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Technical Business Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Technical business analysts are hired by a variety of companies and find work in a number of industries, because any business that uses computer systems may hire a technical business analyst to improve and streamline their systems. In all industries and places of work, technical business analysts will perform certain duties regularly, including the following:

Analyze Computer Functions One of the primary responsibilities of the technical business analyst is to improve computer systems and applications, which requires analyzation and testing of all systems currently in use by the business.

Design Programs Technical business analysts design and write new computer programs and applications.

Test and Debug All current and new applications must be tested and debugged by the technical business analyst on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting Technical business analysts are responsible for finding data and computer system risks and implementing new programming to address and eliminate these risks.

Write Data Conversion Scripts Technical business analysts create data conversion scripts in order to digitally store data. Some highly sensitive information may need to be encrypted before it is entered into the system.

Research and Write Analysis Reports Technical business analysts research data and write reports about computer systems, processes, and applications.

Communicate with Technical Teams Technical business analysts must communicate verbally and in written form with other technical staff, informing them of potential risks and briefing them on newly created computer programs.


Technical Business Analyst Skills and Qualifications

Technical business analysts need a background in computer programming, but employers also seek out candidates who have business acumen to perform this job. Employers hiring technical business analysts require candidates to have the following skills:
  • Communication skills - employers look for technical business analysts who have excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • Strategic thinking - a great deal of analyzation is required to be a technical business analyst, so employers look for those who are capable of strategic thinking
  • Multitasking skills - technical business analysts often work on more than one project at a time, which means people in this career must have the ability to manage multiple tasks at once
  • Problem-solving skills - identifying problems is only half the job of being a technical business analyst; once these issues are discovered, the analyst must then create programs to solve these problems
  • Research skills - this job often includes combing through data and finding information, which means that employers want technical business analysts who have a background in research
  • Familiarity with Microsoft - technical business analysts must be familiar with commonly used computer software, notably Microsoft Access, Excel, and PowerPoint

Technical Business Analyst Education and Training

Employers look for potential technical business analysts who have at least bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science. Professionals in this field must also know computer programming languages very well. Technical business analysts work most often with SAS, SQL, and VB. It is not usually required for technical business analysts to get special certifications. However, professionals who want to add more to their resumes can become SAS certified. To do so, the individual must pass one of the SAS certification exams, which cost about $180 to take. SAS certification exams test computer programming knowledge.

Technical Business Analyst Salary and Outlook

According to statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer systems analysts earn $41.93 per hour. The median pay for people in this career field is $87,220 per year, and there were 600,500 jobs available in 2016. The BLS projects that job growth in this field is growing at a rate of 9 percent, the national average. Companies provide technical business analysts with a full benefits package that includes life and health insurance as well as retirement options. Technical business analysts may also receive monetary bonuses for completing programming projects and improving business systems above and beyond expectations.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to become a technical business analyst and advance down this career path using these books and websites:

International Institute of Business Analysis - Visit this website to find information about certification and career resources and to stay up-to-date on the latest industry research and business analysis events.

Business Analyst Technical Edge Quick Start Guide to Objects & SQL: A Roadmap for Career Growth in the Information Technology Field of Business - Business analysts at all levels, from beginners to experts, can use this book to learn how to increase their skills and introduce good business sense to their routine IT job duties.

IASA: An Association for All IT Architects - The IASA website contains information about upcoming IT events and offers information about training and certification programs for professionals in the IT industry.

Business Analysis: The Question and Answer Book - This book is designed to help professionals find and land jobs in the business analysis industry and contains information about useful certification programs to help professionals move down this career path.

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