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Territory Manager Duties and Responsibilities

In order to guide, teach and inspire their sales forces, Territory Managers must fulfill a wide variety of tasks. After analyzing several job postings, we’ve identified a number of main duties and responsibilities this position requires.

Analyze and Interpret Financial and Sales Records As the leaders of their sales teams, Territory Managers must be able to interpret sales and marketing data to determine which sales representatives and marketing techniques are most effective and why.

Research and Develop Marketing Activities Territory Managers must draw on their extensive sales experience to develop, schedule and pre-promote new marketing activities. This could include conducting surveys or working with focus groups to understand consumer needs and what marketing tactics to use in order to meet those needs.

Meet Weekly Sales Goals As leaders in the sales force, Territory Managers must lead by example. This means constantly developing their salesmanship skills in order achieve personal sales goals, and practicing new sales techniques to pass on to the rest of the sales team. This includes educating both consumers and colleagues about the qualities of the desired product and how the product meets the customer’s needs.

Manage Interpersonal Relationships Territory Managers must keep a careful watch on shifting consumer needs and the progress of their sales teams. This means maintaining positive relationships with local companies and organizations where target consumers are likely to gather, as well as keeping the sales force motivated and trained to meet consumer needs. This could require developing sales leads through cold calling, strategic marketing, collateral distribution and local events.

Train the Sales Force Territory Managers often travel throughout their assigned regions to train their sales forces, work with customers and coordinate marketing efforts with local companies. This will include measuring the success of new marketing and sales techniques by testing them out first hand.


Territory Manager Skills

People who work as Territory Managers are goal oriented, likeable and inspiring leaders. They use effective social and communication skills to convince customers to purchase their products, as well as inspire their sales force to continue pursuing their goals, one of their most important tasks. Potential employers are also looking for the skills and traits listed below. Core skills: Based on job listings we looked at, employers want Territory Manger with these core skills. If you want to work as a Territory Manger, focus on the following.

  • Experience with business to business and business to consumer sales techniques
  • Strong management skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, including PowerPoint,, Word and Excel
  • Ability to work in a high-intensity, fast-paced environment
  • Ability to meet physical demands of jobs, including lifting, standing and walking

Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings included them as preferred. Add these to your Territory Manger toolbox and broaden your career options.

  • Niche experience
  • Experience organizing seminars and trade shows
  • Ability to analyze and interpret sales data to inform sales strategies

Territory Manager Resources

After sifting through the web, we’ve created this list, with high quality industry resources to help both the professional and aspiring salesman. Examine the links below because this list is full of opportunities to connect with and learn from experienced professionals in the field. On the Web Mac McIntosh – This website offers a wide range of support and instruction for anyone looking to develop a career in sales. These include a free newsletter, articles, consulting, training and a learning center with links to a free webinar.

The Riley Guide – This business oriented website is designed to empower students who are considering a career in business. This site focuses on educating students about potential jobs and careers in business related fields, to make sure aspiring salesman can find the best position to fit their needs and interests. This includes an extensive list of additional websites and schools where anyone interested in business can continue learning. On LinkedIn

Sales/Marketing Executives – This is the 2015 awarded group for Best LinkedIn Group for Chief Sales/Marketing Executives. This groups specifically focuses on profession centered conversations (no articles, blogs or promotion), to succinctly address questions and concerns of other professionals.

Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Social Media Innovators – This massive network is full of professionals spanning every aspect of corporate and sales jobs. Connect with professional salesman and marketers to find the best methods for closing sales and building a career in sales.

Medical Device Development, Marketing and Sales – This group focuses on sales need within the medical community. They focus on marketing, developing and selling the latest in medical devices. Shares a wealth of related information to fellow professionals, as well as job openings in related positions. Industry Groups

NASP – The National Association of Sales Professionals is a powerful resource to empower todays salesmen for the challenges of the modern world. They offer assessments, certifications, job postings and a wide array of tips to help the aspiring salesman get his footing.

AA-ISP – The American Association of Inside Sales Professions focuses on the needs of salesman who wish to specialize in inside sales positions. This site includes various resources, including accreditation as an inside sales professional, a mentor program, career center and extensive tools and training to empower today’s inside salesman.

The Sales Management Association – This global organization is dedicated to providing relevant, up-to-date content for sales leaders across every industry. They offer a variety of services to empower salesmen round the world, many of which are free, but some require a paid subscription. Territory Manager Books

Be Your Own Sales Manager – This book contains tactics and strategies for managing your territory, accounts and personal wellbeing. Find the latest management techniques and clever strategies to give you a competitive edge in today’s world of sales and business.

Coaching Agile Teams – This book focuses on a Territory Manager’s need to inspire, educate and empower his sales team. Here, you can bring your sales team into the next level of sales, from mere cooperation into complete collaboration. This includes how to maintain the balance between maintaining contact with your team, without dominating their efforts and limiting their growth.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – A vital resource for anyone with an interest in sales or better managing their personal relationships. This book will prepare anyone in the business or sales fields with additional interpersonal skills for closing additional sales or better inspire your sales team.