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Business Analyst Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Many types of businesses in a variety of industries hire business analyst managers, and professionals in this career work in a number of different environments. These core tasks remain the same regardless of employer or industry:

Create Budgets Business analyst managers plan and develop budgets and verify that they're followed by everyone within the company.

Manage and Oversee Staff Business analyst managers are in a management position, so they are responsible for managing staff and supervising project analysts, IT employees, and others within the company.

Hire and Train Staff In many companies, business analyst managers are also responsible for hiring and training new staffers and creating training materials for employees to follow.

Increase Productivity Business analyst managers analyze data and reports to find ways to increase productivity and, by extension, company profits.

Write Schedules Business analyst managers create schedules for projects and upgrades and ensure that they're followed by everyone assigned to those projects.

Reduce Expenses In addition to increasing profits by boosting productivity, business analyst managers must also find ways to reduce expenses, which includes terminating staff and cutting costs.


Business Analyst Manager Skills and Qualifications

Business analyst managers work well independently and as part of a team, since they supervise employees and communicate with clients. Companies that hire business analyst managers seek candidates who display certain essential skills, such as:
  • Critical thinking - business analyst managers conduct research and analyze data, which requires the ability to think critically
  • Problem-solving skills - business analyst managers identify problems and find solutions for them, so problem-solving skills are always desired by employers
  • Management - strong management abilities are essential for business analyst managers, who must supervise and lead other employees. Candidates with leadership experience will stand out to potential employers
  • Communication skills - business analyst managers communicate frequently with staff, vendors, and customers, which requires the ability to listen as well as the ability to speak clearly and effectively
  • Objectivity - business analyst managers make tough decisions on a regular basis, including finding ways to reduce budgets and fire staff, which requires a dispassionate and business-focused disposition
  • Familiarity with Microsoft - business analyst managers frequently work with Microsoft products such as Word and Excel, so employers prefer candidates with past experience using this software

Business Analyst Manager Education and Training

Companies hiring business analyst managers look for candidates who have a bachelor's degree in business management or a similar field. Employers also seek out professionals who have at least five years of related work experience in business or management. Having a Certified Management Consultant certification is not necessary, but it does help job candidates stand out. Applicants must complete a questionnaire and provide client contact information and other data as part of the application process.

Business Analyst Manager Salary and Outlook

Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that management analysts earn a median annual salary of $81,330. There were 806,400 jobs available in this career field in 2016, and the projected job growth through 2026 is faster than the national average at 14 percent. Business analyst managers receive full benefits packages that include health and retirement options, paid vacation leave, and travel reimbursement. Some companies may offer profit-sharing perks and bonuses for employees who excel.

Helpful Resources

Learn the ins and outs of being a business analyst manager with these useful resources:

International Institute of Business Analysis - Learn global standards for business analysts, find information about certification, and discover career resources on the IIBA website.

The Business Analyst / Project Manager: A New Partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty - This book delves into what it takes to be both a business analyst and manager in the corporate world by providing tips and information.

Modern Analyst - Here you can find organizations and associations for business analysts across multiple industries, in addition to forums, webinars, and other career resources.

How to Be a High-Performing Project Manager & Business Analyst - This book offers common-sense techniques for business analyst managers who want to improve their job performance, earn promotions, and complete their essential duties well.

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