigning someone to empty the trash can outside of a fast-food joint twice per shift instead of once to keep it from overflowing. More complex suggestions are brought up to the general manager for approval.

Give Feedback Watching employees is perhaps one of the most time-consuming but valuable forms of observing done by assistant general managers. When these leaders spot problems, they need to step in to correct matters. Actions might include explaining what’s wrong, offering additional training, and setting goals for improvement. On the flip side, assistant general managers should never be stingy with praise when they notice good things, as positive feedback boosts morale and performance.


Assistant General Manager Skills and Qualifications

Applicants for assistant general manager positions should be strong leaders capable of rallying a team to exceptional performance. They also need to be excellent communicators who explain directions clearly and listen to what others say. Other critical skills for getting the job done include:

  • Planning and organizing – utilizing human capital and other resources in the most effective ways enables the company to make money
  • Collaboration – assistant general managers are part of a team and must work seamlessly with a variety of other employees
  • Coaching – finding ways to motivate others and improve their skills is essential
  • Multitasking – the duties assistant general managers take on will often be managed simultaneously throughout a shift, which means they must be able to prioritize tasks
  • Computer literacy – being comfortable using a computer for basic office tasks such as writing memos and sending emails is expected
  • Math aptitude – examining spread sheets of performance and revenue requires a good understanding of numbers
  • Vision – looking beyond day-to-day tasks to think of ways the company could improve and increase revenue shows commitment to the employer and its objectives

Assistant General Manager Education and Training

Candidates for assistant general manager positions typically hold at least an associate’s degree in business management or a related field. Job prospects increase for those possessing a bachelor’s degree and for those with a demonstrated track record of managing others effectively. New assistant general managers should be prepared to become thoroughly versed in their company’s policies and procedures and be willing to continuously learn as changes are implemented. High performing assistant general managers may work their way up to becoming a general manager or a .


Assistant General Manager Salary and Outlook

According to Payscale.com, the median salary for an assistant general manager is $45,324 per year. Those in the 10th percentile earn about $30,000, while the highest paid assistant general managers earn roughly $71,000 annually. Payscale.com reports that about a third of assistant general managers do not receive benefits; among those that do, the majority get medical coverage. Discounts on the company’s products or services are also common.


Assistant General Manager Resources

As you ponder a career as an assistant general manager—perhaps even moving up to the general manager position someday—the following sources of information can be helpful:

Becoming a Top Manager: Tools and Lessons in Transitioning to General Management – part pep-talk, part rock-solid business book, aspiring general managers will find this publication both inspirational and practical

Managing for Dummies this entry in the popular book series provides tips for both new and seasoned managers on top issues, such as increasing performance and getting your message across

Hotel General Managers – this LinkedIn group of 52,000+ members provides a forum for professionals to discuss operational issues and improve guest experience

Restaurant and Retail General Manager Network – another niche LinkedIn group, this one promotes itself as a place to share best practices and connect with others in the field