Change Manager Cover Letter

Change Managers are responsible for developing and implementing change initiative projects for a business or organization. Standard work activities include developing and implementing change strategies, conducting impact analyses and determining organizational change readiness, coaching employees through the change process, presenting progress reports to stakeholders and refining company roles and responsibilities based on change goals.

The following is a list of the skills and qualifications typically listed on a Change Manager cover letter.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Project Management or a related field
  • Organization and planning skills
  • Enthusiastic attitude towards change
  • Conflict management skills
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Teaching skills
  • Patience
  • Active listening skills

Below is a sample Change Manager cover letter that highlights some of these accomplishments.

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Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

Upon learning of your need for a Change Manager, I have been inspired to submit my resume. As a Change Manager with five years of experience creating and leading change initiatives, I am sure I have what it takes to succeed at your organization.

My professional experience includes working with Fortune 1000 organizations to identify areas of improvement in their organizational structure and then creating change initiatives designed to make these improvements happen. I believe my experience will help Rhinestone Enterprises grow and prosper.

The following is a list of my most relevant skills and accomplishments.

  • Earned Bachelor’s degree in Project Management from Colgate University
  • Developed and implemented employee re-alignment projects
  • Discussed organizational transitions one-on-one with affected employees and eased their concerns
  • Helped implement new organizational missions through extensive employee training and engagement

Most people hate change. I believe what makes me a good Change Manager is I thrive on change. Most think change is inherently bad, while I think change is inherently good. If you think my qualities and achievements make me a good fit for your organization, then I’d love to come in for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

Hector J. Ortega

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