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How to Format a Market Research Analyst Resume

The quickest way to get recruiters to notice you is by choosing the correct resume format to organize the information on your resume.

A resume format lays out your most marketable accomplishments first while downplaying any weaknesses like a lack of work experience. Candidates with an extensive employment history of 10+ years can benefit from a chronological resume emphasizing their work experience.

However, if you are just starting your career, you can still create a remarkable resume with a functional format. A functional resume focuses on your best skills and knowledge, shifting the focus from your work history.

Check out these two samples of how each job seeker presented their experience differently based on their experience level.

Chronological Resume

Candidate A

  • 10 years in the workforce
  • 11 months at this job
  • Engineering
  • MA English Literature

Work Experience

Market Research Analyst, Florida Virtual School
February 2022 – present, Orlando, FL

  • Analyzes and researches different market trends in U.S. and Africa artist management industries.
  • Devising a financial plan for the next four years, clarifying SMART and financial goals, and reliable cash flow statements.
  • Creates a social media strategy for Noble Empire Media Group and provides a clear execution plan.

Functional Resume

Candidate B

  • 3 years in workforce
  • 1 year at this job
  • BA Marketing
  • MBA Master of Business Administration

Professional Skills

Data Analysis

  • Collaborates with reporting team to conduct futures market data analysis.
  • Interprets data to solve problems and increase productivity by 20%.
  • Leads a team of four to conduct internal database reports.


  • Collects data to develop pricing models and identify areas for improvement.
  • Interprets statistical, economic, and data modeling techniques and tools.
  • Organizes and analyzes data to create charts and graphs and presents findings to the leadership team.

Market Research Analyst Resume FAQ.

What are the responsibilities of a market research analyst?

Market research analysts gather and analyze information on consumers and competitors to stay ahead of other brands and their marketing methods.

They proactively study and gather consumer information to become the leading brand. A market research analyst is required to have exceptional organizational and research skills.

They are strong communicators and analytical. They review data and provide accurate insight into consumer behavior and competitors’ strategies.

What are the best skills to include in my market research analyst resume?

The skills that will help you land a market research analyst job are critical thinking and analytical skills. Additional must-have skills include attention to detail, organization, accuracy, and communication.

Include job-specific, technical skills on your resume, such as statistical analysis, integrating multiple data sources, and online qualitative research skills. This allows you to gather the information used to determine potential sales of a product or service and pricing.

How much do market research analysts make?

The salary for a market research analyst will vary depending on the industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace product and parts manufacturing is one of the top jobs, with an annual salary of $127,700.

For management, scientific, and technical consulting services, a market research analyst can make $71,930 annually.

Analysts specializing in managing companies and enterprises can earn up to $89,230. If you aim to work in advertising, public relations and other related services, you can make up to $73,960 a year.