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Development Associates perform a variety of fundraising duties: looking for potential donors, updating records, processing donations, preparing donation documents, organizing events and maintaining a good relationship with donors. Their main purpose is attracting funds using various instruments. The strongest resume samples highlight organizational skills, multitasking, communication abilities, persuasion, attention to details and computer competencies. Those seeking to work as Development Associates usually make display of a degree in communication or a related field in their resumes.

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Business Development Associate Duties and Responsibilities

To satisfy the responsibilities of expanding their company's market and customer base and promoting products, Business Development Associates perform various tasks. After analyzing many job listings, we have identified the following core duties and responsibilities of this occupation.

Build Client Relations

In order to expand the market, Business Development Associates work to form new client relationships and strengthen existing client relationships to forge new opportunities. In this role, Business Development Associates assist in the sales and service processes to ensure client satisfaction to help increase revenue and develop lasting professional relationships that will fuel sales and lead to possible partners with organizations associated with these clients.

Promote Company Products

To build awareness and recognition of products, Business Development Associates help to create promotional and sales materials for clients and the public. They work closely with sales, marketing and advertising departments and managers to form strategies that target specific audiences to grow sales and broaden their market.

Conduct Market Research

Business Development Associates are often involved in analyzing the market and creating reports that focus on consumer behavior, sales and the share of their company's market in relation to their specific products. They generate plans on how to increase this market share and develop strategies that will lead to greater revenue.

Coordinate Marketing and Networking Events

From trade shows to community events, Business Development Associates will organize events that lead to client meetings and product promotions. They might assist in choosing materials and products to include in these events and even attend shows and meetings to represent the company for which they work.

Business Development Associate Skills

Employing strong organizational and communication skills, Business Development Associates work with various departments to ensure company product promotions, sales, development and effective marketing campaigns. They are typically creative and detail-oriented team players who are able to build and maintain productive relationships with fellow employees, clients, customers, vendors and other professionals involved in the production, sales and marketing of products. They are adept at working within time constraints and using strong problem-solving and analytical skills. In additional to these particular abilities, employers usually seek Business Development Associates with the following skills:
  • Marketing and promoting products through the development of materials and the organization of events, such as creating brochures or arranging trade shows.
  • Collaborating with various departments to create and implement strategies that will expand market share, increase brand awareness and sales, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Analyzing the market to understand competition and measure the need for a specific product.
  • Assessing company objectives and current sales trends to recognize new business opportunities and growth potential.

Business Development Associate Tools of the Trade

Business Development Associates must use various types of tools to complete their daily tasks. If you wish to work in this occupation, you should demonstrate proficiency in the following:

Market research tools

from software to surveys, there are various market research tools that Business Development Associates can use to complete one of their main tasks: conducting market analysis.

Basic computer systems

using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel to create reports and communicate with clients and other departments is essential for Business Development Associates.

B2B tools

various B2B tools such as marketing and shipping software can help Business Development Associates build client relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

Business Development Associate Education and Training

In many cases, employers seek candidates for Business Development Associate positions who possess a bachelor's degree, such as in business, marketing, finance or communications. Some educational programs include an internship, in which students can gain valuable experience working with corporate marketing or sales departments to gain a better understanding of how to develop client relationships and collaborate with different departments to increase sales and revenue.

Business Development Associate Resources

We put together the following additional resources to help you further understand the requirements and duties of Business Development Associates. Below are links to books, professional organizations, blogs and other resources that provide more details about being a Business Development Associate.

A national organization offering workshops and online resources to help business development professionals network, review best practices in the field and learn from industry leaders. Get networking, communications and sales practices tips and ideas in this free podcast from small business owner Jason Silverman. From marketing to business development strategies, this short but detailed book covers everything you would need to know about understanding your customers, increase productivity and develop a more competitive edge. This book highlights practices you can use to engage existing or potential clients, develop sales campaigns and more.

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