Assistant Operations Manager Resume Examples

Assistants Operation Manager support managers in devising plans in order to improve business performance. The most successful resume samples describe duties such as putting plans into action, monitoring various operational aspects, collaborating with the logistics office, assigning tasks to employees and hiring new staff. Those seeking to work as Assistants Operation Manager need to demonstrate throughout their resumes teamwork, business acumen, good communication and organizational abilities, computer skills and analytical thinking. Employers prefer candidates holding at least an Associate's Degree in business management or a similar field.

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Assistant Operations Manager Resume Success Stories


Assistant Operations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

As both aids and leaders, assistant operations managers play an interesting role in an organization's success. The core duties they often assume include the following:

Overseeing Operations Assistant operations managers are intricately involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. They make sure materials are where they need to be so that production isn't slowed down, schedule workers, assign tasks to staff members, ensure warehouses and employment practices are compliant with governmental regulations and deal with problems that might arise. Paperwork, such as payroll and performance reviews, also may fall under their obligations.

Logistics Getting products where they need to be is a key responsibility of assistant operations managers. They monitor various aspects of the supply chain, including making shipping arrangements and following through to ensure proper delivery. Communicating regularly with in-house departments, outside vendors, customers, and freight services may be necessary.

Hiring Recruiting duties are par for the course for many assistant operations managers. They also may serve as the first interviewer when candidates are screened for job vacancies and then send the most promising applicants on to see the operations manager. When new hires start, assistant operations managers may help them get up to speed.

Helping the Operations Manager Other tasks assistant operations managers may be called upon to do include attending client meetings with the operations manager, informing staff of policy changes supervisors have made, leading teams in the absence of the operations manager, and making recommendations regarding issues such as pricing and resource allocation.


Assistant Operations Manager Skills

Team players who are good at following and carrying out directions do well as assistant operations managers since their role is one that involves interacting with people at various levels on the company hierarchy. Other important skills for assistant operations managers to possess include:
  • Communicating clearly in both oral and written form
  • Paying attention to detail so that operations run smoothly
  • Prioritizing so that the most important matters are attended to quickly
  • Exhibiting good organizational abilities in order to keep everything on track
  • Possessing a goal-oriented mentality to always be on the lookout for ways to make the company more efficient
  • Grasping numerical concepts in order to interpret data and make sound decisions

Assistant Operations Manager Education and Training

Candidates for assistant operations manager positions typically hold at least an associate's degree in business management or a related field. Job prospects increase for those possessing a bachelor's degree.

Assistant Operations Manager Resources

Ready to get a better handle on what is involved in a career as an assistant operations manager? Turn to the following:

Operations Management for Dummies - The well-known series breaks down this often-complex subject into understandable language. Reviewers praise the book as "helpful" and "good for refreshing and just starting."

Operations Management - The 13th edition of this detailed textbook provides up-to-date information on industry trends while fully covering evergreen topics in operations management.

APICS - Check out this organization's website for the latest on supply chain management as well as for a variety of career-advancing opportunities, such as finding a mentor.

Operations Manager - This LinkedIn Group of more than 206,000 members serves as a platform for people around the world who are interested in operations management to connect and share thoughts about the industry.

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